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The 6th Annual Seiyuu Awards, recognizing the best anime voice actresses (oh yeah, and actors) from the past year's anime works, has just announced its winners. To skip straight to the point, this year's winner of the Best Lead Actress award is Aoi Yuuki - for her role as the title character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Aoi Yuuki

The same anime also played host to the winner of the Best Supporting Actress award - Emiri Katou, for her role as the red-eyed creature Kyubey (...)

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Conception: Please Have My Baby!! is a fantasy school / romance RPG in which you must... *gasp*... save the world by bonding and having children with 12 maidens. You may know it already, since word about it first came to light last autumn. But now, its makers from Spike are finally ready to announce its release date: April 26, on the PSP by the way. They also detailed some of the game's characters and cast - you can read about them over on CR, or if you just want to see some pics, you need not stray any farther than the local gallery.

Conception gallery

Last year's web-anime +Tic Elder Sister might be continuing with more episodes, or maybe even a new, full-fledged anime series - given some recent comments made by (...)

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Sounds like Japanese lawmakers have been watching too much Akira lately. In light of this year's quake-tsunami-nuclear disaster, various Diet members, of various political colours, have formed an association to promote "urban crisis management". Most notably, they are proposing (via ANN) the creation of a new, "backup" city, in case Tokyo ever gets hit by a major earthquake - something the Japanese have been bracing up for, for decades...

Akira's Neo Tokyo

This "substitute capital" would be established at the site of Osaka International Airport at Itami, safely placing it some 400 km (250 miles) away from Tokyo, to the west. Plans (...)

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That vague "big project" that was hinted back in July for the Minami-ke franchise turns out to be another anime adaptation, indeed, although it's still not clear if it will be a TV series (that would be season 4) or if it will take some other format, such as OVA or anime film. The announcement was made at the end of the character song CD which came with the limited edition 9th volume of the Minami-ke manga.


Another vague big project - anime or otherwise - is also being teased for the Working!! franchise, as "the next step after the ongoing second television anime season", (...)

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The second TV anime series in the Aquarion franchise - Aquarion Evol - is now planned to start airing in Japan from January 2012. The anime is once again created by studio Satelight, like with the earlier TV series (2005), OVA (2007) and film (2007), with a story set 12,000 years after the first Aquarion. Interestingly enough, the new characters might turn out to be reincarnations of Apollo, Silvia and the others from the first series.

Aquarion Evol

The latest Kenshin OVA adaptation - Rurouni Kenshin: Shin Kyoto-Hen - will have its first episode screened in a couple of Japanese theaters for one week only, starting (...)

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Three years ago, the Diet of Japan was faced with a petition for a new, harsher law against child pornography, that would have also incriminated 2D materials such as anime, manga and eroge. At that time, the Diet chose to "investigate" (a.k.a. ignore) the matter for three years - and all was good... until now. But time's up, and Japan's pesky Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is once again pushing for such a legislation, as they did back then.

Nitou Oumono wa Ittou mo Ezu loli

In their latest anti-loli crusade, the LDP - together with their usual coalition partners (...)

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The English speaking hentai community website Fakku is announcing a licensing deal with the adult anime publisher Kitty Media, as a result of which Fakku will have the rights to stream select Kitty Media adult titles in the United States and Canada. The videos will be streamed for free at DVD quality, with both Japanese / English audio, and English subtitles.

Immoral Sisters

The first title that's already streaming on Fakku thanks to this agreement is (...)

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A new Vocaloid character is coming our way (the first one for Vocaloid3, I believe), and it doesn't take more than a quick glance, to see that she's a damn cute one! She was created by the female illustrator CARNELIAN, with some sort of production input from Studio Deen, and was introduced last month on the "Vocaloid3 i-style Project" website. But now... the one thing she's missing the most... is a name. Any ideas?

New Vocaloid3 Character

If you think you got a great name for her, then go ahead and submit your idea (...)

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Last update - Jul 18, 19:04 GMT (14:04 EST, 11:04 PST)

A "Hatsune Miku Vision" DVD, packing 20 of the most popular Vocaloid videos, is being released in Japan this Wednesday, July 20, under the Pony Canyon label. These classic Miku clips are said to total over 13,730,000 views on video websites such as Nico Nico Douga and YouTube, as advertised on the official website - where the below picture and promo trailer were blatantly ripped from, for your local pleasure.

Hatsune Miku Vision DVD

Although the trailer is indeed quite lengthy, as it previews a short version of each of the 20 clips, there's still the option of watching them in full online (...)

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This year's anime film Onigamiden (Legend of the Millennium Dragon) will be extended with 19 minutes of extra footage in its "Director's Cut" version, when it releases on Blu-ray this September 28 - complete with an exclusive conceptual art gallery, as well. A DVD edition will also be available at that time, but that one will only feature the movie's regular theatrical version that initially premiered in Japan this past April 29. Furthermore, a North American release of Legend of the Millennium Dragon is currently planned for October 4, 2011.


A new Minami-ke "big project" will be revealed this autumn, according to this scan from the Monthly Young Magazine. Expectations weigh heavily towards a new TV anime series, to follow the earlier TV anime adaptations (three seasons so far) and the Valentine's Day-themed OVA from two years ago (...)

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