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For the most part, January was a pretty quiet month on the anime announcements front. After brushing aside some idiotic / kiddy projects into the Ignore Bin, we're left with a fairly manageble selection of new titles. Conveniently leaving us just enough time to catch up on the trailers front. Oh yeah, we had plenty of those, and still plenty left to post here.

- Cross Game - based on a baseball manga about a grade-school boy whose family runs a sports store. And, more importantly, the 4 daughters of the family who runs a nearby bathing batting center. Begins in spring 2009.

- Elementhunters - a Japanese-Korean sci-fi adventure / educational anime aimed at children to teach chemical elements. Fascinating. Begins in July 2009.

- Kanamemo - based on a 4-koma manga about a middle-school girl who - having lost her parents and grandmother - ends up living and working at a newspaper delivery office. An office full of "charming, self-assertive bishoujo", by the way! Sounds loli enough.

- Lupin III vs. Detective Conan - just a TV special uniting the two titular characters for a "legendary match", in an original story revolving around some treasure.

- Seitokai no Ichizon - confirmed to be in the works, following last year's rumor.

- Sora no Otoshimono (Lost Property of the Sky?) - based on a "heartful" comedy manga about a fallen - and rather hot looking - angel, erroneously classified as an "unidentified mysterious animal" (UMA) at first.

- Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu & Nyoron Churuya-san - set to begin streaming on Kadokawa's YouTube channel from February 13.

- The Sacred Blacksmith (Seiken no Blacksmith) - based on an "unconventional fantasy" light novels series, about a former noble's daughter who joined a knighthood. While on the lookout for a blacksmith who can repair an old sword she inherited from her father, she teams up with a man who possesses the power of... ah, whatever, you'll see.
The final days of 2008 brought a frenzy of licensing announcements from FUNimation, whose daily countdown revealed no less than 12 anime titles (well, 13 if you count both new Slayers series), that they acquired for release in North America. Some of them older, previously localized by the late publisher Geneon, others quite new. All in all, an impressive line-up that English-dubbed anime fans can look forward to in 2009.

Here they are, then, complete with their respective official announcement (via ANN), if you're looking for more details about their staff, story and such. As you can see, all of them are vaguely scheduled for North-American release on DVD throughout 2009.

- Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone - 2009 - announcement
- Gad Guard - 2009 - announcement
- Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo - 2009 - announcement
- Gungrave - 2009 - announcement
- Ikkitousen - 2009 - announcement
- Last Exile - 2009 - announcement
- Nabari no Ou - 2009 - announcement
- Oh! Edo Rocket - 2009 - announcement
- Samurai Champloo - 2009 - announcement
- Slayers Revolution & Slayers Evolution-R - 2009 - announcement
- Soul Eater - 2009 - announcement
- Vandread - 2009 - announcement

In addition to all these, FUNi also introduced a new video portal  (...)

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And a lolicious new year to you, too! We weren't around for the usual holiday greets (too busy sampling the local beverages over on the other side of the country), so we missed quite a few anime announcements - annoyingly many for that period. Having spent the first sober days of the year going over said announcements, and updating several release dates for the freshly debuted Winter 2009 anime season, we can now present you with this very condensed list, covering the season's most important news - all via ANN.

- Afro Samurai: Resurrection premieres this January 25 on Spike TV, to be followed by FUNimation's DVD release on February 3.

- Ai no Kusabi is being remade into a new OVA in autumn 2009, based on the same boys-love novels authored by Rieko Yoshihara over 20 years ago. Studio AIC will be animating this 13-volume OVA remake, as it did with the previous anime versions.

- Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka OVA was announced to follow last year's TV series based on Feng's eroge of the same title. The OVA is set for release on June 26, 2009.

- Bakemonogatari will begin airing in July 2009.

- Canaan is now the official title of the anime formerly known as 428 the animation - based on last year's Nintendo Wii game "about a detective, a young man, a virus researcher, a freelance writer, and a cat mascot character who are brought together by bizarre events with worldwide implications in the Tokyo neighborhood of Shibuya".

- Code Geass may still receive some sort of continuation, as hinted by  (...)

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