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Do you pay for your anime? If not, well... you should. Because there are, surprisingly, many people working behind the scene for that anime, including dudes that draw, dudes that animate those cute little girls we all love, and dudes that may actually work on a script. A good script, a bad script, who gives a shit, the point is, the script is there. And someone took his sweet time to make it.

While I myself am a huge fan of "illegal" downloads (and that's only because I can't buy anime in my country, and abroad resellers tend to... hate my country a bit), I urge anyone, anytime, to purchase anime. And anime related stuff, like Hazuki-chan dolls. I would do that too, if I would have the chance. Because, I repeat myself, people work to get that stuff done. And if we don't pay for that stuff, there is a big chance for that stuff to never be released again.

OK, so where was I. The Japan Animation Creators Association held a nice little symposium at Tokyo University, discussing various conditions regarding the work people do in Japan's anime industry. This included a little survey among 700 professional animators and directors, regarding the money they make drawing and animating lolis.

The young ones, in their 20s, can sum up around 1.1 million yen per year. That, in American terms, would be around 11.000 USD. That's less than 1.000 USD per month. And it sucks. The more you grow older, the more money you get. At 30 years, one can double his income, earning around 2 million yen (about 22k USD), while the really really veteran animators can sum up 3 million yen a year. Yes, if you did the math, that's 30k USD.

Some of the top notch big dicks in the industry, including Toyoo Ashida, Sachiko Kamimura or Satoshi Kon declared that the future of 2D lolis (read anime) is pretty worrying, since the industry, as a whole, is not that appealing. Indeed, while the product itself is damn appealing, the pay is really bad.

That's why I ask you if you pay for your anime. Because it seems that the guys who make it are not getting payed that well.


Thanks AnimeNation for the scoop.
A short heads-up from AnimeNation lets us know that Dengeki now hosts some screenshots from AIKa ZERO episode 1: White Nights OVA. After thoroughly examining them, I've got:

- A neko-mimi chick
- Pantsu
- One naked girl in a bath tub
- Two naked girls in a bath tub that are probably doing various pleasant things to each other

Yes. Animekon approves.

Not many of you know, but we here at Animekon have quite a big and nasty fetish regarding Blood: The Last Vampire. From the moment our imouto-chan website started to host the first trailer (which, by the way, we have seen a couple million times), we were waiting with anticipation for the final product.

Well, it is close. So close we can actually feel it. Yahoo! Japan is doing us a favor by streaming the first five minutes of the movie, while the title itself (or should I say, herself) will start screening soon. Like... really soon, in places like Japan, U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and France. But we don't like France so we won't mention that.

For all you people that have absolutely no idea what the fuck Last Vampire is all about, the live action movie will feature Saya, a very very hot (yet, too far away from us) chick that kicks supernatural creatures in the ass whenever she can. Saya's role is played by Jeon Ji-hyun, a.k.a. Hawtness Incarnate. For other useful info, regarding the cast and crew and whatnot, pay a visit to AnimeNewsNetwork. I know I did.

[random thought] - for some reason, I didn't mention alcohol in this little news. Something must be terrible wrong today.
USA fans and retailers will have to wait a bit for Mobile Suit Gundam 00 to hit the market, since the product, both the normal version and the special, full of delicious stuff one, have been pushed back from June 16 to July 21. The reason behind this seems to be a “slight manufacturing error”, which Bandai Entertainment, the evil monster behind this, should fix soon.

Gundam is not he only anime series being delayed by Bandai recently, with stuff like Kurokami The Animation and Freedom Complete Collection suffering the same treatment, being pushed from July to a date yet to be announced.

Ah well, not the end of the world. Yet.
…Or how to launch an incredible ninja-kick in your own nuts. According to Yahoo's sources, whatever is being manufactured by Sony tends to go retroactive – and yes, I have been noticing that for a long time now. With the launch of PS3 so long ago, many people would have expected booming sales, wave after wave of incredible gaming experiences, not to mention the enormous amount of loli porn that could be vigorously adapted to the BluRay format. All we had to do is wait...

And then, wait some more. Let's face it, as much “fun” would be to own a PS3, as much awesomeness this “next-gen-we-are-so-l33t” thing has to offer, there is still not nearly enough stuff to “mitigate” the -fanboy boner. So, what to do? Easy-peasy. Make PS2 even cheaper than it is right now (excluding fourth world countries such as my own, where a modded PS2 can be purchased for the price of an used condom). Make it... 99.99 USD. Official.

This (at first glance) curious marketing move has sky rocketed PS2 sales by no less than 50 percent, obviously making the PS3 look like a little broken Transformer toy on a yard sale. Interesting. And since we're at pointing fingers at Sony, let's not mention the fact that every other console and their grandmothers have outsold PS2, PS3 and PSP last month.

Ah well, PS3's nii-chan was right. You can't beat it, not until you have more than ZERO Final Fantasy games taking full advantage of your “new and improved” system performances. In other words, Final Fantasy or GTFO.
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