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I'll skip right over the idiotic trailer for the upcoming (and equally idiotic, for sure) Keroro Gunso 2 movie sequel, and take a moment to point out another fresh addition to our TVkon Imouto-web-chan: a Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora trailer.

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora trailer

Just what is this Kyoshiro to Whatever, you ask? Well, aside from a lovu-lovu manga, it's also planned as an anime series that will premier in Japan next year. Pretty gay by the looks of it - and by that, I mean almost as gay as Fukuyama hopping around in a pink tutu and shouting from the top of his lungs "OMG Blood Elf males are SO gay!"... But, then again, I might be wrong (about this anime, cause I'm pretty sure about them BE males). Here's the description for Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora taken from AnimeNfo:
10 years have passed since the most serious crisis of human beings. The story takes place at the giant academic city, Academia, which is the symbol of the recovery.

The main character Shiratori Ku is a high school girl who enjoys school life but she thinks her routine lives empty. She sometimes has the same dream, the dream in which a prince meets her.

While all the students are preparing for the school festival, the prince whom she has met over and over in her dreams appears. This is not in a dream, but in a real life. The prince named Ayanokoji Koshiro asks her in the same way like in the dream, "Come with me..."

The above trailer should give you a better idea about what you'll be dealing with, and among others it also features some school-girlie getting her clothes ripped off. There, now you really have a reason to watch it.
We can officially announce that we have a little sister. While she is not able to do blow jobs just yet, TVkon is up and running, a site where you can watch and wank all day long on various trailers that may have slipped your attention. I can guarantee that the guys there (who, by chance, are the same guys providing you with loli twists here, what are the odds), have prepared a great selection of gaming, anime, and sono kono ano trailers that await for you to erotically click them. Who knows, you may find your imouto-chan among them. Let us know if you do, please. And, since I took the time to share with you this priceless information, please allow your eyes to roam free for a second. On the boobs below.

Ichigo Mashimaro promo
I don't drink coffee. Partly because I don't have the proper mug for the job, partly because I don't want to turn out like this guy, but most importantly because I have other ways of getting myself... up, late in the morning. And since this is a really late morning (at 4 PM), I really needed one of them "100%-guaranteed to get you... up in the morning" things.

Today, I am in luck: just a few days ago, the pimps from Tecmo and Team Ninja sent out a porno promo trailer for Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, their hawt bitch beach game for the Xbox 360. It's going to take you 8 minutes to watch the clip below, plus whatever time you need to clean up afterwards...

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 promo

Great, now I can go back to sleep.
Talking about ressurecting old stuff. If anyone is ancient enough to remember Yuusha Raideen, which, acording to ANN, was produced somewere around 1975 (hell, I wasn't even born yet), they will be happy to know (or not) that Production I.G., along side with Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, decided to make it anew. In other words, to get that stuff on the screens again, this time with a touch of spicy animation.. This new show even has an official (Japanese) website, and it will be released arround Spring 2007, with all them fancy thinghies one would expect from a modern production. The original show had some remake named Chouja Reideen that frustrated it's viewers from 1996 until 1997, and some related U.S. Manga, entitled Shogun Warriors. Sounds like "Marine Infantry That Will Destroy Vietnam With Chuck Norris In The Lead". Anyway, here is the staff erected for the show, and the press release on ANN:
Director: Mitsuru Hongo
Assistant Director: Shunsuke Tada
Story Supervisors: Mitsuru Hongo, Masahiro Yokotani
Character Design: Takuya Saito
Mechanical Designers: Atsushi Takeuchi, Shinji Aramaki
Music: Yoshihiro Ike
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Animation Production: Production I.G
Ayumayu Theater is supposed to be a Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts) spin-off internet anime series, and best of all, it's for free online viewing. The first episode appeared not long ago on the official website, and today we have the second one as well. Without further ado, you can view them both below (in case you missed the first one).

Ayumayu Theater episode 1

Ayumayu Theater episode 2

Now, about those Rumbling Hearts... I gotta be honest with you here and confess (not in a lovu-lovu way) that I haven't actually seen the original anime. But with such a cast of inviting female characters, I'd sure love to get my hands on it. Hmm hmm!
The longest mecha anime I ever watched, I believe, had less than 30 minutes. And I didn't watch it for the giant robots, pretty colored laser beams and all that crap, but because it bore the signature of one Shinkai Makoto. The guy with Beyond The Clouds, you know?...

