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We've got a pretty nice trend on our hands, following the gang bang video games ban earlier this year. Following in the footsteps of companies such as minori or yuzusoft, the ladies at VisualArts are starting to block foreign IPs that try to access their Visual Antena website.

The message displayed when entering their website from abroad is pretty much the same as the others - words are different, though: PLEASE PLAY THE GAME OF YOUR COUNTRY IF YOU PRAY FOR THE WORLD PEACE!:-)

Nippon or GTFO, yet again. Personally, I don't give a shit about world peace, let them butcher each other until the last man standing, if that makes them happy, but please, us gaijins also need some love now and then. Also, these games are not released in my country, because of several issues involving a bad case of degenerative retardness. Don't ban my IP just because I'm beautiful.

Also, it seems that minori is working “undercover” with its block system, urging people to send nice letters to the Japanese government to make a stand and “fix” this god forsaken ban law once and for all. I mean, it's OK to kill thousands of muslims just to steal their oil like a hungry chicken shit, but it is NOT OK for me to play a damn eroge. WTF?

Thanks Dogs in ze Can for the scoop.
What a joyful day for anime fans from all over North America this is - the TV network Sci Fi (which will soon be renamed into Syfy, for reasons mostly unknown to us) is going to air the second season in the new Mobile Suit Gundam 00 series starting Monday. The latest animation in Sunrise's franchise premiered in Japan sometime last October, and ended in March. News of an upcoming theatrical release sent shivers down everybody's spineless spine at the end of the said broadcast.

Both seasons of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 are set in a real-world universe, where mankind has split into several factions (three, to be more precise), and where a mob of angry folks named the Celestial Being are desperately trying to pick a fight with the Gundams and their freaky pilots. As we can see, we have a classical toe-to-toe holocaust, pimped with explosions, giant fluffy robots, and all the bad guys a script writer can muster. It should be fun for mecha fans, indeed.

As for the crew behind the scenes, we have some pretty big names to share, like director Seiji Mizushima (Pwn Metal Alchemist), Yousuke Kuroda (Honey and Clover), and Yun Kouga (Loveless and Earthian manga). Not bad at all.

Thanks ANN for the scoop.
Horny people wanting to take another peek at the remastered boobies of Asahina Mikuru will be happy to know that YouTube now hosts (via the Kadokawa Channel) the first eight episodes of the new and polished anime The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. With English subtitles.

All these episode will be available until July 5, so if you didn't have the chance to see them, now is the time. Though I still must demand more Mikuru ecchiness.
The girls at Starchild have really big plans for their beloved Natsu no Arashi! anime series, announcing on their official website that a sequel is on its way to TV Tokyo and various other partners. So, starting this fall, all fans of Kobayashi's lovu-lovu manga (with a pinch of supernatural salt to go with it) can enjoy a second season. Well, the more, the merrier.

The first season can also be watched on ANN, but if you are from a retarded country like mine, don't bother. They ain't streaming there.
Sorry, but our licensing agreement does not allow us to show this video in Romania :-(

Fuck you, Romania.
Barely did my comrade get to write about the Macross F movie's final premiere date, and now another couple of highly-related news come poking our way. When the film was first announced last autumn, we naturally assumed it to be a solitary project. Not anymore, thouhg. As it turns out, there will be two theatrical Macross Frontier anime films - as revealed by the series' official website (via ANN).

It's said that this second film will bring a new story set in the Macross Frontier universe (along with new music to top the Japanese charts), and from the sound of it, it will feature completely original material. Unlike the first film, which, may I remind you, will recycle a certain amount of footage from the TV anime.

This also means that the second movie will take longer to make, so it's no wonder there's no premiere date attached to it, at this time. Hell, it doesn't even have an officially complicated title yet. Meanwhile, the first one (...)

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Had enough of loli fox and wolf deities with nice pectorals and huge appetite for lovu-lovu situations? No? Then bask in the glory of enjoyment, because the August issue of Megami Magazine will officially announce that a second series for Kanokon is in the works. At least, in its planning stages.

