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Last update - Jun 13, 22:27 GMT (17:27 EST, 14:27 PST)

Through a series of reports that began emerging earlier this month, a new Gundam anime project has quickly been revealing itself, as a co-production between the series' traditional studio Sunrise and... game developer Level-5, whose president Akihiro Hino is in charge of the story for this 8th incarnation of the long-running Gundam franchise. The project - titled Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - is being created as a TV anime series that's set to begin airing in Japan from October 2011.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Today's latest novelties about the project are twofold. First, it turns out that Level-5 is not only creating the story for the anime, but also a Gundam AGE RPG of some sort. (...)

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Testing, testing... is this rusty text editor still working?...

All right then! So for our first news story in nearly four months, I just have to recall that Dengeki Bunko Magazine scan from last week, at long last revealing an official premiere timeframe for the third Shakugan no Shana TV anime series: Fall 2011. In other words, the new season will begin airing in Japan from this October, bearing the fatalistically terminal title Shakugan no Shana III (Final).

Shakugan no Shana III (Final) gallery

Like the first two anime seasons and the complementary movie and OVA, this latest anime is once again being created by (...)

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