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No comment on this one, he is my getto hero. And i don't intend to get into that "he's black, he's white" small talk. Of course he is black. He has raped more underaged chicks than I will ever do. That bastard.

Do you often play with your balls? It is just a fair question, because these little boys seem to enjoy themselves with the beautiful art of ballplaying. Furthermore, little girls seem to develop quite a skill playing with balls. Must be really fun. For the girls. So much fun that they tend to become exhausted after - perfect surprise sex timing for everybody.


Satou is a god damned nazi dressed up like an innocent school boy. I can see through his disguise, yes I can. He has an evil plan to cover all the girls with various fluids, while pretending to be totally helpless when Chika tries to rape him. Oh yes, Chika. She is a nymphomaniac, a lesbian and of course, a pervert little girl. Under that cute face, there lies a great lust for carnal pleasures. I wonder what is the real target for this show, as it is turning into a lovely undercovered porn series.



>  Continue reading 'Today in Class 5-2 Episode 2'...

Synch-Point has good news for us anime fans. It seems they will be releasing FLCL: The Ultimate Edition somewhere on 21 November. For a spicey 70 USD, you can get the full series, some useless director's commentary, a sticker sheet, postcards, and more.


- Collector's box
- All 6 episodes on 3 DVD discs
- Director's Commentary
- Storyboard Comparison
- Image Gallery
- FLCL Test Type (Animation from FLCL, music by the Pillows)
- And MORE!

Bonus items include:
- FLCL T-Shirt Postcard (Redeemable for one (1) t-shirt, size Small - XL)
- Sticker Sheet featuring all FLCL Logos (9 stickers)
- Postcard Set featuring robots from FLCL (6 postcards)
- FLCL Ultimate Book featuring translation notes, English voice actor interviews, manga scenes, and more!


Sounds nice, and I might just pre-order this baby. Oh yeah, by the way, if you don't know what FLCL is, you should be shot on the spot. And then raped by horses.

Oh noez! For all you children out there who still mindlessly believe that Crocodile Hunter was not a fake, and that the blonde guy raping animals was actually hugging rabid bears and fingering horny chupacabras, I have a terrible, terrible news. The dude got wasted. As in viciously murdered by a short-tail stingray (a notorious criminal wanted in 67 american states for raping little girls with his... tail). Don't worry folks, the killer is behind bars, has confessed his crime and now he awaits divine judgement, some boxes of candy and new tail. He'll probably be sentenced to life in a gay prison, where his ass will be raped several times a day by a mob of hairy, sweaty and horny inmates. I really don't like to make fun of people dying (not always, at least), but mister Steve was looking for it. With a candle, a flashlight, a torch, and the fucking flame of the Statue of Liberty. Well, I guess he learned the meaning of "YOU NO TAKE CANDLE!"
He ain't gonna be jamming his thumb in any buttholes now, really. Rest in peace, my australian friend. If you need anyone to take care of your lovely young daughter, tell God to give me a call. I'm in his book, next to "retarded".

Exclusive photos from the crime scene, brought to you by one of our underaged (and usually naked) artists (which are all girls, and their mommies agreed to let them perform oral sex work for us):

Ladies and gentelmen, due to a some haxxing viciously performed on our server, i cannot upload pictures of girls under 18 years old at the moment. I know what this means to you, it is harsh, but bearable. Until I shall be able to provide you with good quality screens, i leave you with this gay placeholder:

Occidental mothers should learn a few lessons from their Japanese counterparts. I read an article over at msn News, regarding asian parents, backing up their little daughters to "go for it", more exactly to pose in sexy outfits for fame and fortune. And the number of girls doing it, most of them pre-teens, is quite growing. Reading through some of the genitors' official statements made me chuckle, and also made me pray to God that my neighbor's mother, witch has a lovely young daughter of 13 years old, would reconsider her narrow-minded point of view when it comes up to underaged sexual harassment. Here goes:

"I've got a girl in junior high who tells me 'these fashions are the in thing' and 'everybody's wearing them.' I don't want to come down on her too hard, because if she's too different from the other kids around her, it could make life real tough for her," one 40-year-old mother says.

