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Even if "wasting precious time, doing nothing" is one of the best feats of strength I have in my Curriculum Vitae, sometimes I feel that I abuse it too much. Seriously, it seems that I have just too many hours to spare, and, instead of doing something useful and constructive, like watching Tsukuyomi Moon Phase for the seventh billion time, I lose myself in extra-curricular activities, such as giving Eureka 7: A Pocket Full of Rainbows a chance to leave me amazed, and virtually without words. I should stop that someday, it's getting extremely tiresome.


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I'm confused. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Vexille or Appleseed Ex Machina? Was the former born from the latter's twin embryo, or was it the other way around? Because it only takes ten minutes of watching each of them, to see that they're the exact same goddamn thing. For ten minutes, anyway...

- futuristic setting involving cyborgs / androids / bioroids - check
- hot chick in the lead role - check
- random imposing building assaulted by the good guys - check
- the good guys making an airborne insertion - check
- idle chatter during the flight - check
- pew-pew - check
- the bad guys are cyborgs - check
- big bad guy with a big bad machine gun - check
- random imposing building goes boom - check

The pattern is there, it's clear as the day, and it's absolutely infuriating. Yes, I'm pissed off. I'm pissed off because somebody is clearly ripping off the other production team, (...)

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What the hell is going to happen next?... That's the one thought that's been spinning aimlessly in our drunken heads throughout the new year's anime session, while watching the second season of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Despite even my pedo comrade's "Improved Prediction" talent when it comes to anime stories, Higurashi 2 managed to keep us intrigued more than any other sequel up to this day, I'd say - which alone is quite a feat! Add to that an extended harem cast of derranged characters (including that devilish loli, Hanyuu), some nicer graphics (or at least nicer encoding), and best of all an increased focus placed on Rika - and you get one hell of a show!

But was it better than the first part? Well... basically, it all comes down to what you would rather see: more psychotic episodes and bloody deaths like in the first part, or a better developed storyline in the sequel, to give all that violence an unexpected purpose.


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For one reason or another, KimiKiss Pure Rouge was one of my most wanted shows this autumn, even though I knew jack shit (give or take) about this school anime by J.C. Staff, and about Enterbrain's game that spawned it. I was, however, fairly well acquainted with its characters - which is to be expected, considering that I've been drooling all over those KimiKiss lolis for... quite some time now.

As expected, the show looks like your average romantic-school-comedy, but it certainly doesn't go below average. In fact, there's something about KimiKiss which makes it quite a turn-on, without offering any palpable fanservice. Or... maybe just a little. With plenty of kiddy-flashbacks to pave the way for a groin-warming heart-warming story, no doubt.

The first character we get to meet is Pedobear. No? Oh, sorry, some screens got mixed up. So, the first character is (...)

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Lately, I've been cleaning up my room a bit, just in case my folks would come visit (which they will at some point), and I've stumbled across an old DVD pack, containing all sorts of anime I've used to watch like... ages ago. So I said to myself, until mom gets here and starts yelling like a nazi about the mess in my room, about the empty bottles of vodka and about the fact that I should get married like any normal person and I should stop fapping on anime, why not take a look at some movies I used to watch long ago.

So ok, what to watch? Random guessing it was - Wonderful Days. The name sounded so fucking familiar, but at the moment I was completely drunk, wasted, plus a joint of marijuana that somehow popped on during my earlier drinking session. So OK, I said to myself (I always talk with myself, and occasionally play with myself, for that matter), Wonderful Days shall it be.

During the first minutes, I could not remember shit about it, although lately I was told we (me and a couple of drinking buddies) used to watch it a lot, mainly for the opening theme, which, if I do say so myself, is almost better than the uber-mega trio of opening themes, Elfen Lied, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, and This Ugly yet Beautiful World. These three are stamped by my very professional mark (of loli chaos) as the best OPs in the whole fucking world. (...)

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The single, most influent anime that shook our loli foundation to the ground here at Animekon, providing us with some of the most rapeable huggable imouto-chans ever (not to mention countless surprise sex positions), is Ichigo Mashimaro. I will not delve into what makes this anime so mindblowingly hawt, but I will start off by saying that any new anime that surpasses Ichigo Mashimaro's loliness, will likely become the universal standard by which our children, and our children's children (all little girls, obviously) will measure the loliness of future animes in years to come.

With that in mind, when I first saw the preview trailers for Manabi Straight last week, the above question instinctively popped into my sick mind: could this be the new Ichigo Mashimaro? I naturally grabbed the first episode the moment a subbed version became available this week, and my first professional reaction after seeing it was: "gief moar surprise sex poisitions!!!11″. For the love of loli Jesus, this show has SO much potential, and yet it does so little to rape reap the benefit of its characters' undeniable loliness.

And that's a real shame, because all the imouto-chans in Manabi Straight deliver, in terms of pedoliciousness.

To get an even clearer picture of the situation, I took it upon myself to make a thorough comparison between the quantity - and quality - of all the surprise sex positions from the first episode of Manabi Straight, vs. the first episode of Ichigo Mashimaro. Unfortunately, in doing so, I nosebled all over my research notes, leaving me with nothing but the pictures to show for. Which I'm gladly presenting you below. (...)

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Do you often play with your balls? It is just a fair question, because these little boys seem to enjoy themselves with the beautiful art of ballplaying. Furthermore, little girls seem to develop quite a skill playing with balls. Must be really fun. For the girls. So much fun that they tend to become exhausted after - perfect surprise sex timing for everybody.


Satou is a god damned nazi dressed up like an innocent school boy. I can see through his disguise, yes I can. He has an evil plan to cover all the girls with various fluids, while pretending to be totally helpless when Chika tries to rape him. Oh yes, Chika. She is a nymphomaniac, a lesbian and of course, a pervert little girl. Under that cute face, there lies a great lust for carnal pleasures. I wonder what is the real target for this show, as it is turning into a lovely undercovered porn series.



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This fucking series has absolutely no story. Nada. Niente. *insert a weirld language version of "none" here*. It's all about high-school, underaged chicks, lots of them, actually, one dude who gets the main role and several other non-important characters that fit well in the situation. So, what do we have here?

The bitches:

Aihara Kazumi - This chick makes me chuckle. In a very perverted way, I might add. She's a man's dream, because she sucks fingers. And every sane male human being likes his finger sucked.


Asano Yuuki - She has the best collarbones in the entire series. And she's not afraid to show them, hehe. Though she does not posess big assets when it comes to evolving parts of her body, Yuuki is hawt. I'd hit her, now and then. Especially when she drinks water in a sexy way.

10.jpgsmall boobz.jpg

Before we go any further, let me entertain you with some nice screenies. (...)

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