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Remember Gaia Online? Oh, wait... we never actually wrote about, did we? Shame, real shame. Well, suffice to say it's a cute web-based online game, letting you dress your anime-styled character in pink clothes and do all sorts of silly things, which tend to get boring a little too soon, though. Ah well, at least they have an online cinema of sorts, where players can meet, chat, and watch a film at the same time.

"The program for this evening is not new, you've seen this entertainment through and through", as the song goes, but for those of you who haven't seen Kiddy Grade yet, now's your chance to catch a glimpse of Lumiere's pedolicious pantsu! As ANN tips us, the Gaia Cinemas are currently screening the first two episodes of Kiddy Grade. And I have to admit, it's pretty fun to ruin the other viewers' experience, so why don't you go give it a try? Just make sure you have a high tolerance to crappy English dubs...

... But one has to wonder: for how long? As some many of you surely know, a vicious axe murder from last week prompted almost all Japanese TV stations who were airing the School Days anime to cancel the last episode (at least temporarily), since it too is said to contain ample amounts of blood. In its place, various harmless things where shown to the horrified viewers, including - but not limited to - nice boats.

The phrase itself, "nice boat" has quickly become something of a meme and it even made the news, while the fans helplessly watched one TV station after another losing their mediatic balls. Aside from episode 12 of School Days, episode 11 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai was also taken off TV by some.

Then, just a few days ago, irony - and another bloody axe - struck again, as a 15 year old boy tried to chop his father's head with an axe. Luckly, he failed, and his father still has his head attached to the rest of his body (for now). But most importantly, Higurashi continues to be aired as intended. And the last episode of School Days will also get to see the light of day tomorrow, on AT-X - the sole TV station with balls, it seems. Thanks to Canned Dogs for keeping track of this hallucinating course of events.

P.S. Nice boat!

This chick is really manly. And also Swedish. During a TV show, the lady in question suddenly puked all over the place, covering all the nice and expensive furniture in sticky stuff coming out of her stomach. Little miss Eva Nazemson was holding a live interactive show at TV4 Plus when this sad, but funny event took place, but she had the guts to come back, after a few seconds o relaxation, and carry on with her business.

No wonder the producers congratulated her. Menstrual pains was the reason she invoked for the sudden urge to spill her intestines out. Enjoy this.

Just as i thought. The guys at Wallmart are actually a bunch of pedophiles with no regard for a human being's integrity. Promoting upskirt photo shooting is only legal in Japan. And in my book.

I would like to take this moment to thank our lolicon and not always sober Himself, a manly piece of evidence that you do not have to be sane to be alive, for bringing this PROOF to our attention.

If those at Wallmart are like this, I wonder about the guys at McDonalds.
I thought I should share this with you.

Lately, I've been cleaning up my room a bit, just in case my folks would come visit (which they will at some point), and I've stumbled across an old DVD pack, containing all sorts of anime I've used to watch like... ages ago. So I said to myself, until mom gets here and starts yelling like a nazi about the mess in my room, about the empty bottles of vodka and about the fact that I should get married like any normal person and I should stop fapping on anime, why not take a look at some movies I used to watch long ago.

So ok, what to watch? Random guessing it was - Wonderful Days. The name sounded so fucking familiar, but at the moment I was completely drunk, wasted, plus a joint of marijuana that somehow popped on during my earlier drinking session. So OK, I said to myself (I always talk with myself, and occasionally play with myself, for that matter), Wonderful Days shall it be.

During the first minutes, I could not remember shit about it, although lately I was told we (me and a couple of drinking buddies) used to watch it a lot, mainly for the opening theme, which, if I do say so myself, is almost better than the uber-mega trio of opening themes, Elfen Lied, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, and This Ugly yet Beautiful World. These three are stamped by my very professional mark (of loli chaos) as the best OPs in the whole fucking world. (...)

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As with any new season, a new wave of more-or-less refreshing animes is starting to flood the Japanese TVs, spilling all over the internets. To give you an idea of how many napkins you should put aside for the months ahead, we bring you this latest batch of preview / promo trailers for some of the upcoming shows - undeniably topped by the insanely hawt Kodomo no Jikan anime (based on the lolicon manga that's been somewhat banned in the US). There are also some clips for Shakugan no Shana 2, Genshiken 2, Blue Drop, ef - a tale of memories, along with others you might find appealing. We didn't. But we're still listing them all below:

- Blue Drop preview trailer
- Dragonaut preview trailer
- ef - a tale of memories prologue
- Genshiken 2 preview trailer
- Ghost Hound preview #2 (updated)
- Gundam 00 preview #1, preview #2, preview #3, preview #4
- Kodomo no Jikan preview trailer
- Myself; Yourself preview trailer
- Prism Ark promo trailer
- Shakugan no Shana 2 promo

Update: Replaced the raw Ghost Hound preview #2 trailer with a version subbed by Genjo.
...and not a fine flat chest, oh no.

Last month or so, I've told you about the story of Miyashita Masaya, the poor doujinshi artist who got busted for not placing warning labels on his hentai work. Well, long story short, police came, police saw, police made an arrest. I remember that all online communities were outraged (more or less) by this, but all in all, it seems that his work really should have been labeled "Adults Only". You know, not for kids.

And, as all things come to an end, the whole business was finally settled with a fine of 300,000 yen, which Mr. Miyashita Masaya must pay in order to clear his reputation. Or something. No more prison time for him, no more fear of dropping the soap, heh, I am glad for him.

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho is a pretty cute anime, depicting the story of a retard kid who does not know how to swim, but he vigorously tries to learn it. I, personally, didn't watch it yet - due to the fact that it is tagged, on AniDB, under Large Breasts. And I certainly do not fancy large breasts, because a flat chest is fine, too.

They say it is good, so who knows, I might give it a try in the near future, when all the stuff I have yet to watch will run out. The fact that, right now, I'm reasoning with this here anime, it's because it is being turned into a PS2 game, and will be released on October, 25, at a 7140 yen price. A Limited Edition will also follow up, and the producers will charge you an extra 2000 yen for a Drama CD (whatever that means), and an OST disc.

I bet it will be a dating sim. So that's why i want to play it. Degeki Online even hosts some screenshots, but we stole them shamelessly. Have a look for yourself.

Oh, yes, and the game's official website is also up

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