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This is not loli-in-a-box, this is Tifa-in-a-can. Suntory will be making us a delicious offer, along with Final Fantasy VII's 10th anniversary, planning to sell a "limited edition" of Final Fantasy VII Potion for a mere 191 yen per can. The shipment of 4.8 million goodies will arrive in stores around October 23, each can featuring characters from the game, Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth (no, it's not some idiot Blood Elf Paladin, it's actually a character from the fucking game), and others.

Final Fantasy VII Potion is probably just some cheap carbonated drink with no taste at all, but the aluminium cans are worth every single penny. I mean yen. GIEF NAKED LOLI AERIS CAN PL0X!

Even more details emerged recently about the vigorously awaited sequel to Genshiken, thanks to Famitsu and their endless lust for knowledge. You can now bask in the glory and might of some nice and *clear* screenshots, while scrolling thoroughly through the staff of the show, the cast, and even some details about the Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma spinoff (an incoming, and hopefully erotic, video game).

So, let's see here: Script writers? Yokote Michiko (who also worked for the first season) and Shimoku Kio. Character design? Yanagida Yoshiaki, also known for shamelesly creating *LOADS* of young and spicy girls for Kujibiki Unbalance. Director? Yoshimoto Kinji. And the list can go on, but I am a bit lazy right now, just take a look for yourself here for the rest of the cast.

I am a big fan of Genshiken, both the first series and the OVA. All that otaku-bashing thinghie is absolutely hilarious, with points well made, so there is no secret that we, here at Animekon, are awaiting this with much anticipation. As always, we welcome the appearance of young high school girls in an anime.

What will you do if, somehow, be it by accident or be it intentional, you get stuck in Japan for a whole night, with no place to go, no hotel available and just a few bucks in yourr pocket? Simple: Internet Cafes! Manga Cafes! There's so many of them that even Einstein would lose count.

Basically, in places like this you get a nice and comfy room all for yourself, a computer with an internet connection, and tons of manga to browse and enjoy. Some even have anime porn, manga porn, loli porn and the likes; some will let you smoke your lungs out, some will not. All in all, for a certain sum of gold per hour, you can spend some quality time enjoying a good wank and have a bottle of sake (or whatever booze you desire) to get wasted. I wish we had this kind of places in my country, but it's not even remotely possible.

Well, it seems that Internet Cafes in Japan are also used by thousands of people on daily basis (or should I say, nightly basis), for other than jerking off some sticky manga - a government survey has found out that homeless people, around 5,400 of them, like to crash here for the night. Half of them are unemployed, while the rest are daily laborers, or are having temporary jobs.

And for the sake of statistics, about 2,700 of these gentlemen are working hard to earn some spendola. 1,300 seem to be looking for a job, while 900 are fine the way they are. The last lucky 300 are company employees, but still, homeless as a homeless can be. Young or old, gay or straight, these fellow Japanese are spending night after night, BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO, in places that I, myself, WOULD DONATE A FUCKING KIDNEY to visit just once. Oh, the irony.

I want to be employed and homeless in Japan too, kkthx. A CryoCopy of the Mainichi article, which, as usual, will disappear in a few days, can be found here.
Business is business, and companies like business. Over the ocean, far far away, ADV Films has struck a deal with the guys and (little) girls from Geneon Entertainment, regarding distribution, marketing, sales, and various other things that are of no concern for the vast majority of us, who get their anime from... some other places.

Now why is this of importance? First of all, the said departments are gone from Geneon, meaning massive unemployed people, now roaming the streets in search of another job. Second, Geneon will maintain its "label" on all its products, and will continue (at least that's what they say) to license and produce anime in the ol' US of A. Third, if we get a bit meaner, we can say that ADV has now full control over what to release or what not to release in the said country. And since there are *some* narrow minded folks working at ADV, I fear for many good titles that will either be censored, or simply not licensed because of... you know, immoral content.

Personally, I don't give a shit about what's going on in the States, since it does not concern me, nor it affects me in any way. But I guess they should have access, like the rest of us, to all anime, be it good or bad, be it lolicious or not. I bet Ichigo Mashimaro porn would NEVER EVER get released there.