Well, anyway, my point is, you wouldn't catch me watching one of those rusty things, unless it had a damn good reason behind it. Like the guy I just mentioned. Or at least some underaged lolies.
In the distant future, the mankind is divided into two powers; Union and Deague. They have continued long war that no one is sure when it began. Union uses manned weapons, Strain, as the main military power, while Deague uses unmmand weapons Tumoru.

Sara Viereck, a daughter of a good family, is a Union's 16-year-old girl who goes to Grapera Space Armed Soldier Academy locates in Cranial Solar System in order to become a full-fledged Reasoner (a pilot of Strain).

16 year ripe you say? Hmm... I think we may have something here! That something is called Soukou no Strain, and it will premier at the beginning of November in Japan. Until then, the anime series' website had the following commercial up for streaming. So I kind of sucked it out, so you can all enjoy it below.

Soukou no Strain commercial
After the animation series, it was only natural for AquaPlus to announce a new To Heart 2 OVA. Because OVAs are sexy. This winter, when you won't be busy taking that lovely imouto-chan of yours out for a ride in the snow, you can comfortably start downloading the absolutely legal torrents of these here three volumes. Or you can buy it, as far as I am concerned. The staff that will make many lolicons happy include Yanagisawa Masahide (Rurouni Kenshin OVA, Bottle Fairy), Katsura Kenichirou (Imortal Grand Prix) and Kato Yasuhisa (Azumanga Daioh).


Let the little girls invasion begin!

Update: Just a quick update to let you sick people know that the official To Heart 2 OVA website is now officially online. (...)

>  Continue reading 'To Heart 2 OVA Incoming [Update]'...
What happens when an anime sells? More exactly, what happens when a certain anime show gets hyped? So hyped that, even if it's a piece of Japanese crap, people are watching it over and over again, drooling like a bunch of Pavlov's muts with explosive dihareea? Well, one thing is for certain, it also gets some freaking porn related film. Though I am not aware of the existence of such forbidden movies for titles like School Rumble, FMA or other previous shows that I (and not only I) consider to be more hyped than George Bush's plain old imbecility, I do know that the newly entitled King and Queen of Mother Hype, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu has some preety sneaky and jolly fans that are working it behind the scenes. Literally. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this anime series, and I even watched it twice. And for that, I can certainly, and with a vigorous sense of honor, salute the development of such a fine film, BUT with only one condition. Less Suzumiya, more Mikuru. Wee need more Moe, not more sadistic teenage girls that like to torture fluffy kittens with a rusty screwdriver. Oh, yes, I wouldn't mind some good old fasioned Imouto-Chan, either. Hehe. Eh, well, for all of you people over 18, here is the link. For the others... Hell, just browse it. You'll win the Internet.
Every company needs a fanclub. They may have different reasons for doing so, and I am not the one to speculate about it, but the thing is Geneon have started one for all the properties they released, and called it G-Spot. And no, I don't think they are reffering to THAT G-Spot. This place will be for exclusive and dedicated fans of all their titles, including the new hyped Ergo Proxy, and all you have to do to become one addicted and frustrated net-browsing zombie is to sign up on their delightful and (almost) pink site. Even more, to show us their angelic intentions, Geneon is offering free membership until December 31 2006, that will let the interested party access tons of goodness, including the first episode from Ergo Proxy streaming completely free, downloads, contests, and other similar time consuming activities that I would like so much to ignore. Unless it's about cute little anime girls. Oh yes, and in other news, Ergo Proxy got a new website, since the DVD releases are so close.

Ergo Proxy episode 1 - "Awakening" (English dub)
Poor guys who used the Internet only to find that precious anime wanking material... I have a terrible, terrible news. About 30,000 (and my absolutely gorgeous math skills are pointing for a more exact number, 29,549) Japanese media clips were recently removed from YouTube due to certain copyright conflicts, brought up by the Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC). These include anime videos, certain TV Shows, comedy, quiz shows, and, probably, lots and lots of Japanese porn. I have a bad feeling that it happened due to Google recenly purchasing YouTube for the grand sum of 1,65 billion USD, and that it is only the beginning. My poor pedo comrade entered a nasty seisure, but, after thoroughly searching the video provider service, he is happy to announce that Ichigo Mashimaro, Today in Class 5-2 and various other lolicious animes are still in place. Now he is a happy lolicon, and he just went outside to play a game of "touch me here softly" with Chi-Chan. While I'll go play one with Miu-Chan.
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