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Tired of all those casual games, specially masterminded to help you ditch work and spend your daily time on more constructive matters? Like that thing you do with bricks. Don't really know the name, it's like... stuff is filling up your screen, all in pretty colors, and you just have to mindlessly click here and there, managing to sort the bricks by the same color. Or something. Anyway, if you are not into that, but still get terribly bored while the boss is lurking around behind you, here's a nice image that will boost your observation senses.

And yes, the first thing I have spotted was Rika-chan in the top-left corner.
If you think you've got what it takes to join the likes of Del Rey, surprising their grumpy officials with your astonishing creative talent, then search no more, because the company decided to open its doors for some of them unsolicited submissions.

In other words, Del Ray is avidly scanning the otaku suburbs for cheap labor, be it manga would-be specialists, be it open minded figures who can come up with some viable scenario for, let's say, graphic novel. A good opportunity, indeed, which any unknown, yet better than mediocre artist should try. Who knows? Maybe you'll get up on the ladder and score some huge amounts cash.

If my drawing techniques, currently non-existent, would be good enough for something like this, I would unleash hell on earth. Loli hell, that is. So, here's the deal:
We are interested in reviewing:
1) Proposals for original, manga-style graphic novels.
2) Portfolios for artists who are proficient at drawing in the manga style.
Because manga is such a rich, diverse, and unpredictable medium, with so many styles and genres—and so many possibilities for cross-genre experiments and fresh new styles—we'd rather not limit your imagination by telling you exactly what kinds of stories to submit.

Poke here for more details, and eventually a submission.
It must be a big difference between watching anime piled up in your armchair, with loads of popcorn/drugs/booze/boobs at your side (depending on one's preference), casually staring like an idiot in your monitor, and following a certain series on television. Come to think of it, it is. While you can manipulate your own, personal, collection, watch it any time of the day or night, giving it a pause to go take a huge dump or to refill that sad-looking, empty glass of beer, on TV, you are bound by a certain schedule. Which you will have to respect, if you ever want to see a show from top to bottom. Plus, let's not forget about the imminent censorship, that plagues official distributions like women plague a man's free time.

Probably that's why the girls at Comcast, a huge cable TV operator in the United States, decided to close down AZN Television (a tiny little channel that broadcasted stuff like Tsukuyomi "I'm the hottest loli there is" Moonphase, Last Exile, Kakurenbo, plus a variety of live-action adaptations), due to the small revenues it generated. Started in 2005, AZN attracted around 14 million viewers, which, according to their owners, was not nearly enough to sustain the financial losses. With the last 15 employees waiting for Comcast to offer them other suitable jobs inside the company, AZN Television will go down the drain on April, 9th.

CNN scoop.

Working my ass off in the gaming industry, I am quite used to seeing all sorts of weekly or monthly charts regarding game sales. There is always a pattern to be followed, especially in the United States, and especially when it comes to PC gizmos - all the damn charts are infested with tons of Sims. Be it Sims 2, be it the various add-ons that followed, EA's addictive extravaganza managed to hypnotize millions. Mostly, retarded people and would-be kami-sama's who probably suck in real life.

Taking a look at the French manga charts, I had a strange feeling of deja-vu. Same pattern, different names, with the mention that, yet again, the crappiest things sell the most. Here, take a look for yourself and bask in awe.
1. Naruto (33)
2. Death Note (7)
3. Naruto (32)
4. Samourai Deeper Kyo (36)
5. Naruto (1)
6. Naruto (31)
7. Naruto (2)
8. Lanfeust Quest (1)
9. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (16)
10. Naruto (3)
11. Death Note (1)
12. Naruto (4)
13. Naruto (5)
14. Naruto (6)
15. Death Note (6)

The only thing that stops me from saying some naughty things about the French people and their absolute non-existent tastes when it comes to anything, is the fact that Laetitia Casta is French and that she was a loli at one time.

ComiPress scoop.
I don't recall writing about the release of particular ero-games here on Animekon before, other than general trends and tops. But this definitely needs to change around here. And it needs to change today, because January 25 turns out to be a huge release day for various ero-games - almost 40, all in all! Feel free to inspect them over on (scroll all the way down for the full list), and don't forget to bring tissues.

From these, (one of) the most awaited eroge is supposed to be Fortune Arterial, by August Soft. However, I would much rather divert my attention and feast my eyes upon Garden, by Cuffs. Even though, as the developers warned their trembling fans, two of the game's characters will not have playable routes anymore (Mana and the hottest of them all, the pink-haired Ruri), due to "production deficiencies". Oh well, demo here, trailer linked below.

