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Nooooes! Japan is out. I hope you're proud of yourself, Paraguay: you made Chiyo-chan cry!

Japan Is Out
Unfortunately I'm running late with my preparations for next week's trip to the mountains, so before signing out, I only have enough time for a bare-bones listing of all the anime newsbits that have caught my eye over the past 10 days or so. Feel free to click the pretty pink links below for extra details about each announcement.

Anime News Round-up, June 2010

Sekirei: Pure Engagement's unaired episode 0 will be bundled on the BD / DVD volume 1, out on August 25. New trailers here and here. The second season starts airing this July 4.

A new anime is coming in 2011 or 2012 from director Yutaka Yamamoto (Kannagi, Suzumiya Haruhi, Lucky Star).

A Gakuen Hakkenden boys-love anime adaptation was announced.

A Heroman anime short will be included on the series' BD / DVD volume 2, out on September 22. The 3-minute short will be called "Portent", and it will present an "unseen new side" of the main characters Joey and Lina. (...)

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In the last week of slacking, several news about live-action movies (and a TV drama) have crossed my interwebs browsing paths, while piling up tons of anime news for a similar "round-up" post - that one will be coming up shortly after this.

To start off, we've just uploaded a "proof of concept" trailer for a CG-heavy live-action movie project called Samurai, which is being planned by a small team headed by Jerry O'Flaherty (Gears of War art director). The film's style mimics that of 300, but uses the Unreal 3 game engine to render the props and environments. Twitch has a bit more info on the project, if you're interested.

Live-Action News Round-up, June 2010

Next, ANN had a minor update about the live-action TV drama Moyashimon, based on the manga of the same title authored by Masayuki Ishikawa, which previously had an anime adaptation in 2007. The drama's official website posted a third preview trailer (click the pink thingie in the menu at the bottom), ahead of its July 8 TV debut in Japan, as the first live-action series on the Fuji TV's popular late-night Noitamina timeslot. The story is about (...)

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Those optimistic predictions from earlier this month came true a few days ago: Tokyo's proposed "nonexistent youths" bill was indeed defeated in the full Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, on June 16, after having been voted down in the assembly's more limited General Affairs Committee a couple of days earlier. Not only is this a reassuring victory for Japanese artists, publishers, and ultimately us degenerates consumers, but it's also the first time in 22 years that a bill submitted by a Tokyo governor is defeated in the assembly.

Tokyo's 2D Loli Bill Defeated

So, for now, youngsters under the age of 18 can go about their loli / shota business, and delight themselves with sexual depictions of "nonexistent youths" in manga and anime form, among other fictionalized forms. In Tokyo, anyway. And at least until the assembly's September session, when the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under governor Ishihara plans to re-introduce the bill in a revised, third version (...)

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Looks like MangaHelpers is the first scanlation-aggregator website to willingly comply with the threatening (though still informal) requests made by the recently formed multi-national manga anti-piracy coalition, as it agrees to remove all unauthorized / pirated scanlations and raw manga from its website. At the same time, they are announcing a shift of focus towards a new - and legal - manga publishing platform, called OpenManga.


Despite what certain other reports may indicate, the folks from MangaHelpers have not announced any plans to shut down their website, but on the contrary: they hope to "continue to be a hub for translators to collaborate, learn and receive feedback on their work and linguistic skills", and plan to improve their translators and scanlators services, by focusing more on the learning and teaching aspect. Which is rather ironic: training future generations of potentially-pirating scanlators, but not actually hosting their scanlations. Not anymore...

As of today, they have disabled public access to (...)

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It's been a while since we last bothered managed to find the time for this, in our oh-so-busy schedule. But today we can finally resume our "Loli of the month" series, after a night of coding a new gallery mass-uploading system. Its first test-run produced over 700 pictures of K-ON!'s Azusa Nakano / Azu-nyan, all carefully selected (albeit not properly tagged yet... the horror... the horror...). Feel free to inspect them for your personal pleasure, as well as to estimate - and vote for - Azu-nyan's level of "loliness".

