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Before getting to the point (i.e. the blushing loli below), let's be done with the generic Ghibli stuff. Two more anime shorts are being created by the veteran studio for its Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Museum from Tokyo, to be shown there between November 20 and May 2011. The shorts are called Pan-Dane to Tamago-Hime (Yeast and Princess Egg) and Takara-Sagashi (Treasure Hunting). ANN has some additional details about these, and about some other fluffy stuff that's up for groping at said museum.

Next we have a Yumeiro Patissiere short anime film, subtitled Mune Kyun Tropical Island!. This one will be screened this summer at the "Natsu Doki- Ribon-kko Party 5" event, toured around Japan by Shueisha's Ribon magazine, starting from July 30. The same event is also screening a Hiyokoi short anime film, based on a shoujo romantic school comedy manga by Moe Yukimaru.

Now, about that loli... (...)

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Some new anime release dates came to light over the weekend, including one that we've had to update quite a few times in our database over the last year, due to its repeated - and always vague - delays. I'm talking about the Iron Man anime that's coming from studio Madhouse, the first one in a series of 4 adaptations based on Marvel's comics (Wolverine, X-Men and Blade will follow... hell knows when).

So then, for whoever was impressed by that Iron Man anime teaser, mark your calendar: October 1, 2010 is when the anime will begin airing on Japan's Animax channel. However, the anime's first episode will enjoy an early world premiere at this summer's Comic-Con International from San Diego (July 22-25).

July 1 is another newly announced release date, to be shared by the upcoming (...)

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Again with some delay, compared to their usual "day-one" streams, Crunchyroll announced that they will begin simulcasting the ongoing magical-girls anime series Lilpri (Little Princess), officially known as Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri. TMS Entertainment is adapting it based on some trading card game, and it's been airing in Japan since April 4.

Starting with this week's episode 9, CR is streaming each episode one hour after its nipponic premiere, in HD, for premium subscribers. Like with their other shows, the free streaming in standard definition and with advertisements will follow one week later. The countries covered by CR's license for Lilpri are (...)

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Stepping into the spotlight with this kind of news, about a potential sale of FUNimation Entertainment by its parent corporation Navarre, may not have had the desired effect at first. Especially after all the recent closures and staff cuts that dented the North American anime / manga licensing industry. But as more reports and comments emerged from FUNi over the weekend, fans are assured that everything is still A-OK.

Through its official blog and again in an ANN interview with CEO Gen Fukunaga today, FUNi emphasizes that selling the company would benefit both Navarre and FUNimation. Navarre would use the capital to focus on its core business (which is mainly about software publishing and distribution, not anime), and FUNimation would partner with someone else who better knows how to manage the co-production of original anime content, social networks and digital broadcasting - which is what FUNi needs to focus on, in order to "get to the next level".

A cheap, "fire sale", however, is out of the question. Nobody is in any rush to (...)

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Sure enough, a new sales record for Japan has been set. With 195,000 Blu-ray Discs already sold yesterday (the remaining 124,000 being DVD copies), the home video edition of Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance has dwarfed even the "Michael Jackson's This Is It" documentary film's record Blu-ray sales in Japan, of 122,000 copies. Furthermore, it completely obliterated the former anime record holder for Blu-ray sales - Gundam Unicorn's first volume, which only sold 56,000 copies in the first week; let alone the first day...

A question still begs itself, however: whatever happened to the other 500,000 pre-orders, from those "over 800,000" that had been received by early May? Or, rather, conveniently estimated by King Records - the film's home video distributor in Japan. It's possible that some have switched their pre-orders from this Japanese version, over to that recently announced Honk Kong version. It's not only cheaper, but even has multiple audio tracks and subtitles, including English subs. (...)

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Crunchyroll kicked off a "Daily Deals" series of discounts today, with the first such offer being a Death Note bookend statue set featuring the Shinigami death god character Ryuk in "stunning 3-D". Like all daily offers to follow, this too is only available until midnight (PST) or until the special stock runs out - whichever comes first.

Today's Death Note resin bookend statue is said to be worth $32, but CR is offering it for $15 to regular users, or $10 to Premium members. Shipping charges within the U.S. are around $5.00, and countries eligible for each daily deal will vary by product. Below you'll find a few more pictures of this kick-off deal, along with (...)

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Child prostitution is about the get another serious blow in the nuts, or at least that's what Japanese officials are hoping. The forever increasing number of shady "matchmaking" cafes and love hotels that are not exactly love hotels are pressuring the authorities into revising the law that regulates such things.

Across Japan, one may encounter around 3590 such Cupid-struck facilities that do not meet the standards required by the current law, but are probably designed for solid orgy entertainment - and most of these establishments are situated in areas that prohibit adult entertainment. Like, near schools.

The matchmaking cafes are also considered to be a root of all that is evil, especially with regards to child prostitution, the authorities confirming that (...)

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After completely missing the point with Alice in Wonderland, highly appreciated (by some) director Tim Burton now eyes Mai the Psychic Girl, an 1985 adventurous manga created by Kazuya Kudo and Ryoichi Ikegami. The history between Burton and the said manga seems to have deeper roots than one would originally think, with the production rights jumping back and forth between him and Sony since the late 1980s.

Now, after wrapping up his latest disappointingly non-loli project, Burton has all the time in the world to focus his skills on bringing Mai to the big screen, probably along with some very cutely designed backgrounds, a talking goth cat and a pink mushroom. Let's just hope Johnny Depp stays out of this one.
Ahhh, Go... that brings back memories. I must've been around 11 when I first played this board game, thanks to my late father (seems the Japan obsession runs in the family). Of course, it's one thing to start playing at that age - and never get anywhere - and a whole 'nother thing to become the youngest professional Go player at 11 years of age. And a damn cute loli, at that!

As Mainichi Daily News informs us, Rina Fujisawa now holds that distinction, after passing the qualifying exam for professional Go players in February, and debuting in the preliminary round of the 20th Ryusei Tournament on Monday. She is a sixth-year elementary school student from Tokyo, and the youngest first-dan professional on record.

Her obsession for Go also seems to run in the family, (...)

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And the anime-news-of-the-day award goes to... Koe de Oshigoto!. Originally it's a comedy / ecchi manga about a girl who is asked to become an eroge seiyuu on her 16th birthday, by her older sister who works at an eroge company. Sounds a bit like Rec meets Working!!... And with an average number of exclamation marks, too.

The anime adaptation Koe de Oshigoto! (literally meaning Voice Work!, by the way) is being announced in the latest issue of the Comic Gum magazine, where the manga has been serialized since May 2008 - just in time for its second anniversary. The manga is authored by Azure Konno, and so far it's been compiled into 3 volumes.

The 4th manga volume will be released this July, and its limited edition will bundle (...)

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