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The little girls over at TV Tokyo have just opened an official website for the newly announced Naruto Shippuuden series. It's Naruto, so it is bound to suck.
Do you want a trailer for Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro? Ask no more and visit this site here, get amazed, then get a beer. It will cure you.
The Flag series continues, as their homepage says, and the second season (which features episodes 7-13) will start airing on 12 January.
Toei Animations doesn't like to lie to us. It has confirmed that plans for a new Pretty Cure television series are now true. Bow to the wonders of Yes! Precure 5.
A voice actor's life is never easy, especially when you are working along side young voice actresses that you would rape every second. Twice. Well now, heed the words of Patrick Seitz right here on ANN about the slices of life from an American voice actor's point of view.
Good news, boys and girls. We have a Genshiken OAV trailer online! Or, as some call it, episode 13. Not too fancy, not too ecchi, but still, it is something. As soon as my pedo comrade gets up from his daily 15 hours sleep (and finishes up wanking on a certain underaged anime chick), he will probably be uploading it for your streaming twisted pleasure on imouto-web-chan. Untill then, all I can provide you is this here link. The episode will be released in Japan along with the first DVD of the Kujibiki Unbalance series. What can I say more? Let it come! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there are some screenshots right here.

Update: Ohaa*yawn*... Here's the damn trailer, now let me go back to sleep. Chi-chan's waiting.

Genshiken OVA promo
Reideen was previously (and gaily) presented here, by yours truly. Now it is time for some of them juicy trailers, thanks to imouto-web-chan. And please, be gentile.

Reideen trailer #1

Reideen trailer #2
This thing called Big (and I mean really BIG) Comic Superior (and I mean really SUPERIOR) Magazine cared to let us know that Yasuo Otagaki's science fiction manga Moonlight Mile will suffer the oh-so-hard process of being turned into an anime.
A new Paprika trailer can be spotted on it's official French theatrical release website. This here trailer is narrated in English, with extensive footage and other blah-blahs not included in the previous stuff released.
Speaking of Paprika, the ones interested will find an exclusive interview with it's director, Satoshi Kon-sama over at Midnight Eye.
Another OAV website is now open - Murder Princess will feature five episodes and will be released on April 25, 2007. The first episode, that is.
Gonzo will do some mecha/horror manga stuff yet again, and they have opened a Japanese website for Bokurano, an anime that is scheduled for release sometime next year.

End of rant.
Imouto-web-chan TVkon features the third episode from Ayumayu Theater, the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts, for retards and dub-loving gay people) spin-off internet series. And, best of all, it is free for online wanking viewing.

Ayumayu Episode 3
I always had a small and nasty fetish over little girls kicking butts. Literally. While Ikkitousen was not the best anime in the industry, it was a funny one, enjoyable, full of young and fluffy school girls and, best of all, panties. Lots and lots of panties. They would show their ichigo cover during certain cvasi-violent scenes, where the ladies in question would beat the shit out of each other for some reason or another. Cool. It is true, I mostly find Ikkitousen a good anime because I was totally wasted when I saw it. So I don't really remember the twists, the plots, the main characters or their endless lust for the well being of the human race. Just the panties. And some random underaged anime chicks. Well, that is all that matters to me right now, because I have just spotted a new website, featuring Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny, a show that will be released in Japan somewere next year - and hopefully, will deliver the same abominable amount of ecchi that the prequel did. Let them come, I will be ready for them, with two packs of ichigo-flavored hankies to clean up my screen.

Being a playtester is damn hard. Some might think of it as really cool means of relaxation and good time - trust me, it ain't as pink as it looks. First of all, you've got them bugs. Everywere. Each and every game starts off delivering tons of bugs for your infinite pleasure. I guess it is part of the game making sacred ritual or something. Then, after you spot one bug, you have to report it. Then the bug is fixed. Then, you have to play through the same god damned level over and over again, to see if the bug was really fixed. Then you go to the next bug, and so on, and so forth. Still sounds like a marvelous and entertaining job to you? Then, my friend, pay a visit to Score Entertainment, who, right now, are looking for such people, to participate in the testing of their Bleach and Gaynu Yasha Inu Yasha games. If you are 18 or older, have a lot of spare time and think you can withstand the endless torture of playing the same freaking game for like 40 years, then be my guest. And here is exactly just how lost to society you must be to join them:

Must be at least 18 years old and able to verify eligibility to work in the U. S.
Creates, playtests, analyzes games
3-4 years experience in competitive game environment
Effective verbal and written communication skills
Basic computer skills and knowledge of the Internet
Strong ability to analyze games using structured and free-form methods
Provide constructive, timely feedback in a team setting
Ability to work independently and efficiently in a creative setting
Moderate travel required on behalf of the company
For your twisted net-browsing pleasure, I have gathered some newly launched anime sites. For starters, Ga-nime and Toei Animation have announced two new anime OAVs, as follows:
Eko Eko Azarak, which will be based on some horror manga serial by Shinichi Koga, will see the light of the day on January 30, 2007.
Tori no Uta has the same release date as the one mentioned above, and will be some new cool stuff designed and directed by Yoshitaka Amano, who also worked with Ga-nime before - see Fantascope ~tylostoma~.
Next off, we get the chance to take a look at the new AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission OAV series, and I can tell you that the first of the three episodes will give us the desired loli twists on March 23rd, featuring an entirely new cast (hopefully, more and more and even more imouto-chans) and story.
The guys at Starchild have let loose the official homepage for their upcoming Nagasarete Airantou.
Interested in Hitohira? Say no more and check out the website for yourself. This anime was formally announced in some issue of Comic High Magazine, and it is bound for release somewere next year.

Thus endeth the link invasion. You can also enjoy this little imouto-chan artwork.

When you are a big bad ass company like GDH, 650 million yen is not such a big deal. Especially when you get bored like hell about your own productions, and you start turning your attention towards smaller, cheaper companies, that happen to carry on their activities in the same area of expertise like yourself. So then what do you do? Create a smart investment plan. And say that you're going to help them poor medium scale enterprises, that create "high-quality content in the field of music, games, broadcasting, feature films, mobile content, etc". Now how exactly are they going to help? Investing in companies outside the GDH Group, that's a first. I mean, they own GONZO for crying out loud, and when you say GONZO, you say top-notch graphics. OK, so maybe I'm just a little paranoid (like I usually am) and GDH really wants to help out some random folks that can't survive in the business on their own. Still, smells to me like an Elecronic Arts'ish attempt to take over some small companies and to boost their own numbers. Globalization is bad, m'kay?
I always wanted to be able to draw my own manga. You know, imouto-chans and stuff. And fluffy neko mimi cosplay costumes. But, unfortunely, I kinda suck at drawing, coding, sciences, more exactly I suck at anything involving numbers. Though I do have a preety good imagination when it comes to manga, I'm sure that, in the right hands, my ideas would turn out to be best sellers. So, If I can't draw manga, what should I do? How am I supposed to fulfill my endless thirst for cute little anime girls? Well, it seems Planetwide Media has the right answer for me, as they are preparing to release Tokyopop Manga Creator somewere around next Spring. This software will allow users to create their own manga, using all sorts of characters, backgrounds, screen captures and other nifty Tokyopop material - all this in a good, clean and fun environment. The company currently produces a Comic Book Creator, which, you guessed, helps poor retarded individuals like myself to create their own... comic books. Hopefully, this thing will turn out fine.
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