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The only new anime announced today is one we will most certainly NOT look forward to: Antique Bakery (Seiyou Kotto Yougashiten - website), a 12-episode series starting in July, based on a girly romantic comedy manga about "four somewhat gay quirky men who run Antique, a gay quaint cafe that celebrates the small joys of life such as cake". Pancakes would actually sound better, but still I'd rather celebrate other small joys of life...

Next up, ANN compiled a list of new anime websites opened or updated, for Golgo 13, Himitsu: Top Secret, Zettai Karen Children and xxxHOLiC: Kei - all of which will begin airing in April.

And finally, we have a new trailer previewing the second episode of Mnemosyne, Xebec and Genco's sick and twisted horror anime that premiered this month. Episode 2 will be aired on March 2 and... oh, hai purpul-haired loli!

While I am a fan of *certain parts* of the Star Wars universe, personally I didn't know there was a Japanese manga version of the Star Wars comics. Ah well, live and learn. The next thing I will find out is that both Leia and Luke had another two little (twin) sisters, aged twelve, with pink hair and a big sexual appetite.

While casually browsing ComiPress today, I stumbled upon a link to the site, which is filled with related goodies, a shop, things for kids (attention all pedophiles), info about the movies and about the games that came out. All in all, your usual "I love you, insert_franchise_title_here!".

I was trying to find some pictures of naked loli Leia, when I found this article, which is basically a comparison between the Marvel Star Wars comics, which I must say, even being a Marvel fan in my early days, sucks so much ass that it cannot hold that much shit inside, and the subsequent manga. Well... what can I say, the differences are so insane, that they hurt.

From the very beginning of my devouring_manga_and_anime times, I understood one thing: Japanese people are crazy. They have a certain passion that us, the humble people from Europe/America/Other crappy places do not have, and they also have a way to put it into images. Every manga, from mecha to fucking yaoi, unleashes that passion. Hell, the only things that made me cry in my entire life were the end of Elfen Lied (yes, I was insanely drunk), Irya no Sora Ufo no Natsu (God damn it, one hell of a show), Saikano, and various other anime, not necessarily drama bullshit. Oh yes, and the time that I strangled one of my cats, that was also sad.

Well, the same thing happens (no, not the crying routine), when comparing the Marvel Star Wars comics with their Japanese counterparts. The latter are much more... sophisticated, with the level of attention to detail being OVER NINE THOUSAND high. Just check the article for yourself, and you'll understand what I mean. Plus, Leia looks much much better in the manga version. But that's just normal.
It's been more than six years since the last Slayers animation chronicled on AniDB, and although we didn't really feel the need for a comeback, it seems like it's going to happen anyway. In another AnimeSuki update based on a Japanese blog, it's said that a new Slayers TV anime is being announced in the April issue of light novel magazine Dragon Magazine - hitting stores this Friday. Guess we'll just have to wait a few more days for the confirmation of this story, and perhaps some scant details.

Update: Zanpakuto writes that "the news has been officially confirmed by the Hajima Kanzaka Fan Club who add that the series will be split between two seasons of three months". Mostly correct, except that it's Hajime Kanzaka (the writer of the original light novels), and the animation studio was confirmed to remain J.C. Staff, under Watanabe Takashi's direction.

While eroge retailers in Japan are gearing up for the over-hyped release of ToHeart2: AnotherDays this Friday, February 29, a nasty rumor is getting more and more likely to become a disappointing reality. It seems that one of the lolis from the latest ToHeart2 eroge - namely Ikuno Komaki (Manaka's handicapped younger sister) - will not have a playable route as expected. Which, if true, will certainly piss off a lot of horny otakus... Sounds like Garden all over again.

Handicapped lolis don't say no.
Warning #1: SPOILERS ahead. Warning #2: HUGE SPOILERS ahead! So if you haven't watched School Days yet, I strongly suggest you go do that before reading any further, or especially clicking this super-spoilerific link to AkibaBlog - where they herald the release of the final School Days anime DVD. What's so special about it? Well, it's the "director's cut" version of the 11th story, which means that it's a lot more grotesque than what was shown on TV (and by extension on torrents), without any nice boat, but with buckets of nice blood!

Despite the warning on its cover advising that "this DVD has some abusive scenes or grotesque expressions", retailers didn't shy away from playing the scene with Makoto being hacked and slashed, again and again. Sadists will be happy to know that the black "blood" is now red as intended, and apparently the knife used in the TV version was also replaced with a more Higurashi'esque butchering tool.

I guess it's safe to assume that this "director's cut" version (pun probably intended) won't make its way to English-speaking territories, so feel free to look for the torrent - yep, it's already out.