From ICv2
For those of you who like manga, but don't really like Jesus that much, NEXT Inc. is preparing a Manga Bible, plus other volumes depicting certain stories from the Bible. People need to be educated in the ways of Loli Jesus, and it seems that manga, due to it's high (and still growing) popularity, is one way to do it.

So watch out for a November release of the Manga Bible, a full fledged New Living Translation text, accompanied by 96 pages of quality manga, while Manga Messiah, the first of the other volumes, will show up in September.

Loli twists, anyone?

If the Appleseed movie (and, eventually, movies, starting October 20) is not enough to satisfy your hunger for action, then be prepared for the launch of the Appleseed Online Card Tactics, some weird kind of MMO that is said to offer a bit of card tradin', a bit of tactical simulation, and, hopefully, a bit of „it's for free!" tags. M2, the guys behind the project, have previously tried to make some money out of another Appleseed Online game, but they failed miserably after the beta ended.

I guess this game will be free for starters, with certain „items" being purchasable via teh internets. Because boosting your e-penis will always cost money, wether you like it or not. The game is set for release somewhere this fall.

Official Website and other crap
I wrote a very comprehensive post about this matter, but the fucking browsing session expired and I lost it all. *blaming the programmer*

I can't be arsed to write it again, so I'll just quote ComiPress here:
An illustrator named Masaya Miyashita (39) from Matsuyama city was arrested for creating and selling obscene manga. Police confiscated 6,600 manga during the arrest. According to reports, the artist ordered 17,000 copies of his work from a printing company in Okayama Prefecture, and even allowed doujin bookstores to sell the manga in Tokyo and Kanagawa last year.

Police estimates that Miyashita has been selling his works since early 2003, and so far has sold over 20,000 copies, earning approximately 15 million yen in profit. Other people and firms involved are also being investigated by the police.

Well, it seems more and more folks are being targeted for erotic manga related events, be it publishing it, writing it, or simply enjoying a good wank on it. What is this world coming to. Let it be known, without loli manga and anime we are seriously doomed, so mr. policemen, please be kind to these souls, kkthx?
The fourth Mai Otome Zwei OVA, which is currently running in Japan (and should get its ass on my harddisk soon, for some good ol' Natsuki-chan hawtness) bestows upon the unsuspecting crowd the announcement of a yet another Mai Hime anime series, entitled My Otome S.ifl.

According to some people, the story will take place sometime before the My Otome series, and will feature Arika's mother. Which means no Natsuki. Or maybe a really, *really* young Natsuki. Whatever rocks your socks.

Natsuki-chan massage FTW
Speaking of changing trends, those good old fashioned "maid cafes" are getting a serious new competitor nowadays. Rising from the same otaku mecha mecca called Akihabara, is a new "maid casino" that allows you to play blackjack, roulette, and hopefully even strip poker (otherwise it fails), with dealers dressed like maids - and acting accordingly.

Via Canned Dogs, we found our way to the maid casino's website - Akiba Guild - and to a couple of YouTube clips - here and here - showing how maid-style blackjack is played. It sure looks more exciting than the way I used to play it.

The only thing missing are ecchi playing cards.
When I first heard that folks got injured while playing with their Wii, I thought to myself: what kind of retarded individual does it take to actually cut off his leg, break his neck or suffer from instant dihareea from just toying with the Wiimote? I've got my fair share of... Wii experience, almost busted a friend's TV plasma set once, but that was because I was so wasted I couldn't even spell "loli", and I can tell you it's *almost* impossible to get hurt. Oh well, I guess some are more clumsy than others.

Why mentioning the Wii? Because it seems Japanese manufacturers just love to get themselves into these sorts of troubles - recently, an arcade game called Arm Spirit, who would challenge you to an arm wrestling contest, was retracted from the market after reports of 3 individuals breaking their arms while using it came in. The machine's producer is naturally astounded:
"The machine isn't that strong, much less so than a muscular man. Even women should be able to beat it."

That's exactly like saying: "If those idiots couldn't handle the Arm Spirit, they deserved it. Nyah-nyah". But if that is true and the machine itself fights like a baby girl, then I must repeat my question: How the hell can you fucking break your arm like that? It's not that easy to break an arm, you know. One must put passion into the process.


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