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Forgive me, Loli Jesus, for I have re-activated my World of Warcraft account... And so another week went by with no updates here on Animekon, in what is becoming a worrying end-of-month tradition. Ah, well, as you can see, we got some new stuff today, and the best is yet to come. But first, here are the new trailers we added today - decidedly dominated by a barrage of Strike Witches clips, but also a high-quality trailer for the newly announced anime sequel ef - a tale of melodies.

- 20th Century Boys trailer (live-action)
- ef - a tale of melodies trailer
- Rosario + Vampire Capu2 trailer
- Slayers Revolution trailer
- Strike Witches trailer
- Strike Witches trailer #2
- Strike Witches trailer #3
- Strike Witches trailer #4
- The Sky Crawlers trailer #3
- Zero no Tsukaima 3 trailer

- The 5th season of Major will start airing in Japan in January 2009 - as was announced during the last episode of this baseball anime series' 4th season, which ended this past weekend.

- A second Neko Rahmen anime project has been announced, after that live-action movie adaptation revealed not so long ago.

- A new Gundam 00 manga is being published in Japan, starting with the August issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Gundam Ace magazine. The manga, titled Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Aoi Kioku (Blue Memories), will deal with the lives of the Gundam Meister pilots.

- The ongoing sci-fi manga series Dosei Mansion (preview) will be getting a live-action film adaptation, retelling the futuristic story in which humanity has has migrated into a massive aerial ring system above the Earth, which is now one big natural reserve.

- Patlabor, the classic mecha anime series, is being adapted into... stamps. Bet you didn't see that one coming. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for some lolicon anime to be adapted into ichigo-flavoured stamps. We'd lick that!
In their vast wisdom - and a fitting marketing hunger - the animation production company Enoki Films USA issued a press release which pretty much reveals the entire story outline of the new anime series Slayers Revolution (premiering in Japan tomorrow night), seemingly hoping that this might somehow enlarge their e-peen and the chance to strike a deal with an American licensor for this 26-episode anime.

As our title implies, reading any further might not be such a good idea, if you're looking forward to Slayers Revolution, and you plan on holding your breath 100% hermetically until the very last moment. With that warning in mind, the spoilerific story outline follows after the image below.

Update: For less spoilers, check out the short Slayers Revolution trailer we've just added.

Update #2: As one commenter points out below, the first episode doesn't really fit in with this so-called story. Like, at all. I wonder what show Enoki Films was talking about, cause it sure as hell doesn't sound like Slayers Revolution so far.


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