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American fans of Dragonball video games were in a little pinch until now, since Funmination's deal with Atari for distribution rights in North America will end this year. Out of the shadows steps up Namco Bandai Games, which has recently confirmed a deal with Funmination for publishing DB games from 2010 until late 2014.

Since I quit writing about and following the gaming industry as thoroughly as I have before (well, except DS JRPGs), I have no figures at hand regarding the amount of success or fail such games have in North America. Nevertheless, knowing that Namco Bandai is not a company to rush into shady deals, and knowing that the Dragonball anime franchise is not something cowboys joke about, I take it things will go pretty smooth from now on. (...)

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As Dragonball Evolution's April 2009 premiere nears, more and more generic "stuff" arises, titillating the fans' excitement - at least those optimistic enough to believe in the success of a Hollywoodian live-action movie. Coming in March is an unimpressive PSP game based on the movie, as well as some horrendous-looking toys / action figures. They're not totally useless, though: they'll make for a great gift, if you really want to hurt somebody's feelings.

Anyway, that's not why I bothered digging up this topic. The real news this weeks comes straight from the mouth of ill-chosen leading actor Justin Chatwin (Goku), who revealed that there's already a script in place for a second Dragonball live-action movie. (...)

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Various news about live-action movies adapted from anime or manga caught my eye these days. And not because I'm looking forward to any of them (which I'm absolutely not... except maybe for the last one), but simply because of the titles and names involved: from Dragonball, Akira, Ninja Scroll and Oldboy, to DiCaprio, Spielberg and Will Smith.

The most resounding of them - the live-action Dragonball movie - has been the subject of our attention for more than a year. Yet its release date is still pretty far away, having slipped to 2009. Last time we mentioned it, the North American premiere was supposed to take place on April 10. But now... Hey, relax, we have good'ish news! According to IGN, 20th Century Fox pulled the release two days earlier, so now it's set for April 8, 2009. (Update: Dragonball movie trailer added locally)

Next up, we got Akira and Ninja Scroll. Both of these live-action adaptations are currently being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's company Appian Way. The good news is that he's not interested in "acting" in any of them, instead leaving that job to someone with more talent (should be real easy to find). The bad news is that the final script draft for the Akira movie will soon be done, so... brace yourselves!

Finally, we have Steven Spielberg teaming up with Will Smith - one of the very few black actors who can actually play. Their goal is to do a remake of the Korean movie "Oldboy" from 2003, which was based on the Japanese psychological thriller manga Old Boy, "about a man who was imprisoned for over a decade and now hunts down his mysterious former kidnappers to take revenge". Will Smith going into Shion-mode sounds mighty fine! Though I'm sure my comrade would rather see Jet Li in that role...
Well, one thing is for certain. The Dragonball anime series was very, very successful. Actually, it was over nine thousand. It was even aired in a crappy country such as mine, where the only things that give kids a boner is a naked Pikachu or some random Digimon figures. I also bet that the manga was nice.

And since this here thing was such a hit/hype over the ocean, in the absolutely sane nation of the United States, it was a matter of time until a company the size of 20th Century Fox would get the genius idea to turn it into a movie. Oh boy. We all know by now that the said movie, which sadly, I have to bet already that it will NOT be over nine thousand, will show up and indulge its audience on April 10. What we didn't know until today, is the fact that a trailer of the movie will be released, alongside the much awaited (by some) Max Payne movie, another craptastic piece of shit that will start airing on October 17.

There are some good things about the Dragonball movie, though. First of all, we have James Wong directing it. Ye, the same dude who did the work on The One (Jet Li pwnage). Other than that, we have Chow Yun (extremely) Fat, plus some other random dudes and dudettes that appeared in stuff like War of The Worlds, Buffy, Smallville, and other would-be productions like these.

I await the trailer with the outmost impacience. Thanks, Coming Soon, for teh scoop.
- The Death Note-based live-action movie L change the WorLd will be screened at this year's New York Asian Film Festival, during June 20 - July 6. And so will another couple of dozen films, none of which I ever heard about, I think, maybe.

- And the first Death Note live-action movie itself will be screened once again (after this week's screening event), at the AnimeNEXT 2008 convention, between June 20-22.

- Vexille will also be screened stateside soon... real soon... on May 29 "soon", in Washington, D.C., thanks to the Japan Information and Culture Center of the Embassy of Japan and DC Anime Club. Just in case you missed its dubious online "release", or this past Tuesday's DVD release from FUNimation.

