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Some say it's still just a rumour floating around on Japanese forums, while others are firmly convinced that the announcement is official: the To-LOVE-Ru manga (or simply Toloveru, a crazy Japanese pun for "trouble") is being made into an anime series.

Why should you care? Well, other than it being a generic ecchi comedy, here's one reason (a 1280x960 picture is worth over nine thousand words). And if that's not flat enough for you, the manga also features an imouto called Mikan - who some say would make a perfect twin-sister for Puchiko, from Winter Garden (and we all know Puchiko is made of win).

Last, and pretty much least, fans of Black Cat might also consider setting their alarm clocks for April 2008 - when the Toloveru anime will supposedly start airing - since both bear the graphic signature of Kentaro Yabuki.

Various raw versions of the full Byousoku 5 Centimeter (5cm per Second) have been roaming around freely over the past couple of weeks, and, finally, the subbed version has also found its way onto the internets this week - putting an end to our long stretched waiting. Or at least my long stretched waiting, since my pessimistic comrade-in-loli-arms bets that "it's teh gay suxxorz", end quote. Well I sure hope not, not after Makoto Shinkai's previous animation movie - Beyond the Clouds (Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho) - which we both have come to praise.

If 5cm is still not licensed in your neighbourhood, I suggest you download it first, doubt its greatness later. Besides, how could an anime with pink umbrellas be anything but great?!

Later edit: Well... having just watched the ending credits of Byousoku 5cm scroll by a minute ago, I can see why some might find it less gratifying, and certainly less intense than Beyond the Clouds. It's perhaps somewhere between that, and Voices of a Distant Star (Hoshi no Koe) - from a multitude of reasons, in fact. I don't wish to go into detail, but rest assured that 5cm is yet another great work of mr. Shinkai, quite moving and superbly illustrated, as expected. And needless to say, a "must-watch".

Update: One final edit, to point out this latest - and longest - preview trailer for 5cm, even including some scenes that seem to be missing from the final cut.
Via the same source mentioned earlier, I came across another demo, for a game that should also be released next month at the summer Comiket. And the title pretty much says it all: Suzumiya Haruhi no chourantou (The Super-fight of Suzumiya Haruhi?... I'm partially guessing here), made by souvenir circ.

The good news is that this demo does include more characters - namely Haruhi, Mikuru and Yuki - but the bad news is that it's not actually a playable demo. You just run it, sit back and enjoy the fight. And maybe take some screenies, like I did:

And then some more... (...)

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Today's speciality is pew-pew loli, best served underaged and with a magical broomstick (or whatever else you might fancy) squeezed between her legs. Add to that the fact that she looks a lot like Ana-chan from Ichigo Mashimaro, and Becky from Pani Poni Dash put together (now there's a scenario that delivers!), and you get one pretty damn hot pew-pew loli!

This is just one of the characters available in Studio Siesta's upcoming arcade shooter Trouble Witches, but sadly the only one included in the demo they offer to prospective fappers buyers. It's a 100'ish MB download (direct link), so you should have it up and running soon enough. As long as you manage to get past the installation, that is.

And here are some screenies from the demo.

Wall of kanji crits me for over 9000 damage!

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It's no doubt about it, people from all over the world are expecting The Rebuild. Another short commercial has found it's way to Youtube, depicting 15 seconds of sheer boredom mecha action. Suzumiya Haruhi fans can still enjoy their minutes of fame until this comes out, after that, it's going to be "OMG I R ROBOT" all over again. Add that to the global warming, and you've got yourself a pretty nice apocalyptic setting.

Why should only the folks who can visually bask in the glory of manga be allowed to cherish and hold dear tons and tons of juicy magazines? There are so many blind people out there who can (sadly) only be told: "Man, this Miu chick from Ichigo Mashimaro is really hawt! I'd hit her in the blink of an eye!" (pun intended).

Well, not anymore. According to ANN, the Illustrated Braille Club from Kitajima is doing a more than fine job with "translating" all sorts of picture books, reference books or children novels (all Japanese, of course), into Braille. For those of you unaware of this weird syndrome called blindness, Braille is the language used by the visually impared to actually be able to read, get enlightened and not be called stupid by the rest of humanity. Braille comes in the form of raised dots, much like the boobies of an underaged young girl.

