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At first, they were just two bumps, but they started to grow quickly, and after a month there were two wings," she said. Feng, of Xianyang city, Shaanxi province, says the wings, which contain bones, make her pet look like a 'cat angel'. Her explanation is that the cat sprouted the wings after being sexually harassed. "A month ago, many female cats in heat came to harass him, and then the wings started to grow," she said. However, experts say the phenomenon is more likely down to a gene mutation, and say it shouldn't prevent the cat living a normal life.

My Mangle crits for 1500.


If you didn't know, the Japanese Foreign Minister, Tarō Asō, is a huge manga fan. He may even have a stash of good quality manga porn in his office, though he ain't sharing it. After some political cabinet meeting recently, among various stuff that may concern Japan's economical or social well being, the said minister announced the creation of the International Manga Award, specially designed for artists outside the country. From his words, this is intended to be the „Nobel Prize of Manga", and one of it's purposes is to increase (if still needed) the popularity of Japanese pop culture among foreigners. I'd increase my Tsukuyomi Moon Phase collection myself, if not for the awful shipping fees. And for the fact that good Hazuki porn is hard to come by.
As my drunken pedo comrade once said during one of his few sober moments (yes, that was pretty long ago), you can't learn a country's language without learning its history. So here's a bit of a BBC history lesson for you all, via Anime Online.

As a respectable anime / manga fan, you surely know that the Japanese writing borrows quite a few... thousands of cryptic ideographs (a.k.a. kanji) from the Chinese language, most of which are "pretty old" to say the least. Contrary to popular belief, however, the kanji writing may be even older than 4,500 years, as was previously estimated by highly esteemed academic dudes. That belief has recently been shattered to oblivion by a bunch of Chinese archaeologists, who discovered pictorial symbols dating back 8,000 years (that's nearly over nine tousand!!), on cliff faces in the north-west of the country.

One of the "cliff carving experts" (sounds like a fun job) said that they found "some symbols shaped like both pictures and characters", failing to mention what kind of kinky pictures they actually represented. Humankind's oldest profession does come to mind, though... And I'm not talking about cosplaying.

Now, if only these damn kanji were 14 years old, learning them would be so much more enjoyable!

The only thing gayer than a loser anime character such as Negima, would will be a real-life Negima. With that in mind, you are free to receive this news any way you like it; but before you hump jump to any conclusion, let's be honest here and admit that the anime did have some good parts as well. About 30 good, young, juicy parts (multiplied by 2 or 3, depending on how many of their... parts you enjoyed), all of which will be turned into real-life actresses, in the upcoming Negima! live-action movie.

That's right, the movie was finally confirmed this week, after actress Ai Tanimoto "leaked" the news (and various other things) on her blog back in March. The creator of the Negima manga, Ken Akamatsu, announced on his blog that a live-action adaptation is currently in the works, and it will probably premiere in 2008.

According to ANN's understandings from a Moon Phase report, "he also discusses the overwhelming experience of casting 31 "3D" girls for the story's all-female class".

I wouldn't mind having an "overwhelming experience" with 31 japanese girls, no sir!

On a more serious note today, since this shit is actually... serious. Word is that the anime industry in Japan is starting to sink worse than than Titanic with two Leonardo di Caprios aboard. Due, of course, to several issues concerning income, low-to-very bad DVD sales, even among the dedicated fans, be it abroad or in Japan itself. So what is for the big bad ass companies to do, when things are getting so grim? For once, it looks like Schwarzeneggerian producers like Madhouse Studios or Production I.G. decided to nicely put their drawing pencils on the desk and to start flirting with famous Hollywood movie studios, in an attempt to create live action remakes after some of their best shows. One of the first products to receive such a treatment is, of course (as all would have expected it), Ghost in the Shell from I.G., plus two more titles from Madhouse, whose names are not yet known to mankind. The Hollywood aroma is added to the mix, probably to fit well with some of the more strange American tastes, and their love for exquisite violence and special John Woo effects.

