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This weekend brings the announcement of an upcoming TV anime series based on the Yumekui Merry manga, as revealed in the September issue of Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara Forward magazine (via ANN). The manga is authored by Yoshitaka Ushiki and, since its 2008 debut, four compiled volumes have been released.

Yumekui Merry gallery

ANN offers the general story outline below, while our local Yumekui Merry gallery already offers a preliminary batch of artworks and fanarts featuring the flat-chested loli Merry Nightmare, scraped from the farthest and darkest corners of the internets. (...)

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And here's the July round-up, hastily compiled from my last few hundreds of unread stories from ANN, as usual. So now that we're up-to-date on the anime news front, all that's left is to process a huge pile of trailers that emerged around the webs over the last month, and add them locally. Easier said than done! ...*deep inhale*...

Kami Sen. lolis

Pokemon: Best Wishes - set as the new TV anime series' title. Begins this autumn.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi - an anime DVD featuring a 20-minute episode will be bundled with limited editions of the boys-love manga's 5th volume - out on January 5, 2011. The upcoming TV anime series is still not dated, it seems.

Kuroshitsuji II - the anime series' second DVD volume will also include an OVA episode called "Ciel in Wonderland (Part I)". Volume 2 will be out this October 27.

Cyborg Salaryman Mecha Afro-kun - an anime DVD was announced for this September 3, based on a gag comedy manga by Yuusaku Hanakuma. The dude is writing, directing and animating the anime himself.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - the TV series' final episode revealed that a new movie is in the works. This will be the second FMA anime film, after (...)

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Another summer, another trip to the mountains, another "radio silence" here on Animekon... Say, there wouldn't happen to be any anime editor volunteers out there, would there?... Well, it was worth a shot. So getting back to work, it looks like there's enough overdue stuff piled up in our backyard, since that mid-June anime news round-up, to warrant not just one, but two more round-ups. This one covers the final days of June, and the next one will move on to the July novelties. Not to mention the new anime season swinging into gear these days.

Love Live! anime

The first 22 minutes of last month's anime film Welcome to the Space Show are still being streamed on YouTube by Aniplex, with English subtitles. That alien Puchi is such a pedobear! Or is it pedodog?

The anime series Durarara!! will be extended with a "DVD-exclusive episode 25", which will be included on the final DVD volume (#13), releasing in February 2011. Author Narita said that it "will not be the story's finale as such, but a bonus epilogue".

The furry CG animation series Cat Shit One begun streaming this July 17, as announced in that new trailer that we've uploaded earlier this month. Between then and September 20, the first 22-minute episode of Cat Shit One is streamed for free on IDA Entertainment's YouTube channel, but sadly only in Japan.

Infinite Stratos, originally a "high-speed school battle romantic comedy" light novel (...)

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