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Following either an unexpected hype from the loving and horny fan communities, either an unexpected package of hate from the pitchforks_at_hand opposition, Rozen Maiden, the lolicious show filled with cute, yet deadly underaged dolls, is making it's way to the PS2 in a full fledged fighting game, entitled Rozen Maiden: Geppetto Garden. On March 22nd, avid slaves of Suiseiseki and Co. will have to empty no less than 7.140 yen for the retail, regular version, while the special version, including a limited edition timepiece, will fly around 9.240 yen. We still don't know if this game will (ever) be localized in Europe (and why not, there are certainly lots of desu freaks here too), but I, myself, am hoping for some Hina Ichigo pantsu DVD special naked edition to follow up soon. The folks over at Goo are currently hosting some screenies, if you care to take a look. Meanwhile, I shall go and desecrate someone's Rosa Mystica, just for the sake of it, and you can do your thing watching killer desu-chan here.

Today I've been doing some catch-up with several recent trailers that I had missed during the last week. Nothing big: just a few anime clips and Japanese promos, and some gaming trailers worthy of mentioning here on Animekon - plus many more not related to Japan's loli media culture, that I'll be posting on our imouto web-chan TVkon from tomorrow on. Until then, here we go:

Witchblade trailer

The sample above (featuring a desperate loli with a pink backpack - I dare you say "no" to that!) is our first Witchblade trailer, shamelessly snagged from FUNimation's newly opened English website dedicated to said anime series. There was also a wallpaper there, but we took that one as well.

As for the rest of today's trailers, here they are, in no particular order:

- Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings trailer
- Shining Force EXA fortress trailer
- Valhalla Knights PSP trailer
- Fire Emblem Wii trailer (Japanese)

- Reideen trailer #3
- Reideen trailer #4
- Murder Princess promo

Update: Kung-Fu Love was also added today, this being the third animation from Studio 4°C's "Amazing Nuts!" mind-blowing collection.
It took me two whole years of World of Warcraft to forget about my Final Fantasy mania, but only a few minutes of watching my pedo comrade play FFX on his PS2 last night (with ample booze on the side), to revive my perfectly healthy obsession with Yuna. So now that I'm back in business, let us itadakimaaaasu dig into Square's latest announcements, regarding the upcoming European release of Final Fantasy XII this February 23. Fluffy Moogles and cosplaying included!


For starters, here's where & when the launch is set to take place in the UK: (...)

>  Continue reading 'Final Fantasy XII Gets Fluffy UK Launch'...
If you still have doubts about how Japanese people really, and I mean REALLY, love their Bishojou games, check this out: last week, no less than 39 new titles were released on the market, titles that, as most of you know, contain adult material. As in naked chicks, surprise sex and tons of endlessly boring dialogue. As usual, beware: the girls pictured in such naughty games may only seem to you as being underaged (that, of course, is because your loli obsession), but, in fact, all of them are over 18 years old. Or so the producers say. I'm pretty much done being upset on the European market, with all it's taboos and other "moral" restriction. I want these games imported, translated into English, and promptly delivered at my doorstep, with the "Collector's Edition" prizes. Or I should just continue learning Japanese and, one day or another, hope that Nintendo will offer me a job there.

Why does God love the Norse so much, but utterly hates us Romanians (in general, and me in particular)? I never asked for a PS3, or a Xbox 360, and not even one of those manly, pink DS handhelds. All I ever wanted this Christmas was to play with my Wii all day long. Well, that and an imouto-chan, but I figured I'd be reasonable and just stick to the console.

So I pre-ordered it about a month ago (which isn't really a sane thing to do where I come from), and like any other European with a Wii fetish, I have since been counting the hours until the supposed Wii-day, December 8. Well guess what: Romania is not in Europe anymore, because I didn't get my damn console yet! And it's not in Asia either, because that would mean God actually loves us - placing us on the same continent as Japan and all... But then, where the hell is it?

As it turns out, the only Nintendo partner around here did receive the console in time this week, but they're still lacking the Wii games. And there was obviously no point in pre-ordering a Wii without Zelda and an extra Wiimote with Wii Play - so they can't honor my order for the time being. That's just f... fabulous!
Me, I can barely wait to play with my Wii later this month. But some people out there, with issues, would resort to all sorts of crazy things just to get their hands on a PlayStation 3. And I'm not talking about waiting in line for a goddamn week, pissing in parking lots and then selling the console on eBay so they can buy enough porn to last them a lifetime. Oh no, I'm talking about something way more perverted than that!

