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- The entire TV anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is being streamed for free on Manga Entertainment's YouTube channel. All 27 episodes are dubbed in English, but as is often the case with such freebies, the streams are only available in the United States and Canada. Nothing a little proxy can't bypass, of course.

- The 6th season of Major will start airing in Japan from April 3, 2010 - as was announced in the latest issue of the Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine. "The anime is based on Takuya Mitsuda's long-running manga about a young pitcher who aspires to follow in his father's footsteps into the major leagues." Fascinating.

- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, 07th Expansion's original game from which the insanely awesome anime series was later born, is being released in English by this December 15. These will be the first 4 chapters in the story, as the remaining 4 make up the second game (~ Kai) - also planned for an English release, in 2010. Tempting as it may be, do mind the atrocious character art in the original game!

- Planzet was announced (via ANN) as the next CG film directed by Jun Awazu (Negadon), to be published in 2010 by CoMix Wave - better known for (...)

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"Shin who?" would be a pretty normal reaction to that title. Probably because none of the anime series that Shin Itagaki directed so far - Black Cat (2005), Devil May Cry (2007) and Basquash! (2009) - made much of an impression, for most of us. In fact, so unremarkable was his contribution to the latter title, that he even managed to get himself replaced as director of Basquash!, after less than 10 episodes. So why on earth should we look forward to his next project? Well...

How's that for a good reason? The picture, in case you don't recognize her, is of Hikari from the 2004 ecchi anime series This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai). Itagaki worked on that one as storyboard / script writer, key animator and even episode director on a few episodes. If you haven't seen it yet, check the local gallery for a more-or-less misleading impression. And, by the way, there's a complete DVD box set of it coming out (...)

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As another year full of lolis soon comes to an end, it's naturally time for our final loli of the month - until 2010, that is. There would still be plenty of new faces (and flat chests) to chose from, but since Darker than Black made such an impressive return this autumn with its second season, this month's seal of approval goes to Yin. A fitting choice, too: a cool loli, for a cool season.

Overall, I'd say this has been the best year yet for studio Bones, whose other anime sequel - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - was also highly anticipated. I was also pleasantly surprised by their original series Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, with its powerful ending that caught me somewhat off-guard. I wish I could've said the same about Bones' Eureka Seven movie from earlier this year, but my hopes for that one turned out to be much too high.

The studio's last animation production of 2009 was (...)

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10 guys and 1 chick make up the latest batch of poor bastards caught by Japan's long hand of the law, over charges of illegal uploading of copyrighted content on the Internet - most notably anime, games, movies and music. Some of the pirated anime titles include the ancient Ranma 1/2, Fresh Precure!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam 00, Dragon Ball Kai and Lucky Star, and the pseudo-victims' age ranges from 23- to 57-years old.

The arrests are likely to become more numerous starting from next year, because Japan's Copyright Law (which currently targets uploaders alone) will be toughened to also outlaw downloaders of pirated goodies, as of January 1, 2010. At least if they knowingly download such counterfeit content for the first time. (...)

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We love twins in anime. Well, who doesn't?! From the hordes of twins of all shapes and sizes from Futakoi, to the devious Shion-Mion couple from Higurashi, and - oh - let us not forget Kiss x Sis, among many, many others... we love them all (and apparently so do most of you, by the looks of a recent poll). But it always felt like there was something missing... something like... three loli "twins".

Minami-ke came close to that idea, with its three playful sisters of various ages. But if you absolutely must have a serving of loli triplets in your anime, then do look forward to Mitsudomoe - the newly announced TV anime adaptation based on a gag manga by Norio Sakurai, about three twin sisters in sixth grade. (...)

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All right, this is starting to get ridiculous. First it was Gonzo who announced the sequel to their best lolicon anime of 2008, back in March. Then, that very same month, there was a rumor claiming that Gonzo was no longer needed by publisher Kadokawa for animating Strike Witches 2. But by June, it appeared as if Gonzo would indeed be "the one", according to the inaugural issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Nyantype magazine.

Now, however, that same Nyantype magazine returns with an important update on the project, announcing that Gonzo is in fact being replaced by AIC (Anime International Company) as the animation studio behind the second season. Would anyone care to explain what the hell is going on here? As of September, Gonzo had already exhausted its decimated 2009 line-up. And without Strike Witches 2, it looks like 2010 could bring even more troubles for the struggling studio.

Fortunately, in this case, Gonzo's worries are not necessarily our worries. Even if (...)

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Some old news are still exciting, one week later. Such is the case with the recently announced anime Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor. This will be the 4th TV anime series based on Yuji Shiozaki's action-packed manga with an ever so fragile balance between ass-kicking and boobs-bouncing, otherwise known as Battle Vixens.

Ikkitousen XX is expected to begin airing in Japan from April 2010, but an early glimpse at it will be offered this December at the Comic Market 77 event, as a teasing "Volume 0 DVD". The project is animated by studio TNK in collaboration with studio ARMS (who animated the previous chapters), and GENCO is producing it.

The main novelty, in case you were wondering who that brown-haired chick above is, (...)

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We were quick to pick Miki, the upcoming Vocaloid character, as our loli of the month this November. But what we didn't know then, is that the same company (AH-Software) will be launching a total of 3 Vocaloid / Voiceroid lolis (plus another 2 male characters, which we'll pretend to know nothing about). Date of birth: December 4, 2009.

So then, Miki's full name now appears to be SF-A2 Kaihatsu Code Miki, and the other two lolis are even more flat, quite disturbingly so: Kaai Yuki, an elementary school girl; and Voiceroid Tsukuyomi Ai, a 5-year-old girl - from right to left in the picture above.

That said, we've just updated our Vocaloid gallery with the latest in terms of Miki and Kaai Yuki drooling material. (...)

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