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We happen to love the Tokyo Game Show. For different reasons. The booth babes, all the game announcements (after all, beside being a bunch of retarded anime freaks, we DO play games for a living - or, at least, we should), and, of course, the moments when some random producer leaks the info that one of his games will become an animated series. And this year, we had plenty of such announcements. My pedo comrade has already informed your puny brains that we will bask in the glory of a new Devil May Cry anime (hopefully with the right amount of little girls implemented), so I guess it is my duty to let you all know that Softbank has decided to bring Keitai Shoujo on our screens. Oh, the joy of it all! Keitai Shoujo is both a little Vodafone cellular phone game and a drama CD series, featuring a bunch of (and the joy grows bigger) little school girls, doing this, and that, and various other things. To what parts of their bodies will they do those kinds of things in the TV series remains yet to be seen, but we certainly await with patience. Some say that the anime will start airing somewere in the early 2007. And yes, we do have an official website. And no, sadly, we do not have pictures with the little girls naked. Yet. But we have a cool picture of a bunny rabbit, before he was utterly slaughtered and thrown into a cooking pot. Now look at this preety image and tell me you wouldn't hit it. I dare you.



Ever heard about Genshiken? I bet you did, and you loved it. If not, you are probably a retarded individual whose sole purpose in this world is to be made a mockery of. Well, my friends, it seems like the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture (a very fair and elitist synonym for "guys who wank with twisted pleasure on teen anime material") returns to our lovely screens, as the first of the new Genshiken OAVs will be airing in Japan on December 22. There should be three of them. All filled with the nice smell of panties, figurines, anime session and lots and lots of perverted humour. Can't wait to get my hands on these, and to start drooling with emphasis over Kanako-Chan. Again.


I, of all people, should know that the virtual limbo known to us as The Mighty Internet hides tons of freaks, weirdos, perverted bastards, banana haters, and cookies. It is the natural law of the jungle. Mister Lion eats Mister Rabbit, and Mister bear rapes Miss Fox. You cannot get a good nosebleed by just walking arround a bus station and stalking little girls, because, well, there is this thing called The Police. And they are mean. That is the reason everybody loves the internet, and, as we all know, the internet was designed by the Pink Underaged Godess for one purpose, and one purpose only. For porn. And for downloading illegal anime torrents.
As for the porn thinghy, there are several types of people, based on what porn they prefer. Ye've got your usual lolicons, zoophiles, necrophiles, hell, you even got your average normal people (*gasps*) who enjoy some good old fasion humping. Yes, the internet is such a big place. But what do you do when, suddenly, out of the blue, you find out about furniture porn?

Yeah, tickle the clit, baby!
My pedo comrade did mention it in one of his blog entries, but I feel the imperious need to detail it a bit, since it is the first such happening in our little and beautiful country. An Otaku Festival! Yes, you heard me right. Peeps all over the country will be gathering to share their common love for manga, anime and little girls. We will be there, and we will enjoy it. We'll get to see some of our national artists at work (artists that do not get the daily chance to show off their work, due to idiotic policies and mentalities that consider the Otaku phenomenon a childish behavior), we'll get to attend some anime sessions. And various other things. The festival will take place in Bucharest on October 7 and 8, with a grand opening in Brasov, on September 30. They say we will gonna party. Hell yea, I just hope they prepare some nice cosplay teens for our enjoyment. And figurines for sale, please. I love figurines. And most of all I love figurines that can be undressed.
Well, that's about it, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, be sure to visit this thing, as it promises to deliver.
Well, this looks interesting. If you happen to be into manga, then you will certainly want to know that Shogakukan is planning to release an almighty Encyclopedia of Contemporary Manga, on October 30. The book will only be published in Japanese and will be split into 5 big hunks of chapters:

Chapter 1 (1945-1958) The Start of Post-War Manga - The Era of Akahon Manga and Monthly Issues
Chapter 2 (1959-1969) The Birth of Shonen and Shoujo Weeklies and Seinen Magazines - Manga's Rapid Development
Chapter 3 (1970-1980) The Evolution and Diversification of _Expression - The Reform and Revolution of Manga
Chapter 4 (1981-2000) The Growth and Maturation of the Comic Market - The Era of Expansion and Globalisation
Chapter 5 (2000-2005) Towards and New Era.

No less than 700 manga titles, my friends. Along, of course, with several excerpts from each and every one of them. A Manga index, a little chronology for all you history geeks out there, and a list with the award winners. Sounds big, sounds nasty, and sounds like something I would like to get my hands on. After hearing this, I eagerly await the release of "Encyclopedia of Cute Underaged Anime Chicks". Starring Chiyochan on the cover. As for the excerpts... Well, let's just say that I am willing to share my wanking material with whoever decides to make this dreamy Encyclopedia.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was such a tease! Why would Square call it like that, when it wasn't really about small children, but once again about that gay Cloud "mr. I don't give a shit" Strife. Not to mention that it had no Tifa fan-service, which was even more despicable!