Those are the OTHER words for: "Sure thing, let the bitch get all the cocks she want, at least that will not affect her freaking SANITY".

"What's wrong with fashion that exposes a lot of skin?" a 36-year-old mom asks. "If the kids like it, let 'em wear it. I think it's kinda cute."

This one is a lolicon, I bet. She likes to see her daughter in all kinds of indecent poses. I kinda share her opinion, about the cuteness factor.

"If we got an offer for her to do a swimsuit photo shoot, of course I'd snap it up right away. With glee," Mizuno tells Josei Seven. "Nude shots and adult movies are out, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with swimsuit shots where she puts on sexy poses. The kids may be a bit embarrassed, but they've got to learn that this is their opening to the big time."

This one is certainly a pimp in her spare time, no doubt about it. The kids have got to learn that this is their OPENING for the BIG TIME. Hell, that opening is gonna be so big after a couple of years, that a whole american regiment, two KFC boxes of chicken, and my entire anime DVD collection could be lost in there. Sick people. The Full article, or how lolicons worship japanese mothers.

A worker at a building in Tokyo finally met his doom, after plunging like a blind horse full of sedatives into an open elevator shaft, supposedly believing that the said elevator has already arrived. Ok, now this is just something I cannot and will not belive, unless I would be bribed or blackmailed. There are certain theories that I would like to share with you about the common "oh dear, I stepped in an eight-story elevator, but, oops, it wasn't there yet" happenings. Because it happens a lot.

1. The man was totally wasted. Working in constructions tends to push people towards more... hedonistic activities, such as soaking their brains in alcohol, getting their heads in a half-filled barrel of cocaine or smoking pots until the famous pink little dots (in certain cases, famous little anime chicks) turn into Jan-Claude Van Damme wearing a tutu and dancing happily on WMCA.

2. The man committed suicide. Life is hard, no doubt about it. The family is poor, the tiny Japanese geisha wife cheats his ass with his twenty-five best friends, and his little girl that just turned 12 has signed an exclusivity contract with Hustler's most horny males.

3. The man was murdered. As in, pushed. By whom, it does not really matter, but a number of kick-ass motives can always be found, in such a busy little town like Tokyo. For once, there could be a big fortune the guy inherited from his late grandma, of witch he had absolutely no idea it existed. Angry mobs of relatives, mad on his good fortune, marched stealthed to his working place, making sure that he would sign his testament of good will and faith, before raping him and throwing him in the elevator shaft.

Enough ranting. What am I trying to say is that is NEARLY impossible for one to fall to death, just like that, without any viable explanation. I am imagining him, right now in Purgatory, being asked by some random pink diety how did he manage to perform such an astounding act of bravery. His answer? "I had lag, lolz."

This is freaking awsome. And no, it does not involve any underaged anime chick whatsoever. I've just found a neat japanese commercial for God Hand, a video game scheduled for release somewere in October for PS2. This is the second asian commercial related to games I've seen (and enjoyed), next to the "Coca Cola World of Warcraft asian teens dressed up like hawt elven chicks". This proves to me that God's (right) Hand doesn't do wanking all day long.

Clickie for the hilarious thinghy.

Legal notice: this is not news, this is just some random personal research my pedo comrade (no communist pun intended) made in his spare time. You know, spare time. When he is not too busy wanking on Chi-Chan. Or Midori-Chan. Or whatever wanking material he has, stashed away from outsiders. It's about the average lolicon's legal status in Hungary:
Legal status in Hungary
According to the latest definition of the act (Law 1997/LXXIII., Penal Code 195/A. §), "Production of Forbidden Pornography" is only forbidden if an underage person actually suffered through the production process. Due to this, any sort of graphics that were produced without using actual live models, or those using live models that were not sexually abused is legal. (Similarly it is legal if the resulting graphics is not original but a derivative of two or more pictures, in where the original picture of the underage person contains no matter violating the above paragraph of the Code. It does not need to bear any express label that the material was produced by any of those methods; and it is the task of the State to prove guilty, not of the defendant to prove innocent, which, with the recent developments in computer graphics, might be a burdensome if not impossible task.)

