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If you didn't get the chance to watch Azumanga Daioh when you had to, then screw you. Thankfully, Gyao's Bandai Channel is hosting 13 episodes of this great comedy show online, free of all charge, giving you the holy right of repentance. We will still be considering you a complete retard, with the lack of the most basic pedolicious subculture - but hey, that's just us. Japanese language only, so dub lovers, go flurp your dubbed fluids somewere else please.


Mega-Spoilers: Yukari-sensei is still the hottest english teacher that has ever set foot in Japan, and Kimura-sensei is still my pedo hero. And Tomo-chan still scares the shit out of me.
Thanks to ANS, we got our sticky hands on a link to Senkablog, where the dude (or dudette) in charge made a huge collection of insane pictures from last year, representing what other people would call "absolute mental instability", or what we like to call "perfect example of common sense". Though it involves cars (which I am not too comfortable about), the little screenies depict many treasures hidden away in the outmost attractive country of Japan. When I'll visit, I'm going to get such a car. And, of course, a young girl driver to carry me around (and to do sono kono ano), because my driving skills are teh suck.

Ladies and gentlemen, bring your little sisters in front of the screen and be amazed by the Kiddy Grade 2 official Presite! Nothing there yet, no screens, no wallpapers, no trailers. Yet. I'm a very confident lolicon though, so I await, with patience fit for a buddhist, for GONZO to start showering us with more and more info regarding this show.


By the way, did you know that our beloved Lumiere is only ten years old? How's that for a C Class GOTT ES Member? Eclair, on the other hand, is 16. Almost too old. Eh, well...
The Americans have it, and lookie, the Japanese have it. The Bunshun Raspberry Awards are distributed annually, recognizing the worst of Japanese cinema releases, including movies, actors, and, of course, directors. The 2007 edition of the awards took aim at Japan's worst cases of "inspiration, ou va tu?" for 2006 - much in the same way that The Golden Raspberry Awards does for the US of A every year. Goro Miyazaki's debut movie, Tales from Earthsea, managed to much out the grand prize, while mister Miyazaki himself received the "worst director of 2006" award. Haven't seen the movie yet, and I'm not rushing. As far as I can tell from the press reviews of Tales from Earthsea, this guy is some sort of Uwe Boll, Japanese version. Hopefully, he has a little sister. And here are the much sought after awards:

1. Tales from Earthsea (Japan)
2. Sinking of Japan (Japan)
3. Da Vinci Code (US)
4. Nada Soso (Japan)
5. The Promise (China)
6. Umizaru 2: Test of Trust (Japan)
7. Now and Forever (Korea)
8. Rough (Japan)
9. Angel-A (France)
10. Christmas on July 24th Street (Japan)

Worst Actress: Masami Nagasawa
Worst Actor: Tom Hanks
Worst Director: Goro Miyazaki

We should probably create a new blog category, entitled "Suzumiya Haruhi, the hype, the lolis and Yuki's yet undeveloped boobs" - because the news regarding this here show just won't stop flowing. So, what do we have this time? Bandai Entertainment just announced, via, that the first volume of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya will be finally released on May 29, to the delight of fans all over the world. There are also rumors floating around about a Special Edition that includes all 4 volumes (and, we hope, some nifty extra content, like the Mikuru porn I've been ranting about for the last couple of months). The new video uploaded on also talks a bit about the fansubs available on the internet, on portals such as Youtube or BitTorrent, and, to my surprise, these guys approached the subbing phenomenon with outmost diplomacy. It is stated that "it's pretty cool" (that people are already flurping on subbed episodes of the show), but the company also recommends that fans get their lazy asses out of the house and purchase the original DVD. My pedo comrade's beloved Yuki even states that this is the only way to save this plane's existence.
If you still have doubts about how Japanese people really, and I mean REALLY, love their Bishojou games, check this out: last week, no less than 39 new titles were released on the market, titles that, as most of you know, contain adult material. As in naked chicks, surprise sex and tons of endlessly boring dialogue. As usual, beware: the girls pictured in such naughty games may only seem to you as being underaged (that, of course, is because your loli obsession), but, in fact, all of them are over 18 years old. Or so the producers say. I'm pretty much done being upset on the European market, with all it's taboos and other "moral" restriction. I want these games imported, translated into English, and promptly delivered at my doorstep, with the "Collector's Edition" prizes. Or I should just continue learning Japanese and, one day or another, hope that Nintendo will offer me a job there.

