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Freeloaders sure make some fun characters... in anime, yes, but less so when they breathe alcohol fumes down your neck in real life, interfering with your hedonistic (and every once in a while lucrative) activities. On the other hand, such interference is the perfect excuse for our latest "radio silence", that eventually prompted this here round-up.

- Eden of the East the Movie II - the 2nd anime film to follow this year's excellent TV series is being not only expanded, but - saldly - delayed as well. The extra 30 minutes of footage planned by Production I.G will translate into 2 more months of waiting, until March 2010. The first film, by the way, is premiering tonight in Japan.

- Fate/stay night TV Reproduction - just ahead of the Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works anime film's theatrical debut, the 2006 TV series will be condensed into 2 specials, with new opening sequences and new ending theme songs. The TV reproduction's DVD and Blu-ray release is set for January 22, 2010 - one day before the new movie premieres.

- House of Five Leaves (Sarai-ya Goyou) - a new TV anime series based on a historical samurai manga by Natsume Ono (Ristorante Paradiso). The original storry follows the lives of the House of Five Leaves gang members in Edo-era Japan, during the height of the shogun's rule. Begins in 2010.

- Kiss x Sis - epic joy! Yet another OVA episode has been green-lit, oh-so-hawt on the heels of the freshly revealed TV anime series. This will be the 4th OVA volume, but since the first one was titled "Episode 0", this one will be "Episode 3". Releasing on June 4, 2010.

- Mayoi Neko Overrun! (Stray Cats Overrun!) - based on a romantic comedy light novels series created by Tomohiro Matsu and illustrated by Peco (of some eroge fame), which is also spawning an upcoming manga adaptation. Specific details about the anime's format or release timeframe are missing for now.

- Mini-Skirt Space Pirates - if you were expecting it anytime soon, (...)

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With another solid round of trailers again eating up most of the time I had reserved for non-hedonistic activities today, this one single news post is all I could manage to slip through my free-falling eyelids. But what a orgasmic piece of news is it! Or perhaps I should say "piece of rumor", since the source for the image that stirred it has not been verified at this time. Not that any verification was needed, really...

So as all of us who still keep rolling all over the floor while watching the 2 OVA episodes of Kiss x Sis have been hoping for, a TV series was reportedly announced for spring 2010. And now we can finally rest at ease, knowing that when the 3rd OVA episode comes out this November 20, the incestual world as we know it will not come to an end.

A huge, pre-emptive ARIGATOU to whoever will be animating the TV series, and of course to the disturbed mind of Bow Ditama, who created the Kiss x Sis manga in the first place.
Well, this is particularly nice of FUNimation. Only a few days ahead of their November 17 DVD release of Evangelion: 1.01 You Are (Not) Alone - the enhanced version of Eva 1.0 (albeit not quite as enhanced as Eva 1.11) - they are offering the film's first 8 minutes for free HD streaming. They tried advertising it as the first 9 minutes, but technically there's just a bit over 8 minutes of animation. Which certainly is fine, too!

There's not much else to say about this, so I'll fill the rest of this post with a list of trailers that we added today. There were 25 more clips aside from this one, and I wouldn't be surprised if you missed most of them. So here they are. (...)

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Hiroyasu Ishida - this guy right here, this is what Japan's anime industry needs more of! At 21 years of age, he now has a fantastic anime short under his belt, which he independently directed, animated, edited and recorded. Ok, so he did receive some assistance on other aspects of the production. But that doesn't chip away one bit of awesomeness from this doujin anime - titled, by the way, Fumiko no Kokuhaku. Or Fumiko's Confession.

In just a bit over 2 minutes, this frenetic short follows a school girl's rejected attempt to confess her feelings, and her subsequent downhill rampage through the narrow streets and parks of a hillside town. A very, very steep hillside at that. Pantsu shots included.

Ishida generously released his work online - you can watch it here - along with tons of other associated graphical materials. Although this isn't his first animation work, it's certainly the most breathtaking. Still, I strongly urge you to check out his other shorts (...)

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Hmm, looks like this is our first time mentioning the TV anime version of Ladies versus Butlers!, originally a school / romance / comedy light novel series by Tsukasa Kouzuki. An adaptation of some sort had been teased as early as March of this year, but it wasn't until September than the anime format was finally confirmed. The actual series will begin airing in Japan from January 5, 2010, and according to the latest update on the subject, the end of this year will also bring an early TV special.