Update: Just checked, there's actually no change of butchering tools (my bad), and only a couple of shots are slightly different between the TV and DVD versions. So unless this wasn't the genuine "director's cut" (the blood was red, though), there's absolutely no point in getting excited over it. The TV version is just as brutal, really.
So... Many... Lolis! Count them well, there's nearly thirty plenty of them, some more flat-chested than others, but (hopefully) all of them coming in a new anime - and manga - based on last year's eroge KoiHime†Musou ~Doki☆Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi~... or simply KoiHime Musou. The game was developed by BaseSon, and these screenshots should be pretty self-explanatory as to its highly NSFW nature... By the way, there's also a trailer on Getchu's page, and a bunch of wallpapers freshly added in our KoiHime Musou gallery.

According to this AnimeSuki post where we spotted the announcement, the anime will be produced by Dogakobo, a studio usually hired for in-between animations on various kick-ass titles. As for the manga adaptation, it will be serialized in the seinen manga magazine Dengeki G's Festival! Comic. No date or further details were given for the KoiHime Musou anime, so for now just enjoy the pics. Yummy.

Although no longer a secret, considering that the Trigun animated movie was first announced a couple of years ago (but we'll play dumb, since we weren't around the webs back then), the first details about it appeared just now on the cover of volume 14 of the Trigun Maximum manga (thanks Heisei Democracy). For starters, here are some of the names working on this Trigun movie, as scribbled by HD.
"It will feature an original story developed by manga author Yasuhiro Nightow and director Nishimura Satoshi who collaborated with Nightow on the Trigun TV series and is also known for his work on the Hajime no Ippo anime. The script will be helmed by veteran anime writer Kobayashi Yasuko, with character designs from Yoshimura Takahiro."

Trigun The Movie is being animated by Madhouse (who also created the Trigun anime from... oh, about ten years ago), and it should see the light of the silver screen at some point in 2009, driven by the tagline "Vash vs. Wolfwood?! The familiar characters erupt on screen in an all-original Trigun story!". *Yawn*
ADV managed to create some commotion last month, when they removed more than 30 anime titles from their website, and the vague explanation that followed did nothing to put us at rest. On the contrary, the fate of those "vaporware" animes looked even more unsure for their English-speaking fans... Well, the good news now is that most of those titles have returned in an updated release list issued by ADV Films. But the bad news is that said list is full of delays, and still missing a few titles of interest such as Gurren Lagann.

But wait! Things get even more confusing, when you compare the list received by ANN, with the one from Right Stuf - and see the dates don't quite match. The titles are the same, but Right Stuf's release dates are one week later than ANN's. So now two questions arise: first of all, which list (if any) is accurate? And second, does anyone even care?
Aye, we don't usually cover any licensing crap, but I happen to have an hour to kill, and this concerns one of the most enjoyable animes from 2007 - sola - so what the hell. Via Anime on DVD, it's become apparent that the anime sola ("sora" meaning "sky" in Japanese) is Bandai Visual's latest acquisition for North America, where they plan to launch the first DVD volume on June 10, 2008.

On Bandai's sola website (more like a static image, really), we are informed that the sola graphic novel will also be released this summer, by Broccoli Books. In case you're not familiar with this title, a brief description can be found on the publisher's products page:
"Once there was a girl who yearned to see the blue sky.
-But someone has to pay the price before it can come true.
Conceived by the creators of two Japanese blockbuster PC games, Naoki Hisaya (Kanon) and Naru Nanao (D.C. ~ Da Capo~), sola is a mysterious and fantastic story of Yorito Morimiya, a high school student who loves to take photos of the sky. One night, he meets a mysterious girl, Matsuri Shihou, who is what one calls a "Yaka", an immortal, ageless existence. Their chance meeting unravels a story that stood still for hundreds of years...

Lately, Bandai's licensing deals seem to be improving a lot, as they recently acquired the rights for bringing two other promising animes to North America - True Tears and the slightly-censored Shigofumi - both of which are currently being aired in Japan. Ganbatte, Bandai-kun!

Update: Bandai Visual USA has just issued a press release restating the above, along with more about the story, theme and creators of sola... plus a link to Broccoli Book's sola page, where the first graphic novel volume is listed for release on June 18, 2008. Oh and don't worry about dubbing if you're after the anime: it will only have Japanese audio with optional English subtitles.
To be, or not to be excited... Frankly speaking, after the second season of School Rumble - which I couldn't even endure to watch in full after its disastrous start - I'm not too crazy about the idea of yet another semester. Nevertheless, there is still the issue of Yakumo-chan (sono eyebrows O_O), which we would certainly not mind seeing more of.

With that thought in mind, we kind of welcome the announcement (via Densetsu Shoujo) of the third School Rumble season. According to Kodansha's official website, School Rumble San Gakki (School Rumble: Third Term) will be a two-episodes OVA bundled with the upcoming School Rumble manga volumes 21 and 22, the first of which is to be released on July 17, and the second one on September 17. That's about all, for now.

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