Right now, the Illustrated Braille Club is working hard to give us the "3D version" of Momoko Sakura's Chibi Maruko-chan manga. We wish them luck and all the best.
We all know how Japanese people tend to censor certain NSFW scenes, be it in movies or in animated shows. Well, it seems like the TV Aichi network let loose upon the unsuspecting crowd of anime fans some Moetan episodes, in which the transformation scenes (you know, the classical „HI, I'm a little girl that's going to get naked really soon and turn into a magical princess with random useless superpowers") were showing off the lolis' full, undressed, potential. Due to this, a certain fan site called Sazanami Kaihen decided to host a thorough and professional comparison between those screenshots, and the ones from the other, censored (and totally not cool) versions.

What's the point of a Magical Girl show without naked transformation scenes?

The guys at ADV Films have decided to stream the first episode of Innocent Venus for free, via I sense some otakus gathering in the depths of this once_an_objective gaming site...

I highly recomend this show, as it features one of the cutest lolis in the history of cute lolis (and, of course, some of the most retarded male characters in the history of cute lolis).

... because it sounds a lot better than "Top 10 Animes That Suck Balls". And because some of these here animes don't really suck at all. But they all have something in common, or, rather, they all lack something: ample amounts of lolis, pantsu shots, surprise sex positions, and various other things made of win, hereby referred to as desu. So let the countdown begin.

10. Manabi Straight
Gakuen Imoutopia Utopia Manabi Straight, here?! A curious choice, you might say, but when you really think about it, this show failed. It had a perfectly moe cast of lolis, and yet it failed to fulfil the prophecy - that one day, something hawter than Ichigo Mashimaro would come along...

9. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
This, too, was actually a good anime, enough so that Kyon's imouto-in-a-bag is still making a regular appearance in my perfectly sane fantasies. Nevertheless, I had to include it in this top, simply because it was the most over-hyped anime of 2006, and over-hype is something we don't take kindly around here.

8. School Rumble Ni Gakki
We kept trying to figure out where exactly did they screw up School Rumble 2, until we finally concluded that it was more of a widespread suckage. After a highly enjoyable first season, we take no joy in listing the sequel here... But loli justice must be served!

7. Ged Senki
Otherwise known as Tales from Earthsea, otherwise known as Studio Ghibli's latest full-length animated piece of crap, directed by Hayao Miyazaki's son, Goro (who the hell gave him a job, anyway?!). The only reason why Ged Senki isn't listed any lower, is that I happen to enjoy its OST.

6. Mushishi
Until the very end, I actually hoped that Ginko would dip his mushi in some loli's sushi. And while there were indeed plenty of mushi oozing around, there were simply way too few lolis involved, to leave this anime unblemished. Not to mention my pedo comrade was nearly bored to death by it. (...)

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Authorities in Thailand seem to be less permissive than their Japanese counterparts when it comes to things like these. In a valiant act to purge the infidels of "obscene" manga, Thailand's police recently arrested the managers of Akiba, a nice and cozy maid café located in Bangkok, seizing around 200 manga volumes in the process (and stuffing it inside large bags, destined for mockery on the bottom of the ocean). The article depicting this was translated by the guys at ANN (so if the translation sucks, blame them):
One of those arrested is Thavatchai Pruekrisakul, the 26-year-old who opened the cafe with Taveelarp Kumpolkarnjana. The two opened the shop as Southeast Asia's first maid cafe on April 21, 2006. The police explained the arrests and confiscation: "We investigated due to complaints from guardians that children would frequent the maid cafe. There was obscene artwork in the manga."

According to some comments found on ComiPress, the said perverted manga includes "harmful" and "obscene" material, like that found in Sumomomo Momomo, or Negima. Dear God, how can you possibly let people dip in all that INSANE AMOUNT OF DISTURBING MATERIAL??? HAVE YOU GOT NO MERCY TO SHOW???
I wonder just how would Thailand rate Eiken.
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