The old crew is back on track, with the studio Xebec in charge, director Atsushi Ootsuki, character designer Akio Takami and many, many more people who got involved with the original anime. Not many things are known about the story this time, but, judging from the first Kanokon, we will probably be bombarded once again with a light comedy that should put a smile on any perv's face. Which is good.

Thanks ANN for the scoop.
Yoshaaa! Time to end this fail-trilogy and get up to date with the news, again. So that afterwards we can wander off slacking for another couple of months. Again.

- Asura Cryin' 2 - a second season was announced during Asura Cryin''s final episode last week. Begins in autumn 2009.

- Beck - a live-action movie based on the rock-and-roll manga Beck (which also spawned an anime series in 2004) is in the works, with Hiro Mizushima in the lead role. The actors are said to be undergoing "intensive training" in order to "perform with actual instruments", but what's the point, really? Ikemen acting sucks anyway. Premieres in autumn 2010.

- Chu-Bra!! - based on a "middle school girls x underwear = slightly H girls comedy" manga by Yumi Nakata. Teh ecchi - much like the spice - must flow!

- Darker than Black 2 - like Fullmetal Alchemist 2 before it, a new season of Darker than Black was eventually confirmed to be in the making at studio Bones, after both sequels were revealed via a leak last summer. Good stuff.

- Eden of the East movies - that theatrical adaptation revealed back in February is actually two-fold: the first anime film, subtitled The King of Eden, will premiere this November 28. And there will also be a second anime film, subtitled Paradise Lost, set for January 2010.

- Final Fantasy XIV - ok, so this one's got nothing to do with animu. But come on: it's Final Fantasy, for chocobo's sake! Aaand it will be a MMORPG, featuring - at the very least - some epic cinematics. Launches in 2010 for the PC and PS3 (website). (...)

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After some sono-kono-ano issues with maintenance, the guys at Funmination Entertainment are restoring their video streaming portal. This major comeback also brings cookies – today, fans will be able to take a peek at Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, episodes 10 and 11, plus the newest and latest episode, numero 12.

The portal returns with a greater crapload of bandwidth, plus several features regarding functionality and other stuff that I have absolutely no idea about. Ah well, long live the stream.
Those of you who follow the development of the gaming industry, should be familiar with a certain individual named Jack Thompson. This guy has been trying for many years now (with no avail, obviously) to ban games that depict gore, violence and sex. Why, nobody knows. Probably not even him. The point is, he is the laughing stock of any sane gamer.

Well, the anime industry has its own Jack Thompson, and her names is Agnes Chan, UNICEF Japan's ambassador. Her latest marvelous idea was to demand the Japanese Diet to ban all things that are loli, because, she says, “loli is a dangerous weapon”. Well, fuck yea, wielding Nietono no Shana is indeed extremely dangerous.

Sheding bucketz of tears, ma'am Chan presented her statement in the utmost emotional coating, using pompous words like “heart”, “victim”, “eternally” and various others. Obviously, the level of fail when she was asked to back up her statement with valid evidence sky rocketed like Shion-chan on a good killing spree day.

Not only loli porn should be banned, she said, but the mere possession of such “devilish” material should be sentenced to pain and suffering. If this trend goes on, she fears that outsiders will think Japan is weird. Well, we already know that, but we like it that way. So, miss Chan, please, STFU or GTFO.

Thanks Sankaku Complex for the scoop.
According to several reports spread throughout the almighty Internetz, North American anime sales are still falling down almost as bad as Matt Damon's career. ICv2 points out that domestic sales in the first quarter of 2009 were down 2 percent, compared to the same timeline last year, when sales went as bad as lower by 11% compared to 2007. At the same time, 2007 was 20% lower than 2006 (still talking about the first quarter), when this whole business managed to pocket in no less than 400 million USD.

Next, we have a CEPro report about domestic DVD sales, which, not surprisingly, is also rock bottom, down by 14% compared to last year, while, with their power combined, the Captain Planet of DVD, digital distribution and Blu-ray is down by 5 percent.

Pretty sad, if you ask me. I wonder if this happens because, lately, the quality of new anime series is more than... questionable.
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