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No more "Ganbatte, Bandai-kun!", cause this time they blew it. I mean really blew it. Barely had they given us a reason of joy by licensing three top-notch animes for release in North America - Shigofumi, True Tears and sola (the first two of which are still ongoing in Japan) - and now they're taking all that joy away, by delaying all three of them. Indefinitely!

Anime on DVD has the press release with the announcement, and Bandai Visual USA's ex-president (he's going back to Japan) Tatsunori Konno also addressed this issue on his blog, claiming that the decision was made in light of the recent ending of the HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray format war, and the need for a change in the currently sinking anime market.
"Bandai Visual (Japan) and Bandai Visual USA are now rushing to reschedule all future releases, focusing on Blu-Ray. Due to the recent quiet market, we will postpone standard single DVDs for TV series. We are assuming that the market does not prefer that format. (...)

[Shigofumi, True Tears and sola] will be released in the future in some format, but not this summer for sure."

You heard the man: crack your piggy bank open, Higurashi-style, and go spend those savings on figures or something. There's absolutely no point in waiting for these animes to be released delayed once again, potentially.
I'm beginning to think that we should have a dedicated section for news about figures, figurines and figurettes here on Animekon. And with some positive feedback from you guys, we just might... But for now, here's another "random news" about a select few figures scheduled for release in the following months.

By unanimous decision (it only took one vote, since my comrade is busy playing with his loli dwarf in Lineage II, but I'm sure he would agree), we I quickly decided that the hottest upcoming figure is the above version of Shana (from Shakugan no Shana) offered by Griffon - more pics of it here. We first spotted it among the many other zillions of figures showcased at Wonderfest 2008 Winter, and it was PVC love at first sight. It should be released in June 2008, at a price of 6,825 yen.

Next up, (...)

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Do I have an obsession with Ookami to Koushinryou? You bet! And a perfectly well justified obsession it is, if I may say so myself. Still, one of the things missing after the anime, doujin and figure, was an Ookami to Koushinryou cafe. But missing it shall be no more, soon enough!

Once the anime series' first first DVD volume comes out at the beginning of April, the Spice and Wolf cafe shall open its neko-mimi gates in Akihabara, at Toranoana's "Cafe with Cat". The yummy menu will include an apple tart with ice cream (600 yen), grape juice (500 yen), and a "meal for a traveler" (1,000 yen) - which is basically a set of butter rice, hot soup, and chicken cooked with spices. Presumably served by spicy chicks.

There will also be some sort of event with gifts for avid fans who meet certain requirements detailed on AkibaBlog, but the bad news is that the whole charade will only last for a couple of days, between April 4-6.

Few animes come even close to Elfen Lied's story (or brutality, or exquisite ecchiness for that matter), and considering that the original manga it's based on was only completed in 2005 - with the anime adaptation airing in 2004 - we can certainly hope we'll see more of it in a sequel. Elfen Lied 2 is, after all, the most yearned-for anime sequel in our current poll.

But that's not what this story is about, unfortunately. The only reason I mentioned it is that the author of Elfen Lied, Rin Okamoto (a.k.a. Lynn Okamoto) has released his (yes it's a "he", despite the misleading name) collection of short stories, titled Flip Flap. More info about it, via AkibaBlog, after this cover pic.


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There are more reasons for the (un)godly existence of the Internetz. First off, we have porn. Undoubtedly, the main and best reason: one could not - and certainly would not - live without it. Second, that's why funsubs were magnificently created by not-so-lesser beings - for us to download. Via the Internet. Third, World of Warcraft. One word: Night. Elven. Chicks. Naked. Nuff said.

Still, there is one more reason for it. A mighty strange one, but there is. Enter goth lolita Ai Enma and her MySpace copycat, Jigoku Tsuushin, where any retard with an issue or two can log and troll the forums, wishing death, FFS NOOB DIE, l2p, and various other skilled Internet memes, upon other people. The cursed individual dies, Ai has an orgasm, and the guy who put the curse online goes to non-loli Hell as well, sooner or later. Then, Ai has another orgasm.