This special will be a 1-hour program scheduled by the AT-X channel for December 29. Half of it will be devoted to an advance screening of the anime's Episode 1, while the other half will be just some random noise (chatter with the voice cast - most boring thing ever invented by mankind, right after Western talk shows).

The official website doesn't show much in terms of eye-candy, but we've taken care of that with the addition of a few artworks exposing the scantily clad female cast (...)

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Sometimes there's so much fluffiness in the world, I feel like I can't take it. Just the thought of being invaded by an army of cute, fluffy, huggable mascots makes me wanna... well, go to Japan. Because that's where such derranged fantasies actually come true, at least once a year at the "Yuru-Chara Matsuri" event hosted by the city of Hikone, in the Shiga prefecture.

Hikone is home to one of Japan's oldest and most popular "yuru-charas" (as the mascots are called), named Hikonyan. As such, it became known as the "Sacred City of Yuru-Chara", and began hosting this annual gathering for yuru-charas from all over Japan. Last year, there were 45 mascots, and this year the goofy attendance exploded to 150 yuru-charas!

I shudder to think what Rena would do there, going into one of her "so cute, I want to take it home!" sprees... But really, words don't do this justice, so I'll leave you with a whole bunch of pictures from this year's "Yuru-Chara Matsuri Kigurumi Summit" (...)

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At this point, with only 5 or 6 episodes aired from each of this season's new anime series, we dare not proclaim any definitive ranking. We did pick several titles that look somewhat promising, from the little that we've seen so far (and by "little", I mean more like "next to nothing"). But like I wrote in the previous post, I don't expect these to please all fetishes - not by a long shot. So... discuss!

You'll find the complete Autumn 2009 line-up in our release dates section, which however falls into the other extreme of being too extensive. Or there's also a middle solution, albeit a highly compromised one. It's coming from 2ch - which of course is a euphemism for anonymous - and it's shaped like a top 10 Fall 2009 anime list. Here it comes. (...)

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We interrupt our usual [Anime] Loli of the Month program, to bring you a special kind of loli. This is only the third time around we do this, after Miku and Rin back in 2007. And sure enough, this newcomer is yet another Vocaloid character. Her name is Miki - just Miki - and while her "loli" status might be arguable, her impecable flatness is simply undisputable!

To be honest about it, things are still a bit fuzzy as far as her "official status" goes. Last month there was talk that Crypton's next official Vocaloid character would be a male, leading some to wonder if Miki isn't perhaps a trap. We remain optimistic, however, since Miki was revealed not by Crypton, but by another group called Heartfast.

"Vocaloids X'mas" will be Miki's debut album (out on November 18), and Kozaki Yuusuke is the one who drew her original illustration - which also reveals her serial number SF-A2. Needless to say, artistically inclined fans have been busy ever since, as you can see in Miki's local gallery.

Based on this development, our new poll is pretty much self-implied: (...)

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This is not a pro-Microsoft post. Yes, the new Windows 7-tan Madobe Nanami is damn cute. Yes, Windows 7 was inadvertedly advertised by the Australian government as a pedophile's operating system of choice. And yes, Windows 7 may indeed be a great OS when compared to its nerve-racking ancestors. But that still doesn't stop it from being a fail-magnet.

The Japanese launch of Windows 7 last month, in particular, was made of so much fail, it wasn't even funny. Oh, wait... yes it was. Even Microsoft Japan's CEO, Yasuyuki Higuchi got self-pwned live on stage, during the Windows 7 launch event in Akihabara. And to think that Microsoft had the nerve to set up a booth right across the street from where the Japan Linux Symposium was taking place, on the very same day.

That was probably their biggest mistake, though. Because the final blow came from (...)

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Horo has taken a shameless queue from Isshoni Training's Hinako, and embraced the idea that the best way to lure fans into opening their wallets is by spreading her legs. Or bending over. Or whatever else it takes, to keep the spice flowing (oh wait, there was no Space Guild in the anime). So she's doing just that, in a new anime short titled "Stretch with Wacchi" - included in the second Blu-ray volume of Spice and Wolf II. Update: You can now watch it here!

Volume 2 - which packs episodes 4, 5 and 6 - was released last week, both in Blu-ray and DVD format. However, from what Gigazine writes, only the Blu-ray version includes this anime special. Also unique to the Blu-ray box are 3 waterproof posters that you can wash after... excercising with Horo.

On the other hand, the DVD version has a unique perk of its own: (...)

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