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According to NyanType and Megami magazine, the new Nanoha movie is scheduled for an exploding stage appearance in January 2010, alongside a PSP game, The Battle of Aces, published by Namco Bandai and developed by Witchcraft. Alongside this newly established studio, Endou Shoujirou (known for his Silky Lip eroge) and Kaneko Akifumi (Wild Arms), will also be involved.

Yet another magical pantsu Nanoha? Sure, why not. The more, the merrier. Via Dogs In The Can.
American anime consumers will be happy to know that Sentai Filmworks, a licensing firm working together with ADV, will release a bunch of new acquisitions this October. Quite good ones.

Drama fanatics will be able to get their hands on Clannad After Story (part one of the two scheduled), while the ecchi / comedy section is being covered by titles like He is My Master and Popotan, both of these carrying a huge amount of win in their pockets. Sentai's offer also includes parts of Ghost Hound and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar.

He Is My Master, Clannad and Ghost Hound will be released with subtitles only (yay!), while the other two titles, also published earlier by Geneon, will be brutally dubbed.

Via ANN.
The fact that Final Fantasy XIII will be PS3 and X360 exclusive almost makes me reactivate my next-gen consoles. Really, it does. I've been playing, replaying, eating, puking and drinking this franchise since the day loli Jesus was born. And, like any other sane individual with a crash on FF female characters, I'm eagerly awaiting the release of this latest soon-to-be blockbuster, even if it means breaking an entry into the first game selling store I will come across.

But, until then, all we can do is just take a glimpse at these latest screenshots released by Famitsu, as listed below:  (...)

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Just fapping browsing around Sankaku Complex for some quality pics, I've stumbled upon a recent gallery depicting Kanda Minori as Anemone (Eureka 7's schizophrenic pew pew chick). I must say, this is by far one of the best Anemone cosplays yet.

Those interested in more hawt pinkness should take a look here, it is worth it.
The theory according to which evil robots will take over the world is becoming less and less of a utopia, especially when events like this start to randomly happen. And where else, but Japan.

On a late night shift in a PET bottle manufacturing facility, an unlucky worker was brutally put to death by a mechanical arm, right after he accidentally "interfered" with the said arm's usual working habits. The machine was used to align bottles on the conveyor belt, but it seems that "she" wrongfully mistook the guy's neck with one of the plastic bottles.

Obviously, the Police is currently investigating the cause of the incident, while judges are still figuring out just how much time should the robot spend in prison. I would certainly not want to drop the soap in the same room with this metal dude, that's for sure. Thank you Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger for preparing us in time for such strange occurrences.
Freshly arrived on the stage, the new anime Canaan is already rumored to be squeezed into three theatrical motion pictures, which will tell the same story in a shorter life span. The first movie will premiere in October.

I really don't get these recap things. Sometimes you can spot one episode in the middle of a series re-telling the story, and some other time you get to watch a whole freaking movie that does the same thing. Perhaps these are made for the lazy ones who don't have the patience to watch a whole show from capo al fine.

...Or is it perhaps because the show is so damn boring that 13 episodes are just too much to handle? Who knows, I haven't seen Canaan yet, so I can't tell.
Some time ago I was babbling about the new iPhone version of Resident Evil 4 being leaked to the public. Now, after a couple of weeks, the guys over at Apple and Capcom have finally released the game in its full splendor.

As with the Wii version, the game has suffered intense modifications to fit the not-so-usual iPhone control scheme, but other than that, it seems that Leon & co. will act, drink and shoot just like in the "regular" action extravaganza. For all those interested in smashing some zombie heads and elbows, the game is available for 8.99 USD.
Surprisingly, there are people in Japan that prefer their sisters older, rather than younger. At least from Akira Shou's point of view, well expressed in his recent manga, cleverly entitled "Onechan W". The said manga contains 9 (not-so-flat) stories, each and every one including two naughty twin older sisters, plus a bunch of (female) classmates (who, for the sake of true Japanese spirit, are a loli and a Tsundere), that are doing "sono-kono-ano" and various other things to a poor guy caught in the middle.

Well, I must admit, a bunch of older twin sisters may be acceptable ONLY via a KissXsis scenario. Other than that, I'll stick with the more casual imouto-chan routine, it fits better. Oh yes, and in case you haven't figured it out yet, the link may be a bit of NSFW, if you have a not-so-open minded boss lurking in the shadows and staring at your monitor.
There are many ways in which one can ditch the Oscar ceremonies. For example, a long time ago, my country had to "refuse" an Oscar nomination because it was, at that time, under strict Communist supervision. For the likes of Hayao Miyazaki, on the other hand, refusing to acknowledge his 2003 Best Animated Feature Oscar was different - according to Los Angeles Times, he didn't want to set foot in a country that was bombing Iraq with obviously no reason at all.

More than that, he was ready to say this in an official statement, but his producer insisted that he would keep his God damn mouth shut. It seems I am not the only one who thinks that randomly bombing and killing innocent people because of boredom is a bad thing to do.

Thanks ANN for the scoop.
Since Japanese animation has been marching for so many years deep into American territory, the girls at Marvel decided it was about time to return the favor. At this year's Comic Con, they have announced that several of their kick-ass franchises, such as Blade, X-Men and Planet Hulk, will be soon produced in Japan.

The first one to see the light of the day will be the Planet Hulk anime, scheduled for release sometime in 2010. Madhouse, who is also responsible, according to Marvel, for some major Iron Man and Wolverine Japanese facial lifts, will supervise this extensive process.

Thanks ANN for the scoop.

UPDATE: Here are the trailers for Wolverine and Iron Man (...)

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