Mostly all of the anime series we here enjoy watching usually fall into three categories: the first one, obviously enough, is the kind that stimulates our perfectly normal lust for lolis. The second category is made out of various kinds of shows that we have no clear recollection about, due to excessive use of alcoholic beverages. And finally, there's also a third kind of anime we very much enjoy watching, over and over again: Beyond the Clouds, more commonly known as The Place Promised In Our Early Days, or Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho. That's right, it's a single animated production that's so... so perfect, that it deserves its very own category. It's largely attributed to Makoto Shinkai, who has recently completed work on his latest project - Byousoku 5 Centimeter (5 Centimeters per Second) - a collection of short stories presented as an hour-long animated feature.

As announced on the official Byousoku 5cm blog (via MSFW), Makoto Shinkai's team has finished the final part of editing, so they can now focus on promotion, advertisement, and finally the premiere.

The good news is that 5cm is coming a lot sooner than we could have hoped for. Whereas last year I didn't expect it any sooner than mid 2007, the official blog says that the Japanese premiere will actually take place this March!


The only bad news is that, well, if we keep watching Beyond the Clouds any longer, we'll run out of hankies by the time 5cm gets subbed. And we don't want that to happen!

P.S. If you missed the 5cm preview trailer last november, now's yer chance!
Ah, two of my favourite subjects. No wonder they're so succesful. It just occurred to us that, in the outmost shiny land of South Korea, people have started to take a liking in in Japanese manga that embraces the subject of alcohol. You know, stuff like wine. And vodka. And various cocktails involving little girls handling otherwise difficult to control shakers. And, of course, other little girls that can be used in sono kono ano ways after you have experienced the marvelous effects of the said hedonistic fluids. For instance, Kami no Shizuku, a manga focused on wine (and on the multiple benefits this particular, and quite natural, substance has upon your lolita-filled brain), sold more than 550.000 copies in South Korea, and 950.000 copies in Japan. Hence, the creators decided to pay a visit to Korea to investigate the posibility of a sequel and, why not, an entire series based on booze. More than that, some big bad-ass TV company there has monopolized the rights to create a TV drama, also.

A quick word, just to show you that my real name has Nostradamus in it. Remember when I told you that the evil imperialists from across the Atlantic will do anything to keep their much beloved Oscar festivities clean of outsiders? Remember when I told you that Paprika will (probably) be carefully avoided in the list of Oscar nominees for the Animated Feature Film category? Well... I was right, of course, The nominees for the said category are, as follows, Cars, Happy Feet and Monster House. All hail gay penguins, talking idiotic cars and... some living house that eats people. Fascinating choices. Well, what would you expect from people that nominate some dude named Leonardo di Caprio for the Best Actor in a Leading Role?

Playing another round of anime news catch-up tonight, I found 11 trailers released over the last couple of weeks or so, that I had shamefully missed until now. You'll probably be bored to death by most of them, but there's one in particular that will surely put you nasal blood vessels to the test. Or thou shall not be a lolicon!

I'm talking about the full opening sequence for the Ichigo Mashimaro OVA, coming this February at a horny fansubber near you. By the looks of it, it's perfectly continuing the style of the original series (which we loved many, many times... especially episode 3), and that can only be delicious news for those of you waiting to get your sticky hands back on Miu-chan, Chi-chan, Matsuri-chan and Ana-chan. Nobue onee-chan is still there, so don't worry if you're into older ones. Loli Jesus forgives you.

Ichigo Mashimaro OVA opening

The other ten new clips you can find here in the trailers section, or over on TV-kun, are in no particular order as follows:

- To Heart 2 OVA promo #2
- To Heart 2 OVA promo
- Le Chevalier D'Eon trailer (what a waste of good visuals)
- Dragon Ball Z remarstered trailer
- Venus Versus Virus promo #2
- Saiyuki Reload: Burial OVA promo
- One Piece Movie 8 promo
- Moonlight Mile promo (Planetes copy-cat?)
- Hitohira promo
- Hidamari Sketch promo

The Ichigo Mashimaro OVA DVD Volume 1 should come out soon in Japan, on February 23, but I'm not sure I can keep it in that long. Especially with the likes of Manabi Straight teasing me like crazy.
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