- Speaking of live-action stuff, have some more scans with the Dragonball movie actors. Hawt Chi Chi and loli-faced Bulma included.

- Suzumiya Haruhi pirated on a Russian Belarusian chocolate waffle called "Yulechka". Not quite loli-on-a-stick, but close - and presumably yummy - enough.

- Namco Bandai chokes on $250,000 compensation bill, after baby chokes on a perfectly legal sized 40mm gashapon toy. Parents asked for $1.7 million. *cough*

- The four-panel comedy manga Ganbare! Memeko-chan will be getting a Flash anime, at some point in web-space and time.

- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime and manga shipments halted, after "online Islamic protesters objected to imagery in the anime that they deemed offensive". Lawl, the anime has only been out for like... 15 years. Muslims really need to get that politically-correct carrot out of their stiff ass.
- Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody will be screened in the US by VIZ Media and NCM Fathom, much like they're doing with the Death Note live-action movie next week. Except that the Bleach anime movie (dubbed in English) will be in theatres on June 11 and 12.

- The Death Note manga was given the Eagle Award by the comic fans of the United Kingdom. The tasteless majority of them, anyway.

Update: The first full-color picture for the upcoming Dragonball live-action movie popped up, if you thought the pseudo-colored scan was too icky.
- The first picture for the upcoming Dragonball live-action movie popped up on various fansites. It's just a promotional photo scanned from the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, showing Justin Chatwin as Goku, so... nothing to see here, move along. The movie's delayed premiere in set for March 2009 in Japan, and April 3 in the US.

- In other manga-to-live-action news, the Crows Zero movie adaptation will be getting a sequel, "set about 8 months after the first movie".

- Super Robot Wars: OG - Divine Wars episode 1 is now streaming on Bandai's website - "available in the United States and Canada only". Ah well, no loss.

- By the way, English dubbing sucks ass? Then go dub it yourself. In a maid cafe, no less!

- The 32nd Annual Manga Awards were announced this Monday by Japanese publisher Kodansha. "The winners are all comedies, but of decidedly different styles: a magical girl comedy, a baseball comedy, a high school slice-of-life comedy, and a medical comedy". Because amputations and vasectomies are so bloody funny!

- Speaking of which, the 37th Japan Mangaka Association Awards and the 12th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize were also announced over the weekend.

- 3 new manga titles will begin serialization in the Weekly Shonen magazine, from the makers of Suzuka, Inugami and Samurai Deeper Kyo.

- Japanese youth: IQ and lust in decline?... IQ? Most probably. Lust? I doubt it. And to prove it, there's another crapload of ero-news on HD; and again.
What? No Chi-Chi this year? Aw, bummer... I obviously couldn't care less that the Dragon movie itself is being delayed from this August 15, all the way to April 3, 2009 - according to this ComingSoon story. But Jamie Chung's loli character might have been a nice distraction from the hardships of our oh-so-stressful lives. *sigh*... Now I'll have to decide which anime to re-watch instead. Whatever shall I do!

P.S. On second thought, I shouldn't worry. My comrade will probably make me watch one of his stupid Rocky movies or some boring Jet Li pew-pew. Nem fj!
The upcoming Dragonball movie has just moved out of my "ignore list", now that the actress playing Chi Chi (Goku's loli) has been revealed to be Jamie Chung, according to the Hollywood Reporter. You might know her already if you used to watch MTV's "The Real World", and recently it was also announced that she would star in some TV series called Samurai Girl.

But getting back on topic, let's not forget that Chi Chi is only about 12-years old in the original Dragon Ball anime (as opposed to her older self from DBZ), so hopefully this will also stay true for the movie. Granted, Chung will need plenty of make-up and some really tight bra to make her look like a loli... but meh, I guess a not-so-flat chest is fine, too!

More recent reports claim that filming will only being in January (once upon a place in Mexico), and that the Dragonball movie will be released on August 15, 2008.
This month. And the release is planned for August 2008, by the way, according to the rumormongers from Variety. In the Dragon Ball movie, Goku will be played by a guy who would be better suited for a generic loser-type anime male character, Justin Chatwin. Some might be familiar with him from "War of the Worlds", "The Invisible", or that TV show everyone's orgasmic about, "Lost" (me, I'm with the Gilmore Girlies). Piccolo will be played by James Marsters, who I must say is a great choice, indeed... for a gayish villain character.

The whole thing is directed by James Wong (Final Destination, X-Files), out of Twentieth Century Fox's corporate pocket. Oh, and imaginary sources tell us that the movie's budget is OVER NINE THOUSAND!
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