Yes, you have guessed it, we're talking about Jigoku Shoujo. Recently, the series' Japanese website announced that the third installment in this spooky / sometimes not rational anime will be called Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae - even more, this year's Tokyo International Anime Fair will host an event on March 30th, with seyuus Mamiko Noto and Masaya Matsukaze ranting about the show.

What a crap news to point out the fact that Ai has an orgasm, eh?

There's no genuine kidnapping without a little kid (and a complementary nap with him / her), and North Korea knows this best. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, those bastards kidnapped several Japanese little girls and youngsters, forcing them to do this, and that, and various other things, in order to train their agents for easier infiltration into Japan - in order to kidnap more little girls and keep looping this vicious lolicon circle.

Well anyway, long story short, the youngest of said abductees was 13 years old Megumi Yokota, whose real fate still remains a mystery (the Koreans say she committed suicide, the Japanese beg to differ). Among the various media efforts ment to raise the public's awareness on this unresolved issue, there was also a "documentary manga" about Megumi a few years ago, and now ANN reports that the manga will be adapted into a single-episode anime - which will be available both on DVD and online free to download, in multiple languages (including English).

I wonder what kind of sick doujin they could make out of this...

I would certainly like to see more actions like these - the Japanese publisher Kadokawa Shoten decided to add its Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! anime to YouTube, free of charge, for all you fans out there. While all 24 episodes are streamed in Japanese, meaning no subtitles whatsoever, it is a gesture of good will and the folks responsible for this deserve at least one cookie.

Do keep in mind that, although it is free, the series can be viewed on YouTube only for a limited set of time, so if you didn't get a chance to take a look at it, understand Japanese and hate English dubbings, here is your big fat chance.

P.S. And finally, no territorial restrictions.

ANN scoop.

Recently, when it comes to anime dolls, we get a tingly shiver back on our spines. It is probably due to the recent links my pedo comrade decided to copy-paste while discussing serious boss strategies in World of Warcraft, but the sure thing is, we like them so very much. And we would certainly like to have some of our own, to completely undress once in a while and stare at those yet-undeveloped boobies we all, without a question, enjoy.

While casually browsing ANN today, I found out that Paper Moon, a company that specializes in giving us PVC boners every few days or so (read: doll making), recently announced that it is accepting offers for a life-sized Suzumiya Haruhi figurine. This (hopefully) awesome piece of work is currently priced at about 4,000 USD, more or less due to shipment taxes, and the orders that fans submit before April, 10th, will be also blessed with a wig for those of you who like chicks with long hair.

I wonder why they don't make Mikuru life-sized dolls.

Yay, CAPCOM, our all-time favorite Japanese publisher. As we all know, amongst other exquisite gaming francises, there is this thing called Street Fighter, which will turn twenty real soon. For this awesome birthday, CAPCOM is preparing lots of goodies. Later this year, Street Fighter 4 will be released in Japan, bringing even more instant pew-pew action to all arcade fighting games fans out there.

We will also have a live action movie, set to be released sometime in 2009 (and no, I ain't talking about that Jean Claude Van Damme bullshit that astonished us all due to its massive amount of gayness), and for that, CAPCOM confirmed the movie's main cast.

Kristin Kreuk (whose hawtness is NOT debatable) will play our beloved "watch my foot as it breaks your neck" Chun-Li, while Michael Clark Duncan and Neal McDonough will make up for the usual lack of real men in this sort of movies. How good they will do it, it remains to be seen. The Street Fighter movie will be developed with the aid of Hyde Park Films, and it will be published by 20 Centuries and a Rabid Fox.

The official press release can be found here.
The Internets have spoken: the new Slayers anime announced a little while ago is to be known as Slayers Revolution. The same Dragon Magazine which first revealed it is also the one pinpointing its official title, in the freshly released May issue - which, according to ANN, "also hinted tongue-in-cheek, but not stated, that the character Xellos will be the main character instead of the popular female lead Lina".

The next major (and hopefully more detailed) announcement will once again be made by Dragon Magazine in their next (July) issue, which however will take two months to hit the stands. Think you can hold it in that long?
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