As a certain Dave Ryan radio show host could tell you, there is a special breed of people - called inapt parents - who would go as far as to give away their kid to a stranger for one night, in exchange for a PS3. Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. And believe me, I'm with you 100%. If I knew about this sooner, I myself would have done various crazy things to get a PS3, just so I could trade it for somebody's little girl. (That was what you were thinking, right? Otherwise you're not welcome here)

In his Tuesday morning radio show, Dave played a little joke (a.k.a. "social experiment") on his listeners, claiming to be giving away a new PlayStation 3 to someone if they put their baby's care in the hands of Steve-O (the show's executive producer) for one night. "You would not believe what happened!", he says. "We got more calls than we could handle. They were lined up willing to turn their kids over to strangers for a freakin' PlayStation".

The story was also picked up by (hmm, twin cities... you know, I'm getting some weird thoughts right now...). Well, anyway, here's what they say:

"People with babies of all ages - including a 2-day-old and a 1-week-old - made it on air. One of the more serious sounding calls came from a woman named "Katie," who agreed to give up her 1-month-old for three days. She wanted to sell the PS3 on eBay to make some extra money for the holidays.
After the KDWB crew admitted on air that it was all a hoax, Ryan was dumbfounded when "Katie" called back.
"She said, ‘So, does that mean I don't get the PlayStation?' I'm like yeah, you're a dumb a-, and you don't get the PlayStation."

If you're up for a good laugh, part of that show is available online for your listening pleasure.
Being a playtester is damn hard. Some might think of it as really cool means of relaxation and good time - trust me, it ain't as pink as it looks. First of all, you've got them bugs. Everywere. Each and every game starts off delivering tons of bugs for your infinite pleasure. I guess it is part of the game making sacred ritual or something. Then, after you spot one bug, you have to report it. Then the bug is fixed. Then, you have to play through the same god damned level over and over again, to see if the bug was really fixed. Then you go to the next bug, and so on, and so forth. Still sounds like a marvelous and entertaining job to you? Then, my friend, pay a visit to Score Entertainment, who, right now, are looking for such people, to participate in the testing of their Bleach and Gaynu Yasha Inu Yasha games. If you are 18 or older, have a lot of spare time and think you can withstand the endless torture of playing the same freaking game for like 40 years, then be my guest. And here is exactly just how lost to society you must be to join them:

Must be at least 18 years old and able to verify eligibility to work in the U. S.
Creates, playtests, analyzes games
3-4 years experience in competitive game environment
Effective verbal and written communication skills
Basic computer skills and knowledge of the Internet
Strong ability to analyze games using structured and free-form methods
Provide constructive, timely feedback in a team setting
Ability to work independently and efficiently in a creative setting
Moderate travel required on behalf of the company
Ever wanted to make your own little video game? To taste what it feels like to be a big bad ass producer, and have tons of publishers chasing you around with suitcases full of money, larger that Jennifer Lopez's behind? Well, now, you have a chance to score, because Blade Engine has reached maturity, and CuriousFactory, plus their best friends at Buredo, announced that it is free for anybody to use. Just imagine what you can create with it. From your usual visual novels concerning cute little girls doing sono kono ano around your apartment, to the drama/romance story of a guy being cheated by his wife with the entire French rugby team. Hell, you can create whatever your sick mind desires. It's not an easy tool to get around with though, so mom and dad promptly suggest that we should go through some tutorials first. No rush, eh? Browsing their site, you can stumble upon some samples, too. Here are the details of this product:
Blade Engine 2.0 Additional Features:

- Compatibility with DirectX 9.0
- Movie Play
- Variables and IF/Else conditional statement
- Max choice selection text will be 32 characters
- Accept JPG for background
- Title screen customization
- Text window customization
- Client header customization*
- File Packing Ability*
- Membership to Blade Engine Pro Forum*
- No Blade Engine logo displayed *

*Pro version only

And here is the website.
I don't drink coffee. Partly because I don't have the proper mug for the job, partly because I don't want to turn out like this guy, but most importantly because I have other ways of getting myself... up, late in the morning. And since this is a really late morning (at 4 PM), I really needed one of them "100%-guaranteed to get you... up in the morning" things.

Today, I am in luck: just a few days ago, the pimps from Tecmo and Team Ninja sent out a porno promo trailer for Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, their hawt bitch beach game for the Xbox 360. It's going to take you 8 minutes to watch the clip below, plus whatever time you need to clean up afterwards...

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 promo

Great, now I can go back to sleep.
Official homepages are so cool. They usually provide you with little to none information about their product, with various "leaks" meant to keep people drooling. Like trailers. And wallpapers with boobs. Or pink haired anime chicks. I am talking about Zero no Tsukaima: Koakuma to Haru Kaze no Concerto, a Playstation 2 video game with a freaking long and disturbing name, and about the 1:30 minutes trailer that can be spotted on it's homepage. And when I said pink haired anime chicks, I meant it. Adventure games are hawt. And here, for all you horny freaks that tremble like jellies at the sight of any underaged female, I give you something to fill up your spare time: wank material, wank material, wank material, wank material, wank material. Enjoy.


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