Azusa Nakano - Loli of the month, June 2010

While you're at it (voting, that is), our Loli-Tops section now also features a new anime top, self-explainingly called "Best pink haired anime loli", and a new poll asking for your opinion about American financed / branded anime (in the top right after the link). Just remember that every time you vote for "They're cool, there should be more of them", a little boy is born instead of a girl in Japan!

Now, about those pink-haired candidates... You may be wondering why there's no Lala from To-Love Ru!, or Moka from Rosario to Vampire, or whatever big-busted pink-haired (...)

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The first 4 episodes of Queen's Blade have suddenly popped up on Crunchyroll last night, without much fuss, other than a forum post there highlighting the news. The streams are made available by the North American publisher Media Blasters, who already has a few other live-action and anime titles streaming on CR, including High School Girls (a.k.a. Girls High / Joshikousei), Kite Liberator and Ramen Fighter Miki.

Queen's Blade gallery

Mind you, there is no indication in their post that the complete Queen's Blade series will be added soon (if ever), and in fact free users will have to wait another month before they can even watch episodes 2, 3 and 4 - which are currently reserved for members only. The first episode is available to "everyone right now for free" - that is, everyone living in the US or Canada.

A warning about this being a "mature title, so viewer discretion is advised" is also included in their announcement, and so is the following story outline. (...)

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Another couple of release dates / timeframes are being announced today, for the upcoming anime series Mitsudomoe and Togainu no Chi. We can get the latter straight out of the way for now, however, as the updated release announced on the official Togainu no Chi website is just a vague "Fall 2010". Still better than the previous "TBA", though.

Mitsudomoe gallery

Regarding Mitsudomoe, we've been expecting it for this summer's anime season, and it shall not disappoint: the Japanese broadcast dates are now detailed on the AT-X channel's website, pinpointing this anime series' TV debut for July 5, 2010. In case you missed the initial announcement, this anime adaptation is created by newcomer studio Bridge, based on Norio Sakurai's gag manga Mitsudomoe, about three mischievous sisters in sixth grade. Triplets, at that!

A new Mitsudomoe trailer was also uploaded locally today, and since all good things come in three (loli "twins" included), we'll also expand our gallery for the anime in just a bit. So don't go too far... Update: There we go, the Mitsudomoe gallery just got bigger.
I've been meaning to slip a reminder somewhere around here, about next month's eroge-to-anime adaptation Shukufuku no Campanella, and today I found a good enough pretext to do just that. Actually, make that two: first, Marvelous Entertainment's official website for the anime has been updated with the Japanese broadcast schedule for the first episode. Campanella's TV debut is thus set for this July 2 after midnight, on the Tokyo MX channel.

Shukufuku no Campanella gallery

Second, publisher Kadokawa - who's been serializing the manga adaptation in its Comptiq magazine - has just opened an official website for an upcoming PSP game version, aptly titled Shukufuku no Campanella Portable. It's currently set for a September 30, 2010 release, and presumably it will retain the original's visual novel gameplay, minus the ero content.

And as a final recap, here's a story outline, complete with explanatory screenshots (...)

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Another odd choice of Western brand to receive an anime adaptation announcement this week is Supernatural, the American drama / horror live-action TV series that began in 2005. Through a newly opened official website and various other reports from Japan, it has been revealed that studio Madhouse will create a 22-episode OVA series called Supernatural The Animation for a January 2011 debut on Blu-ray and DVD.

Supernatural The Animation

Warner Bros. will release the anime's first two episodes on January 12, 2011 through its Warner Home Video label, followed by two season-length "boxes" packing the remaining episodes. "Box 1" (episodes 3-12) will be out on February 2, and "Box 2" (episodes 13-22) on April 6, 2011. Mind you, these are the Japanese release dates, but I wouldn't be surprised if the English version will be out around the same time - like it happened with (...)

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