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Some are old, most are new, some are copy-pasted borrowed, none are blue. But they're all worth an editorial catch-up, and a select few of them should even be worth getting excited about. Unless you've had enough of Horo - in which case you might want to go see a doctor.

- 428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de - the upcoming Nintendo Wii visual novel game from Sega is getting an anime adaptation done by studio P.A. Works (Ghost in the Shell: SAC - Solid State Society, Darker than Black). Meanwhile, Type-Moon is already producing a bonus anime scenario for the game, whose story involves a detective, a young man, a virus researcher, a freelance writer, and a cat mascot character.

- Asura Cryin' - based on the semi-serious supernatural school action light novels of the same title. Begins in 2009.

- Black God (Kurokami The Animation) - confirmed to be in the making at studio Sunrise, as first revealed during the summer. Looking good, though it sounds a bit Shana'istic - not that it would be a bad thing, no sir (website).

- Devil Kings (Sengoku Basara) - an anime adaptation of Capcom's action-adventure game franchise, in the works at Production I.G. Begins in 2009.

- Evangelion 2.0 - now officially titled Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, with a tentative release date set for early summer 2009. All thanks to the recently relaunched website, which also promises that the second movie will feature the fan-favorite character Asuka, the EVA-02 unit, "new Evangelions", "added items previously unknown to anyone", "a shocking new story, and new visuals" (via ANN).

- Floating Moon - "an original environmentally aware sci-fi" anime feature produced by Marvin Media, a newly-formed independent licensing, development and production firm. Begins in 2010.

- Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror (Hottarake no Shima: Haruka to Mahou no Kagami) - tentative title for a new Production I.G computer-animated film. From their press release, it sounds like a family-oriented thingie, driven by the tagline "Where do all your childhood's treasures go when you grow up?". Begins in summer 2009.

- Spice and Wolf 2nd Season - hell yeah! The foxy (or rather wolfy?) Horo will return in a new TV anime, as confirmed on the series' website. The potentially-bad news is that the sequel is being animated by studio Brain's Base, not by Imagin (who did a great job on the first season).

- Street Fighter IV - a 50-60'ish minutes long anime feature produced by Studio 4C, based on Capcom's upcoming ass-kicking game; not to be confused with the in-game anime cinematics created by the same studio. You can get a taste of it by watching the Street Fighter IV trailer shown a few days ago at Tokyo Game Show 2008.
It's not too often we get the chance to post full anime episodes here on Animekon, without tempering with the balance of Justice and smearing our otherwise immaculate conscience (using plenty of napkins keeps it clean). Recently we had two such opportunities, and we grabbed 'em: first it was FUNimation streaming the first 3 episodes of Darker than Black on the anime's website, and then the debut episode for ef - a tale of memories was also released for free online viewing. So we took our chances and "mirrored" them locally, at least until some big corporate machine comes crashing down on us. Here's hoping it won't!

The 3 Darker than Black episodes are dubbed in English, and FUNi's offer is a great way for promoting the anime's November 25 DVD release in North America. The story of Darker than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha begins ten years ago in Tokyo, with the appearance of a bizarre field that is impossible to analyze. Coinciding with this "Hell's Gate" is the appearance of humans possessing new forms and new powers. These criminally insane beings are fearfully called "Contractors" and sometimes brutally murder others. Yum!

As for ef - a tale of melodies' debut episode, it was originally streamed on the anime's website (and on right after it aired on TV - so it's obviously in pure Japanese. ANN gave us hopes that a new episode would follow each day, but so far there's only this first one. Unless they'll be streamed on a weekly basis - which would be mighty fine, too!

Update: I just noticed that FUNimation began streaming more stuff this weekend, we'll be back with details (and hopefully videos) tomorrow.
Moving on to more animated licensing news, a North American distributor has finally picked up Clannad. About time! The brave one in question is ADV Films, but as for which of the various Clannad anime projects they placed their eyes and finances upon... that part is still uncertain. The annoucement was confirmed on the official website of Sogen Con (the event that started this whole mess), bluntly stating that "ADV Films has licensed CLANNAD for US distribution!". I guess we can safely assume it's not the Clannad After Story sequel; so it's either the Clannad anime, or the Clannad Movie. We'll see how this one turns out.

Meanwhile, FUNimation acquired "varied rights" for the Mushishi live-action movie, furhter squeezing their grip on the albino-emo franchise (they already had the anime version). The film will be released stateside on DVD at some point in 2009, and don't be too surprised if you see the less-poetic title "Bugmaster" slapped on its cover.

Speaking of FUNi,  (...)

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Time for some editorial backtracking again, and we'll start with some notable licensing news from the past couple of weeks. First off, the Gurren Lagann manga was picked up by Bandai Entertainment (who else?!), as announced during the recent New York Anime Festival 2008 - which, by the way, had over 9000 over 18,000 horny attendees. The deal only covers ASCII MediaWorks' version of the manga, as illustrated by Kotarou Mori, not Kabao Kikkawa's "Gurren School Edition" version. Not yet. An all-out press release also followed one week later, but it didn't bring any new info, other than the manga's vague release timeframe - 2009.

The most abundant manga licensing deal revealed at NYAF (afaik), however, was the one announced by Yen Press. In a "burst of licensing announcements", as they put it, the company expanded its future portofolio with titles like Hero Tales (a Square Enix manga based on Chinese folklore, to be serialized in Yen Plus and collected in the first volume in October 2009), Welcome to Wakaba-soh (a school romance / slapstick comedy manga from the creator of sola), and - the most eye-catching, pants-enlarging one - Spice and Wolf (Ookami to Koushinryou). The furry fantasy novels are coming in December 2009. But if you can't hold it in that long, just use a napkin.

(Note to self: update that f...urry Horo gallery already!)
While this month's unplanned-for loli did indeed take a notable amount of my leisure time, that's not the only reason for our latest lack of activity. In a fit of workaholic rage, I finally dug up one of our old, unused domains - - and pieced together a modest news website which you might find useful, if science happens to be one of your fetishes, too (though I won't deny its apparent uselessness, given the alternatives out there).

Anyway, where was I... Loli-tops, aye! As I was saying, we had no particular plan for this month's loli, but while browsing some galleries for that recent Macross F movie announcement, it she hit me. And boy, would I hit her! So without further ado... Klan Klein, or however you want to spell her name. Enjoy!

Fine (and flat) as she may be, however, I doubt we'll find time to squeeze Macross Frontier in our shrinking anime-watching schedule, anytime soon. There are, after all, much more tempting titles out there. Which brings me to this month's top: "Best recent sci-fi anime film". Many of you seem to have enjoyed the Rebuild of Evangelion project's debut with Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone. But I'm just sorry I didn't include another title in that top earlier: Gin'iro no Kami no Agito (Origin: Spirits of the Past). I've just seen it tonight, and it's quite superb!

Ah well, before we wrap this up, don't forget to throw a vote for your favorite anime format, as well. It's this month's poll, and so far the results are crushing: almost everybody would rather watch a solid series, rather than a film or OVA. Not counting ero-animes, of course.
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