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While waiting for a trailer to show us how this April's TV anime series Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san will look like in motion, we are being teased with the first batch of screenshots from studio Xebec's adaptation, posted on the anime's official website (and, naturally, also ripped-off below). The anime is based on the "high-tension, chaotic comedy" light novels authored by Manta Aisora, with alluring illustrations by Koin (Kanokon).

Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san

Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san is planned to start airing from April 2012. And judging by these here pics, it will mark a huge leap forward in terms of quality, compared to (...)

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The official and legal manga portal website, self-advertised as the first of its kind, has finally opened its virtual doors to manga fans worldwide. The site was first launched back in August 2011, but at that time it was only available in North America. From now on, however, it can be accessed internationally - a "momentous occasion in manga history", as they so modestly call it.

In celebration of this expansion, JManga will be holding a special promotion, so that those who sign-up for a paid subscription by March 4 will receive (...)

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The third-and-final OVA in the Tales of Symphonia series is being extended with a third-and-final episode, as evidenced on the anime's official website since last night. The OVA's first volume was released this past November, and so far its remaining two volumes have yet to receive a fixed release date.

Tales of Symphonia: The United World Episode

Tales of Symphonia: The United World Episode, as this third OVA adaptation is called, follows two previous anime adaptations: (...)

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Last update - Feb 27, 21:57 GMT (16:57 EST, 13:57 PST)

A new TV series of anime shorts called Gakkatsu! is being announced by NHK, for an April 3 debut on the broadcaster's digital channel 1seg 2. The series seems to be animated in Flash, with Rareko (Yawaraka Sensha, Chi-Sui Maru) directing, writing the screenplay, and creating music for this new "debate comedy" anime.


Each episode will be about 5-minutes short, and it will cover a different bizarre topic being discussed by a junior high school class, as part of their classroom activities. (...)

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Studio A-1 Pictures is keeping itself rather busy these days, with yet another anime project being announced today. It's an upcoming TV anime series titled From the New World, and it's based on Yuusuke Kishi's speculative-fiction novel known in Japan as Shin Sekai Yori. Several staff and cast members are already mentioned in the linked report, unlike the anime's release date, which has yet to be revealed.

From the New World

ANN also provides a translated synopsis for the novel's story, which goes like this... (...)

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No fair! Such a huge anime announcement, for such a... least interesting series, for this here writer (understandably so, I should say). But, eh! To anyone and everyone out there who's been enjoying the Hakuouki bishounen anime and/or games franchise, rejoyce! For no less than 3 new anime projects have been announced today - or four, if you count both parts of the upcoming two-part film. But first things first!

Hakuouki 3

As announced today at an event in Yokohoma, the first new Hakuouki anime is actually an extension of last year's OVA Hakuouki Sekkaroku, with a 6th episode that covers (...)

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The official website of Nazo no Kanojo X has been updated with the airing dates of this upcoming TV anime series. From among the various networks on which it will air in Japan, TV Tokyo will be the first to broadcast it, startin from April 7. Studio Hoods Entertainment is animating it, based on Riichi Ueshiba's romantic comedy manga series also known as Mysterious Girlfriend X.

Nazo no Kanojo X

Also revealed this week was a Nazokano X OVA adaptation, which has been listed by some online retailers for an August 23, 2012 release, bundled on DVD with (...)

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Last update - Feb 28, 05:27 GMT (00:27 EST, 21:27 PST)

The latest Pokemon games have just been announced by Game Freak's Junichi Masuda, who appeared on Sunday morning's Pokemon Smash TV show in Japan to reveal a pair of sequels for the Nintendo (3)DS. They are Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 - collectively known as Pokemon Black & White 2 - and they're planned for simultaneous release over there in June 2012.

Pokemon Black & White 2 artwork

A teasing official website is up already, offering little more than the above key visual image of the two contrasting sequels. The names of their respective Legendary Pokemon (...)

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Last update - Feb 26, 06:16 GMT (01:16 EST, 22:16 PST)

A photo of a poster that's surfacing today from the Japanese blogosphere finally reveals the premiere date for the upcoming anime film sequel Nanoha Movie 2nd A's: July 14, 2012. As announced way back in 2010, this will be a sequel to that year's anime film Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st - the first movie in the franchise - likewise created by studio Seven Arcs.

Nanoha Movie 2nd A's

Below you can see both the latest version of the poster for Nanoha Movie 2nd A's, alongside its older, more decent looking version, which was still listing the film for a vague (...)

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Although we're still not being told when to expect the upcoming anime Ebiten, or even what kind of format the adaptation will take, for that matter, we do have one little thing to pique our interest today: a collection of artworks depicting how the main characters will look like in the anime. See them further down below, courtesy of 0takomu, with translations from CR.

Ebiten gallery

For more artworks, both official and fan-arts, feel free to drop by the local Ebiten gallery - grand opening today! The anime, fully titled (...)

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