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One particular "old news is so exciting" that still deserves a mentioning here, late as it may be, was last month's announcement of several new Aquaplus games. The three most prominent of them being the Utawarerumono 2 and Tears to Tiara 2 sequels - both for the PlayStation 3 - and a certain game called Jasmine, with an original story written by Yuuichi Suzumoto (scenario writer for Air, Clannad and Planetarian).

Utawarerumono 2, Jasmine, Tears to Tiara 2

Regarding those tentatively titled sequels, ANN reports that both of them will take place in the same world as their respective predecessors. Utawarerumono 2 is being designed and directed by Tatsuki Amazuyu (ToHeart2 artist), while Tears to Tiara 2 will feature new main characters designed by doujinshi artist Tatami Honjou. You can see an initial artwork (...)

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Between that damn flu-truck running me over last month, the ensuing pill(ow)s abuse, and the various experimental treatments for which I've been volunteering this past week, it looks like I'm finally cured and once again in working condition... more or less. So, back to work!

This year's anime remake ThunderCats is slowly revealing itself: after the first design image surfaced last month, a new official artwork was revealed by writer Todd Casey - as can be seen below - and more details have also been shared via an MTV interview. The remake is in the works at Studio 4C, and it will premiere on Cartoon Network in 2011.

ThunderCats remake

The corporate manga Shima Kousaku is being made into a "somewhat unusual anime". Kenshi Hirokane has been authoring said manga since 1983, with a story that follows the rise of a Japanese executive from a mere section chief, to company president.

The gambling manga Kaiji will receive a 2nd anime series, this time following the "Chika Chinchiro" and "Pachinko Numa" stories from Nobuyuki Fukumoto's manga (whose first anime adaptation aired in 2007-2008). The new anime begins airing this April 5.

Studio Ghibli's latest anime film Karigurashi no Arrietty (Arrietty the Borrower) has (...)

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