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Angelia Smith. I'd probably name a female gnome warrior (with pink hair) like that, if I would ever start one in World of Warcraft. In ze real life, little miss Smith is a half-breed that reached the beautiful age of 12, who will pledge for peace in the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima on August 6. She was chosen from a big group of 3700 sixth-grade students from Hiroshima to do this crap, as she represents a "bridge" between Japan (the nuked party) and U.S. of A. (the we-send-missles-you-are-owned party). A nice moment of the year, I must say. And a very nice moment for the damn jury who got to select miss Smith from the 3700 lolies. I really wonder how DID they use the word "trial" here. Angelia, my little gnome warrior, has dual personality nationality. Daddy is some american dude that got stuck with a little kid from a japanese lady. She was obviously mocked by her fellow students early on, due to her not-so-asian (read not-so-hitable) appearance, but they were all amazed at her ability to harvest the pool of english language. She didn't have the right english teacher, though, I bet ten anime CD's on that.
Anyway, the point is, this bitch is trying to make some fuss (yet again) about Hiroshima happenings. Like we're not living in constant fear that some american prezident will get drunk again and nuke some poor defenseless country until extintion. Read some more emotional Lolita Smith material, and how she understands the happenings of World War II, here. I'm busy searching the Internet for a picture of her, to see if she fits in the "hitable loli" category.
Still don't belive that lolicons exist, eh? Mind you, they do, and they have a very active society. And Japan is crawling with them, actually, on a daily basis - of course, lolicons have a very good reason to exist in Japan. Hell, even a 30 years old woman (what a harsh and old word) looks like she's twelve. Back to the topic, in a certain Fukuoka prefecture (please notice that the word prefecture sounds totally loli), a post-graduate student at Kyushu University was caught and arrested for taking naughty pictures under the skirt of a little girl, in a supermarket. Or store, or whatever. The perverted fellow, who goes by the name of Yuki Shimada in the suburbs of loliness, is a lonely 26 years old guy, probably without a girlfriend for the past... 26 years. His poor victim, a 16 years old Lolita, was caught off-guard as he mindlessly penetrated her personal, under-the-skirt space, with a digital camera. Finally, japanese people are finding good use for those machines, after spending an eon taking pictures of crappy stuff like buildings, rivers, or dead people. Of course, an officer was at the scene and "overpowered" the mighty criminal. He was probably mad that Yuki refused to share the picture.

The unbeliveble story of the poor guy getting caught while exercising his natural right to be a lolicon, here .
This fucking series has absolutely no story. Nada. Niente. *insert a weirld language version of "none" here*. It's all about high-school, underaged chicks, lots of them, actually, one dude who gets the main role and several other non-important characters that fit well in the situation. So, what do we have here?

The bitches:

Aihara Kazumi - This chick makes me chuckle. In a very perverted way, I might add. She's a man's dream, because she sucks fingers. And every sane male human being likes his finger sucked.


Asano Yuuki - She has the best collarbones in the entire series. And she's not afraid to show them, hehe. Though she does not posess big assets when it comes to evolving parts of her body, Yuuki is hawt. I'd hit her, now and then. Especially when she drinks water in a sexy way.

10.jpgsmall boobz.jpg

Before we go any further, let me entertain you with some nice screenies. (...)