While some turn their eyes towards the American public, others are opting for new and improved financing agreement. For the new Appleseed Ex Machina, par example, both production companies have signed some sort of profit sharing contract with the animation studios, instead of the usual upfront payment. Another profit sharing idea is used now by the studio behind the upcoming Genius Party, with the goods being shared between the seven artists who are working hard to put the show up together.

The main problem seems to be circling around wages - since these tend to be pretty low when it comes to the animation department, many folks leave the anime sector in favor of a better job in the gaming industry. Now, we all know that the quality of recent anime shows, with certain exceptions, is decreasing compared to what we used to see in the past years. Just take a look at all the productions that got high ratings recently: nothing but mediocre. I hope this turns out for the better.

A recent study confirmed that no less than 92 percent of the young fifth graders in Japan are in the possesion of a videogame console, be it connected to their television set, or, why not, to some sort of portable devices. Ain't it cute? I bet most of them are little girls, and they like to have all sorts of fun using the Nintendo DS Picto Chat. Now, since I have one nice looking DS too, why not having a little fun also... certainlynotpedo will be my nickname, search me up! (if you are under 16).


Straight from the mouths of ANN:
Earlier this week, a group of anime bootleggers in Hong Kong was sentenced by local authorities to 42 months in prison after it was caught in an investigation that took place in January 2005. The private Japanese industry group Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) announced the sentence to the press. CODA was formed in 2005 to fight the piracy of Japanese media, DVDs, and other content in foreign countries.
The bootleggers were caught by local investigators from the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (C&ED). The bootleggers were in possession of over 40,000 pirated DVDs of the Gundam anime and other anime content.
Currently, the Hong Kong C&ED is motioning to seize assets totaling 40 million Hong Kong Dollars (over 5 million US Dollars) possessed by the leader of the bootlegging group. However, this process has been delayed as the party charged with the crime awaits an appeal, citing an unfair verdict.
This announcement comes two months after another arrest by the Hong Kong C&ED where four bootleggers were arrested for pirating Astro Boy DVDs and other anime.

Now this is what happens when you try to be a pirate. Only Stephanie should ever be allowed to be a Pirate. At least untill she turns 18. On a sidenote, 42 months is like 3,5 years (yeah, all praise my uber elite math skills), and it seems to me a bit too short for the charge of piracy. In other countries, gaming piracy is punishable with much more than that (up to 10 years in the U.S.), plus a special and confortable jail room filled with horny black people who like to take showers. In the ass.
Here are some nice news for all of you that sport Blu-Ray and HD DVD stuff in their bedroom - Bandai Visual has posted the schedule for some disc releases of their biggest (in some's oppinion) titles ever. So, we have Wings of Honneamise and Patlabor I coming to a store near you in both Blue-Ray and HD DVD on july 27, with Akira to be released on the same date, Blue-Ray only though. 24 August will be a happy happy day for those who enjoy Patlabor 2, Ghost in The Shell or Steamboy, but be warned, most of these will be delivered only in Blu-Ray. Then, on 25 September, stay tuned for releases of Avalon and Jin-Roh. Also on Blu-Ray only.

This is discrimination. I want more HD DVD releases, because Sony sucks.
Square Enix Party 2007 brought lots of good news for gamers. Or at least it should have had. Among others, the company announced the development of some "complete" Advent Cildren edition for the Blu-ray disc. Some screenies can be spotted on this here website, while we await for an official release date. I really hope extra content involves more Aeris. Please add Aeris flashbacks, please.
The ninth sequel to the by_now_pretty_famous Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, entitled The Surprise Sex with of Suzumiya Haruhi, has been pushed back from a release date in June 1, to a galaxy far far away. The reason called for this move involves "various circumstances", though they refuse to elaborate about this (or to tell us about Mikuru's new underwear wardrobe). Alongside this, the tenth volume of Ghost Hunt was also delayed, from May 25 to the same galaxy far far away. Ghost Hunt is surprisingly good, actually.
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