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After much yearning and wishful thinking, fans of the yuri manga Sasameki Koto can finally rejoice: an anime adaptation was officially confirmed to be in the making! The announcement was made in a pamphlet for Media Factory's upcoming Alive Comics book volumes, just a short couple of weeks after the same Sasameki Koto anime was rumored along with Asobi ni Ikuyo! - which has since been confirmed, as well.

Sasameki Koto is originally a school drama / yuri manga by Ikeda Takashi, about some schoolgirl-on-schoolgirl romantic action, that's so far been compiled into 3 volumes since 2007 (with a 4th one coming out this March 23). The "bittersweet adolescence" story (...)

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Having seen Twilight just a couple of weeks ago, and being pleasantly impressed with it, I wish I could say I see the point of an anime adaptation. But I don't. Then again, I don't see the point of many other anime out there, so don't mind me. Instead, better dedicate your utmost attention to the movie's director Catherine Hardwicke, who seems to think that a Twilight anime is in the works.

Hardwicke dropped the hint in the commentary track from the movie's upcoming DVD version (releasing on March 21), according to Sci Fi Wire. Soon to be named SyFy, by the way. (...)

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Thanks once again to Dengeki Online (via AnimeVice), we can get an early look at another upcoming anime: Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!. Currently set for a May 2009 TV debut, this "slightly fetish ecchi heartwarming action comedy" is being adapted by Studio Hibari based on a manga by Bow Ditama (Mahoromatic, Kiss x Sis).

We already had a peek at Juuden-chan soon after last year's annoucnement, but now we can see the first batch of screenshots from the anime version below, plus plenty more character art. Looking hawt, as intended. (...)

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Nice android, and damn cute, too! HRP-4C-chan is a new humanoid robot unveiled yesterday by the Humanoid Robotics Group (via Gigazine), and the obvious reason I'm mentioning it - or, rather, her - is that she looks a lot like a teenage Japanese girl. Standing 158 cm tall and weighing 43 kg, she was lovingly modeled to match the average Japanese female adolescent.

Having successfully shown what she's made of, HRP-4C-chan is expected to make her cat-walk debut at Tokyo's Japan Fashion Week, this March 23. She may not be able to trip and fall while parading due to emotions, but there's always technical glitches... If all goes well, she could go on sale as a “walking mannequin" for department stores in 2010. In the meantime, maybe they can do something about her modest autonomy: only 20 minutes of power with her current battery.

You can see her bowling bowing and talking, moving and twisting over on YouTube, and some more detailed photos of her below. Hopefully the makers will soon implement more practical movements, such as bending over or at least getting on her knees: her mouth already looks rather... functional. (...)

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Just for this month, okay? Or... maybe an extra week or two into April, as well, since we were so late with changing the loli of the month this time (I blame the prolongued voting for Best Lolicon Anime of 2008). As a natural evolution from last month, we're moving the spotlight over to the second-youngest flying loli from Strike Witches, Sanya V. Litvyak. With over 200 fine artworks in her gallery - most of them placing Sanya in close proximity to Eila - you are sure to have a most enjoyable time perusing them.

A new top is also up for voting and debating, and it deals with one of the most typical anime anti-symbols: the ultimate anime loser character. The choices are as numerous, as they are frustrating, so should you find our top 5 being too limiting, feel free to suggest other names in the comments below.

Finally, whether or not you've read that recent story about the state of the anime industry, I wonder how do you see the anime industry in 10 years: stronger, healthier, happier; pretty much the same; or in deep shit?
The most titillating TAF 2009 related announcement yet is, by far, a new multimedia project called Enka Oudou Dai Shogun - encompassing everything from anime, manga and novels, to figures, illustrations, 3D computer graphics and drama CDs. The brains behind this project are the toy makers from Yamato (with modeler Mitsumasa Yoshizawa and co-creator / illustrator Shunya Yamashita), and the studio comissioned for the animation is Studio Anima.

The first figure prototype for the project will be shown in a couple of days at Anima's booth from the Tokyo International Anime Fair, and the chosen character is Kikiro Abe - presumably pictured above. Limited edition posters will also be up for grabs, and let's hope that the additional details promised for the event will include (...)

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Most of us may only be familiar with the 2006 anime film version of Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time), but prior to that there were three live-action movies based on the same story already, between 1983 and 2002. And as the title says, the collection is about to get even larger.

Thanks to Zepy's randomly keen eye, we're told that the ever-elusive "they" are looking to hire extras for a new live-action TokiKake movie. Filming for it is starting right about now, and will go on until late April 2009.

Curiously, part of the movie allegedly takes place in 1974, which could mean that the movie is going to stray away from the anime version. But just how far away? (...)

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It seems that Gackt's ill-chosen voice package for Vocaloid2, "Gackpoid" has inadvertedly paved the way for more lolicious alternatives. If a report cited by Japanator is to be trusted, the next such voice pack will feature Ranka Lee from last year's Macros Frontier anime series (also sure to star in the upcoming Macross F movie).

As some have anticipated since last year (when this particular fanart was drawn), the most likely name for Ranka's yet-to-be-announced voice pack is Rankaloid. Sure sounds better than Gackpoid.

That's all for now. But here, have some Ranka x Hatsune pics.
Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 (TAF, March 18-21) is just around the corner, and a new anime project to be shown at the event - the most unimpressive yet - is being announced. It's called Inuwari-san, and the title is a play on words for dog (inu) and police officer (omawari-san). Sure enough, the protagonist is a canine cop, who also happens to be an obsessive tea drinker. Other goofy characters can be seen in the picture below, cropped from the anime's website.

Inuwari-san was created by a sole student named Yukiko Yagi, but already this slapstick comedy anime is being pushed for a TV broadcast by publisher Anon Pictures. Whether or not they will actually succeed, that largely depends on the 5-minute short pilot film that will be screened at TAF.

More teeny-weeny screenshots below. (...)

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A soft wind of change brings news that the upcoming movie Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance will assign a new name to Asuka Langley Soryu, whose return was previously revealed alongside other changes. As printed on a flyer attached to the movie's advance tickets, her new name will be Asuka Langley Shikinami - assuming it's the same half-German, half-Japanese Asuka fans have grown fond of, and not some evul twin sistur.

Gigazine writes that the story will be "completely different from the TV series".
"Unlike the first movie, the production of "Evangelion: 2.0" is conducted as a totally new creation, not being tied down to using original pictures and other existing materials from the TV series."

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