>  Continue reading 'Today in Class 5-2 Episode 1'...
It's good to be a teacher in Japan. Every day you go to work, stalk little girls as they go change their clothes, get payed for doing that and you don't have to worry about the laws, because japanese laws are in favor of lolicons. What more do you want? And no, don't say Matsuri-Chan, she is taken. Well, there is, it seems, a dark side of the godly job of being a teacher - just the other day one of them drowned after succesfully rescuing a 10 years old kid from a nasty, angry and anti-loli river. This reminds me of a similar issue that happened here, where I live. Some dude jumped in a river, managed to bring two kids to the shore, then heroically drowned, as he was too fucking tired to crawl out of the water. Rest in peace. At least he got a damn fucking street named after him.
Back to mister Shinichi Tomita, the teacher in question, age 46 (a perfect lolicon age, I might add) - now I don't really know if the baby victim vas a little girl or not. It probably was. Poor guy, dying at such a lovely age. I, for one, don't know how to swim, but even if I did, I would not have jumped in the damn water, unless the loli I was about to save would promise me endless pleasure. That is the difference between a teacher and me, the teacher sacrifices himself, I sacrifice myself only if I get this, and that, and various other things, in return.
An "otaku" is best described as a man who looks under the skirts of dolls in the supermarket. Not any dolls, mind you. I mean, a real otaku will find no sexual pleasure in stalking Barbie's ass, tits or underwear. She is totally unatractive. Japan has developed a large, serious and strong otaku community - large groups of human beings devoted to wanking on the likes of Miharu-Chan and other perfect female anime characters. Oh, well, that's the male version of the story.
Since we live in a cvasi-democratic world, where woman rights have reached new hights, female otakus in Japan received a preety little present from a smart and horny little yellow businessman, a present called Secret Otaku Support Commission - for bitches who know they are otakus, but refuse to share their little secret to the world. An agency exclusive oriented to the female clientele, Secret Otaku Support Commission charges a high prices for otaku chicks, sending them out in the city, to do karaoke, drink loads of booze, masturbate in front of pictures of Fukuyama-San and talk different otaku issues. The price is expensive, but if you're a hawt, japanese, underaged otaku chick and you have the right money, mister Seiichi Hirokawa, the one in charge of this organisation, will take care of you. I would do it for free, though. Maybe charging some oral sex.
Hirokawa's Secret Otaku Support Commission requires female otaku with a yen to meet their own kind to look up its website and select a companion they think is most fit. For a charge of 12,000 yen per 2 1/2-hour session (and an additional 3,000 yen for every additional 30 minutes on top of that), the commission will send out a female otaku to cafes, family restaurants karaoke boxes and the like in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures so she can chat about otaku issues with other gals.

Good business. If i would live in Japan, i'd hit it. Read this very interesting otaku goodness, here.
Osaka must be a beautiful province. After all, it IS the home of Osaka-Chan - a preety little lass that we would all hit on. Several times. And then, do this, and that, and various other things to her yet undeveloped body. Seeing how Osaka-chan is far beyond the concept of "normal", it may not be a surprise to us that, in the same region, two very sane young people, a he and a she, have decided to comit suicide together. After exchanging e-mails through the mobile phone, of course. I bet my lolicon life that this devil is involved here. The dude was 27 years old, and the bitch 22. He - office worker, probably frustrated about his tiny workspace and his too damn short penis, while she was an university student. If she was a couple more years younger, I'd care. And cry. She was probably on her period when she jumped. The best part of all this crap is the e-mail message, something cool like "Let's fly together". Ok, these guys have been watching Air too much.
Police received an emergency call from a resident near an 11-story apartment block in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, at about 12:20 a.m. on Tuesday, reporting the sound of someone falling.
Officers later found a young man and woman on top of a garbage storage shed on the premises. They were confirmed dead soon afterwards.
Investigators identified the man as a 27-year-old office worker from Nabari, Mie Prefecture, and the woman as a 22-year-old university student from Kawanishi, Hyogo Prefecture. Shoes belonging to the woman and a belt bag belonging to the man were found on the landing between the 10th and 11th floors of the apartment block.
E-mails found in the pair's cell phones, which were left at the scene, showed an exchange of e-mail from Monday evening indicating that they were planning to jump to their death. One of the entries reportedly said "Let's fly together."
Police said there was a possibility that the two met with the intention of committing suicide together. Their prior relationship, however, remained unclear.

