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Nope, the polls are not in just yet; there's still almost half a year to go until the 4th Annual Seiyuu Awards will be revealed next March. But a little note of interest to those of you wishing to have a say in the process: the official website for the event is currently accepting foreign votes on a dedicated English page, and it will continue to accept them throughout 2009, until January 1 when the public voting ends.

There you'll find more about the Seiyuu Awards in general, and the Overseas Fans Choice Award category in particular. It was introduced last year, when Jun Fukuyama won the first such award. Yeah, a guy, boo! And here are the rules. (...)

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The first OVA episode of Shakugan no Shana S is just around the corner, releasing in Japan this October 23. But already there is a new Shana anime to drool over. Well, technically, it's a new Shana-tan chibi anime short, but still... Uruchai uruchai uruchai! This one's titled Shakugan no Shanatan: Revenge, and it also features a special appearance by Index-tan (from To Aru Majutsu no Index).

Shanatan Revenge was released last week as a DVD bundle with the "Anime Shakugan no Shana II no Subete" guidebook, which also included a preview trailer for Shakugan no Shana S. We've added both of them locally - yep, even the full Shanatan Revenge, in the hopes that the powers that be won't come down on us like a rain of fire washing over an Amazonian forest littered with gasoline barrels.
Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone is already out of the race for Oscars, before the race even began. The reason being that, basically, the film is just too damn old. Eva 1.0 premiered in Japan way back in September 2007, and the Academy Award Rules leave no room for foreign films that were exhibited outside the U.S. before January 1, 2008. Not that it had any chance to win, anyway, against the likes of Pixar or Ghibli.

Speaking of which, both Pixar (duh!) and Ghibli are striving for this year's Best Animated Feature award. Most bets seem to be with Pixar's CG animation film Up, and that's not the only one that Ghibli's Ponyo will have to seriously worry about. The list below shows the likely candidates that are were eligible for this category, (...)

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Think H.P. Lovecraft... Think Cthulhu... Think insanely horrifying manifestations... Good, now think lolis! How's that for a stupefying string of thoughts? I'm not quite sure how one thing led to the other, but somehow it did, and out came Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. Originally some "high-tension, chaotic comedy" light novels authored by Manta Aisora, with alluring illustrations by Koin (Kanokon), the series is now set to receive a Flash anime adaptation.

The titular Nyaruko-san was inspired by Nyarlathotep, a formless Cthulhu god made of epic terror, who just so happens to have gained a fetish for turning itself into a flat-chested loli. And to think that at one point in Lovecraft's classic writings, he turns into a "nocturnal tentacled, bat-winged monster"... Tentacles, huh? Suddenly the loli connection is starting to make sense.

The upcoming anime version will be called Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani, and it's currently in the works at studio DLE, who previously did (...)

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It's not something unheard of for voice actors to impersonate multiple characters. But all of the main cast voiced by a sole seiyuu? Well, colored me surprised. The seiyuu in question is Miyuki Sawashiro (Puchiko / Petit Charat from Di Gi Charat / Winter Garden, Aruru from Utawarerumono, Canaan's titular flat-chested character etc.), and the recently announced anime we're talking about here is Yawarakame.

The title Yawarakame seems to be derived from "yawarakai kame", meaning soft turtle, though Gigazine notes that it also literally means "bit on the soft side". And by the looks of it, gags and lulz are sure to abound.

Too bad this isn't a major project, however, as Yawarakame was only announced for the BeeTV mobile phone TV service. Too bad, indeed, even more so because the studio animating it is ufotable (...)

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Sort of "Boku, Roboto", minus the live-action, minus all the pew-pew, minus Will Smith, and... well, minus pretty much everything else. With no relation whatsoever to Asimov's sci-fi stories "I, Robot" (they just popped in my head!), a certain manga called Boku, Otaryman. (I, Otaryman.) has been announced to receive an anime adaptation. It will be an OVA, and the DVD release date is currently set for January 2010.

The original manga that's spawning this OVA is a comedy / slice-of-life autobiographical story authored by Yoshitani, about his life as a 28-year-old bachelor systems engineer with no girlfriend. He labeled himself as an "otaryman" - from "Otaku na salaryman" - so apparently the guy doesn't think much of himself. Either that, or he has an overly-developed sense of self-irony.

I smell crappy animation quality. Hope the lulz will be worth it.
Easy cum come, easy go. This year's "exercise" anime Isshoni Training may have stirred up quite a buzz when it was released back in April. But exhausted fans seem to have forgotten all about Hinako by now - an indication of this being the severe lack of new fanart for this anime, resulting in even more severe cases of muscle atrophy, mostly localized around the arm and wrist region. The good news, however, is that a cure has recently been revealed to be in the making!

Said cure should be available around February 2010, in the form of a second anime DVD intended to lure sedentary otakus back into training with Hinako. A book of some sort, titled Motto Isshoni Training Hinako no Hon (More Training with Hinako Book) and filled with sweaty pictures of Hinako dressed in various new outfits, is also planned for release a bit earlier - this November 20.

Oh yeah, I can feel those pecs growing already. Along with various other things.
Bored to death of waiting, yet? Well, who can blame you... For almost two years now, there have been virtually no updates on the status of the much-doubted Trigun The Movie, other than vague references; and an endless stream of comments to our report from early 2008 (a misplaced *yawn* can work wonders). Well, you won't have to hold your breath much longer, because the project has finally received a more tangible release timeframe.

Thanks to the recently opened website, the film's Japanese premiere is now officially - albeit still not precisely - set for spring 2010. And thanks to ANN's translation, fans who've been wondering about its enigmatic story can finally put their curiosity to rest. (...)

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The reappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi in anime news headlines everywhere this past week was prompted by the exhilarating announcement of a Suzumiya Haruhi movie for spring 2010. In fact, this seems to be the materialization of that "Haruhi 2" project that Kadokawa's been fucking teasing us with for the past few years. Over, and over, and over again...

The film will be called The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu), and presumably it will be based on the original light novels' 4th volume of the same title. It was first teased at the end of this year's renewed TV anime series, whose final episode aired last week. You can see the trailer locally, by the way, though it doesn't really show much, other than a frozen Yuki... Well, a flat Yuki is fine, too!

Wish I could say "all's well when ends well", but let's not forget for a single second that it's Kadokawa we're talking about here, so there's no telling how all this will turn out eventually.
Just as the Gantz manga entered its "Final Phase" this month, it was announced that two live-action movies are now in the making. The filming will be done starting from next month, until next April, however fans will have to wait for another year after that, for the theatrical premiere. As it stands now, the first movie will debut in early 2011, and the second one will follow in spring 2011.

Whether you know it from its original manga version created by Hiroya Oku, or from the 2004 anime adaptation (that is, if you know it at all), Gantz is one hell of a brutal and nerve-racking series; enough so that the initial TV airing was splattered with censoring and even skipped an episode altogether. Thus, naturally, expectations for the movies should be pretty high from head start. (...)

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