Don't get me wrong: I loved the film's image, I loved the music, and I loved the fights, especially that first one in the church with Tifa (hawt, hawt, hawt!). But since the story was so crappy, the very least they could have done was to show more children. And by children, I mean little girls.


All is not lost, however. Because another anime'ish news to come out of this weekend's Tokyo Game Show was Square's presentation of an Advent Children: Complete trailer. Advent Children: Complete will be a new release of the FF7 movie on DVD and Blu-ray, which is likely to contain some new material. What kind of material exactly, I have no idea. But the kinkier, the better.

Now I know what Jesus meant when he said "Let the little children come to me"...
The Tokyo Game Show that ended today brought (at least) two big anime related announcements, and this is arguably the most important of them. At the event, Capcom did more than just impress their fans with the upcoming PlayStation 3 game, Devil May Cry 4. Oh yes, a lot more! As if the DMC4 footage wasn't orgasmic enough, they also revealed that their Devil May Cry action games series will be turned into a TV anime series!


The DMC anime will start airing in 2007, and it will run for 12 episodes - the perfect format if you ask me, as it has just the right length for a booze-drenched anime session (after 6 hours of drinking you tend to lose touch with reality...). In case you're wondering who's making it, wonder no more: it's the Madhouse studio. And if you haven't so much as heard of Madhouse, seriously, you got issues. But just in case, let me refresh your memory - Chobits, Tokyo Godfathers, Monster, Ichigo 100% (aka Ichigo Pantsu)... That's right, they're no ordinaries, which is why this might just become one of the few great animes based on video games.

They even have a website in place for the Devil May Cry anime at, though I can't make anything of it. Nor does that short teaser trailer from the bottom of the page show anything of interest. Oh well, we'll just have to wait for this one.

Unfortunately, my experience with Capcom's game series has so far been limited to watching my pedo comrade play a bit of Devil May Cry 3. I was mighty impressed by what I saw, indeed, but at the same time I couldn't help notice that there were no lolies in it (not even close). Here's hoping they change that in the anime.

I was looking for some pussy that I could slap on a new t-shirt I had in mind for next week's Otaku Fest, when suddenly, I came across a most disturbing image. A Magic: The Gathering card... with Osaka on it! Yes, that Osaka, from Azumanga Duh'yo.


I realize this image may have been out there for years, but what I don't understand is why on earth isn't there any Azumanga: The Gathering trading card game by now? I mean, you got your Creatures (schoolgirls, pedo teachers, nekos), you got your nose blood mana sources (pantsu, bathing suits), you got your artifacts (Chiyo's father?!). And as for the rules... well, who needs 'em, when you got underaged anime chicks. With issues!

I demand there be such a card game!
When I hear about Italians, I start throwing things, breaking glasses, erasing my porn DVDs and going to the Battlegrounds to harass and corpsecamp different people who never did me any harm. I just don't like Italians, and I don't know why. Actually, I do, they are one of the reasons Germany lost the World War II (I ain't a fascist, I just hate people that back up on their word, chicken out and act like complete retards - and that was exactly what Italy did), they are the reason for so many depressed Romanian students who can't get a piece of pussy, because all the girls here are drooling over idiots from the peninsula, with their short dicks, gipsy-like skin, all this compensated by large amounts of money, and last, but certainly not least, they are the reason football (a sport that is as foreign to me as female orifices are foreign to homosexuals) looks like shit, and plays like shit. That is why I was kinda happy when I heard that one Japanese chef won, for the second time already, an annual (not anal, mind you) pizza making contest held in Naples. He beat the shit out of 20 other contestants, most of them local pizza makers, proving yet again that Italian pizza is the crappiest thing ever known to man and that it tastes like sugar-covered sushi, boiled in urine. And yes, I know you don't boil sushi. I'm just being a smart ass. Proud mister Makoto Onishi declared: "To make a good pizza, the chef must be free of stress". And I totally agree. And I am certain that by "free of stress", he actually meant "kitchen full of naked lolita cheerleaders, yelling "Ganbate-nya" and dancing like Mikuru-Chan in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu". Good job, chef. Show those latin bitches that they suck badly.

No comment on this one, he is my getto hero. And i don't intend to get into that "he's black, he's white" small talk. Of course he is black. He has raped more underaged chicks than I will ever do. That bastard.
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