Again, I urge you to check them all to find the perfect match for your fetish of choice. You'll find demo versions for many of them, once you reach their official website (if you can take the crits from those walls of kanji). For a quick taste, though, enjoy the two new local trailers introducing the lolis from Fortune Arterial and Garden.

Via HD, yet again.
I can't believe that even a perfectly sane *cough* show like Genshiken 2 was censored on TV. But it was, and that makes me a sad panda. I will certainly not make the same mistake as I did by starting to watch Kojikan, not knowing that it was brutally censored in the TV version, so I'll just sit back and wait for the more private DVD release. As confirmed by Heisei Democracy today, the second DVD volume of Genshiken 2 shows the uncensored kissing scene at the end of episode four, and it's said to be "one of the most graphic kisses I've seen in something that isn't an eroanime". The only turndown is that it's shared by Ohno and Tanaka, instead of Ohno and some other random chick - preferably Ogiue.

A new trailer showing footage from Code Geass 2 has surfaced from some Japanese DVD Magazine II. But while I'm still trying to scoop it out of the interwebs, here are some spoilerific pictures taken from it, via The-O. Just click the strip below to see them all:

They also posted a few details about the story of season 2, along with remarks about some of these screenshots: "it has been approximately a year since the events of season 1 with no sign of Zero. Several new characters are said to appear including Rollo, a new boy in the school (...). In the scene with Kallen dressed in a bunny suit, it is rumored that Kallen may be working in a casino where the king is staying". As was announced earlier, Code Geass 2 will start airing in April 2008. Now, let's see about that trailer...

Update: Here you go, the Code Geass 2 trailer is now up locally.
Del Rey have posted a 25-page preview of their Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo) manga online, on MySpace, giving me a great opportunity to point out the kind of girlish graphical style that I hate from the bottom of my caucasian ass. Thank God the anime adopted a much cleaner, yet still "artsy" style, otherwise I may have never come to know and... enjoy one of the spookiest lolis around - Ai Enma.

Those who don't have such "aesthetical" issues, or may even be looking forward to buying the Hell Girl manga in English, better mark their calendars for January 29, when the first volume will be released. The rest of us will now return to our usual program: waiting for the third Jigoku Shoujo anime.

It seems that illegal anime downloads are starting to cause serious financial troubles for the publishers involved. While the gaming industry has managed to (sort of) find different ways of temporarily avoiding piracy, be it through services such as Steam, be it through several protection methods such as the much trashed Securom, Japanese animation can't seem to get a hold of it, distribution-wise.

We've seen signs of this even in Japan, where manga and anime are virtually worshiped as gods (and for a good reason), we've also seen it happen in the States. Major publishers would either cancel or put on hold several series, many of them with high expectancy rates, due to the fact that, well, although they were licensed, some retards decided to leak the fansubbs all over the Internet. I won't question their moral integrity, because that would require me to question my own (and God forbid), but on the long term, such actions may end up screwing the anime business in a very wrong way. Because, at one point, it won't be worth it anymore.

Following the oh-so-vigorously trend of the other countries involved, Tokyopop Germany decided to put on hold all their future anime DVD releases. All of them. The action took course after the company managed to finish launching all other series previously announced, but still, ze Germans are now left with nothing but patience and hope for yet another distribution method. When Tokyopop will figure out just how to do it, of course. It is worth mentioning that, among the planned titles, lies Rozen Maiden: Traumaend, which, as we all know, has caused lots of madness throughout the virtual communities existing webwide. Tokyopop is hoping to solve this issue soon.

In other news, ADV Germany has also put its DVD releases on hold, probably due to the same piracy problems, including titles like Utawarerumono (go go Aruru in a bag), Venus Versus Virus, Moonlight Mile or Perfect Girl. It's a shame, really, because many people are actually looking forward to buying such products. Me included.

ANN scoop.
Yet another drool-inducing manga is on the speculative verge of being adapted into an anime series: Sekirei, an ecchi manga boasting oversized female busts (and a relatively flat-chested loli), with the typical loser-male type character on the side. Returning to its daily roundup of novelties and rumours, Heisei Democracy links to an earlier Moon Phase newsbit which speculates that a Sekirei anime will be produced by ARMS - the animation studio behind Genshiken 2 and Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny. And Elfen Lied, I should add.

The Sekirei artworks we're adding today in our gallery should be reason enough for you to look forward to this anime - whenever it will become a reality.


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