I don't really fancy Hungary - perhaps because I've seen too many of them, but this makes me rethink. Hard. In other words, US of A is bitching again through it's most intelligent president ever:
The Supreme Court of the United States decided in 2002, and affirmed in 2004, that previous prohibition of simulated child pornography under the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 was unconstitutional. (...) On 30 April 2003, President George W. Bush signed into law the PROTECT Act of 2003 (also dubbed the Amber Alert Law) which again criminalizes simulated child pornography.

Oh yes, and here is a map with the Age of Consent. Choose yer destination carefully.

Would ye hit that?

We interrupt this loli program to bring you a special, much appreciated feature in our lands of lore - booze. Yes, the pure, delightful, alcoholic beverages that bring up sparks of joy and happiness in any sane human's life. Seems like Japanese people enjoy this little bachic goodness too, since their (beautiful and full of lolitas) country is world's number six biggest beer consumer, and, of course, Asia's finest drunken bunch of weirdos. It is said that, back in the samurai days (samurai = devoted male specimens who would valiantly commit hara kiri if they would fail to hit on a little girl), beer was something of a tabu amongst the average folk, considered by many to be a strange liquid brewed in some of the foreigner enclaves on Japan territory. But, alas, that was about to change in the late 1800's when the little yellow people became curious about other stuff than their own and started absorbing other cultures, just like an anime freak would absorb delightful obscene videos of naked Miharu-Chan. Cherishing beer like some sort of a demi-god imported from Western countries (along with diseases, murderers, rapists, thieves and other categories us Europeans excel at), the government even set up its own brewery somewere in 1876. With the help of German drunktards brewmasters, of course. Beer is now treated in Japan even higher than their own national, strange, fluid, the one and only sake (witch, I must say, has quite a low concentration of alcohol for my corrupted and disoriented taste), but still, it is not treated as high as lolitas. Or at least we hope so.

Thus endeth the "Japanese people are a bunch of drunks" history lesson. Now you can leave this site more enlightened than ever.

There is this thingy in Japan called Nittelegenic, a group of four female celebrities that, at some point or another, start promoting stuff like swimsuits, strawberry-spotted lady underwear, or, why not, the occasional anime porn while they're at it. Well, this year, the famous quartet is composed of some damn fine lasses, Hitomi Aizawa, age 23, Hitomi Kitamura, age 21, Mikie Hara, age 19, and, of course, the almost-lolita of the year, Megumi Kusaba, age 17 (who won The special reader's prize in some beauty contest that I unfortunelly missed) . A very fine age. Now each of these girls promoted their individual swimsuit DVDs at some event held in Tokyo. Mmmm, swimsuits? Sounds good enough to hit. Featuring the hot babes in tiny bikinis and other very appealing pieces of clothing, the DVDs are priced somewere at around 4.000 yen, a preety reasonable amount of spendola, if you ask me, for any decent, hard working citizen that wants to spend his summer days drolling over women he won't possibly have. Ever.

Aizawa said: "You can watch me in a bath covered with bubbles!". I, for one, would cover her in bubbles, strawberry cream, banana shake, wine, and various other fluids, be it organic or no, if her heart so desires. Kitamura said she is wearing "a little, tiny dress" in the DVD (I really am starting to imagine now just how tiny). Hara mumbled something absolutely unthinkable about being herself in the video (this girl should really learn the meaning of cosplay - or better, underaged anime cosplay), while miss Lolita claims that her DVD (the one witch I would probably buy if I could somehow order it) shows different sides of her, such as the amusing Kusaba grown-up Kusaba, girlish Kusaba, energetic Kusaba, and grown-up Kusaba. I really don't bite on that grown-up part, but hey, life's a bitch.
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