This is some serious shit. I wonder when people will start jumping off buildings screaming "mone-mone".
There is bloodshed everywhere. Even in Thailand. The land of cheap and perfectly capable whores. They say some gunmen put on their loli student costumes, stalked a buddhist teacher and nailed him to the ground in front of his entire classroom. With thorium shells. A classroom probably filled with little girls just begging to be taught a lesson. Education first, you know. All the newspapers and other unreliable sources say that this brutal act was commited by Muslim insurgents (who may be jealous in some sick, perverted way), but I know for sure this is an action against an underground organisation, called "The Worshipers of Kimura-Sensei". Kimura is a well-known terrorist who hits on little girls, twisting their minds with the power of the Staff of Loli Resistance. He is wanted by police forces, militant factions and lolicons alike, for having the guts to hit on Kaorin-chan. Unforgivable.
"He has taught at this school for 20 years and has no fight with anyone," police Colonel Bunleu Chawet said. "This is the work of insurgents."
The shooting prompted some 20 local schools to close indefinitely, an official said.
At least 30 teachers have been killed since the beginning of the insurgency.

Remind me never ever to become a teacher in Asia, they will kill me on first sight. Because I would stare at their lolies with a very perverted look in my innocent eyes. Read here the full tragedy.
Here's a preety nice and straight(?)forward article about our arch-enemies, the Oedipal freaks. These guys not only treasure their moms in a very, very forbidden and sick way, but have the tendency to actually IGNORE younger girls in favor of the more decriptified female species known as "obsolete women", or "women over 16". Japan, of all places in the world (why am I not surprised, I wonder), has embraced South Koreea in a totally gay hug, only to present us with the planet's vastest community of Oedipal Baby Pacifier Suckers. Hell, they should form a political party. Read below this (and be sure not to drop the soap) to see the first simptoms of an almost-sane human being, terrorized by the thought that mommy will spank him if he is naughty. And he actually likes the spanking. From mom.
The Oedipal prototype will fit well in one, or more, or all of these characteristics:
* Likes Ralph Lauren and brands of his mother's generation.
* Shows a preference for interior designs such as carpets and drapes with floral patterns.
* Is overly critical if he sees that a woman's pad is messy.
* Wants to introduce his mother soon after making your acquaintance.
* When traveling, always purchases a souvenir for his mom.
* When he requests a girlfriend or his wife to prepare some dish, he tends to specify something along the lines of his mother's home cooking.
* Uses baby talk when demonstrating affection.
* Gives top priority to returning to his parents' home during Golden Week and other extended vacation periods.
* Becomes angry or sulks in a childish manner.
* When you warn him about something, he responds by saying "you sound just like my mother," but looks happy when he says it.
* If asked, "If this were your last meal, what would you want?" unhesitatingly responds, "I'd want some of my mom's whatever."

Well, to put it bluntly, they would rather hit a reumatic elderly woman, instead of a delightful, perfect, little pink-haired girl. That, my friends, stands for "sick" in my book. Here's the full story. Read it and weep.
Evil has declared war on our favourite little country, as torrential rain has utterly destroyed the southern island of Kyushu. Worse than the Full Metal Alchemist would, after not sticking his Wii in Winry's blonde ass for several long years. Our team of experts has been sent to the location to investigate the number of casualities (and to retrive some underaged anime porn while they're at it), and we are happy to announce that no lolitas were lost during the tragic calamities. The 21 dead people are over 17 years old, so they are of little matter to us, but we gladly volunteer to confort their little daughters in such harsh moments as these. God protects lolies, that's for sure.
The worst affected region was Kagoshima prefecture, on the southern tip of the island, which has been battered by rain in recent days.
Flooding across Japan has killed at least 21 people in the past week.
More rain is expected in Kyushu in the next 24 hours. Tens of thousands have been advised to leave their homes.
The Japanese military has been called in to help with rescue operations.
Heavy rains and landslides have killed dozens of people across northeast Asia since mid-July.

If wind and rain would have an urge to harm Imouto-chan, then I would declare war on God. Or on George Bush.
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