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Downloading real-life child porn is obviously not a bright idea, in this day and age; but outright sharing it over a public peer-to-peer network must be over 9000 times more idiotic. That is, unless you happen to be a fan of dropping the soap in the prison showers. Which might just explain why Tomokazu Kurata, a 33-year-old from Okayama, Japan gladly accepted the charges brought against him, of having publicly displayed obscene videos of young girls.

Ichigo Mashimaro

The story, as relayed today by Mainichi Daily News, notes that the tool used by Kurata to expand and share his loli collection was Winny - that dreadful P2P program which had already compromised several anime file-sharers in years past (they never learn...). The proverbial nails to his coffin were two videos that he registered in Winny's cache folder and made available to the general public on July 15.

Of course, these were just the tip of the iceberg, as police found "70,000 to 80,000 (...)

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And yet another one bites the dust. Office AO, one of Japan's least prolific studios has also gone bankrupt, as it turns out today. The news comes hot on the heels of Group TAC's bankruptcy, which was also exposed just a few days ago. Although it seems that the original story about Office AO's collapse dates back to August 11, when the Japanese government's Kanpou paper first announced that the company had filed for bankruptcy.

Office AO bankruptcy

Office AO was founded in 1991 by Ken Aoki, who continued heading the company until the very end. In the likely event that this is the first time you've even heard about it - don't worry, you didn't miss much. The studio barely has anything to show for in the last few years. Apart from creating a silly series of anime shorts called Hula Kapper / Furakappa in 2006, Office AO mostly did assistance work for larger studios.

Some of the anime titles they contributed to include (...)

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Another one bites the dust. Group TAC, one of Japan's oldest anime production companies founded over 40 years ago, has filed for bankruptcy at the Tokyo District Court this August 31. The studio decried about 585 million yen ($6.95 million) in debts at the end of its last fiscal year, which morbidly dwarfs its own capital of 10 million yen (less than $120,000).

Group TAC bankruptcy
A flat course would've been fine, too!

When news of an unnamed anime studio filing for bankruptcy first broke last night, it wasn't clear which company that was (speculations about it being Synergy SP obviously turned out to be wrong). Today, however, a report filed by the financial research firm Teikoku Databank cleared the confusion, while also revealing the gory fiscal details above.

Among the numerous animations created by Studio TAC (...)

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It looks like Gonzo managed to not only slow down its staff-cutting freefall that began at the end of 2008, dragging the studio down the dreaded "corporate restructuring" path. But maybe - just maybe - the tables are turning and Gonzo is coming back to life, with a rejuvenated staff. Hopefully one that will be capable of animating more than just some random game cinematics (like they did for BlazBlue, Super Street Fighter IV and even Crackdown 2, in the past year).

Solty Rei

This week's good news comes by way of Gonzo's official website, whose "Jobs" section is now listing several openings for animation production staffers. The company is hiring animation runners, one "international production operations assistant" fluent in English, "enthusiastic" in-between animators, production desk managers, and designers. All of these, for upcoming "TV series as well as theatrical films".

Gonzo was last known to work on an anime project for Spring 2011, one that would (...)

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Under the dubious pretense of "Discuss plx!", a museum from Denmark began hosting a gallery of non-explicit drawings taken from erotic manga this week, much to the indignation of public opinion (and of false-preaching politicians, as usual). The depicted themes range from oversized-breasts in manga such as Pink Sniper or Juicy Fruits (pictured below), to office sex in the manga The Spirit of Capitalism, and even fantasy porn in Bondage Fairies.

Juicy Fruits manga

But the ones sparking most of the public rage were - again, as usual - drawings depicting fictional children in a sexual manner, a prime example of this being Taro Shinonome's manga Swing Out Sisters, also sampled there. The museum's curator, Christian Hviid Mortensen claims that it's all a big misunderstanding (where have we heard that before?...), and that the true purpose of the exhibition was to get people talking about the power of the media, when it comes to brainwashing people. (...)

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Well, this sucks. I've never been too crazy about writing obituaries, like many "journalists" so morbidly enjoy doing with every single chance they get. But... yeah, this sucks: Satoshi Kon passed away yesterday, August 24, due to pancreatic cancer, at the age of 46. You may have known him for his distinctive anime films; you may have simply enjoyed those movies without ever knowing who directed them; hell, you may not even have enjoyed them at all. But his huge contribution to the anime scene is undeniable. And for that, this really sucks.

R.I.P. Satoshi Kon
R.I.P. Satoshi Kon, 1963-2010

It's probably not my place to say any more than that, so I'll just add the messages issued today by his wife, Kyouko Kon, and the anime studio Madhouse (...)

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Nooooes! Japan is out. I hope you're proud of yourself, Paraguay: you made Chiyo-chan cry!

Japan Is Out
Those optimistic predictions from earlier this month came true a few days ago: Tokyo's proposed "nonexistent youths" bill was indeed defeated in the full Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, on June 16, after having been voted down in the assembly's more limited General Affairs Committee a couple of days earlier. Not only is this a reassuring victory for Japanese artists, publishers, and ultimately us degenerates consumers, but it's also the first time in 22 years that a bill submitted by a Tokyo governor is defeated in the assembly.

Tokyo's 2D Loli Bill Defeated

So, for now, youngsters under the age of 18 can go about their loli / shota business, and delight themselves with sexual depictions of "nonexistent youths" in manga and anime form, among other fictionalized forms. In Tokyo, anyway. And at least until the assembly's September session, when the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under governor Ishihara plans to re-introduce the bill in a revised, third version (...)

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Looks like MangaHelpers is the first scanlation-aggregator website to willingly comply with the threatening (though still informal) requests made by the recently formed multi-national manga anti-piracy coalition, as it agrees to remove all unauthorized / pirated scanlations and raw manga from its website. At the same time, they are announcing a shift of focus towards a new - and legal - manga publishing platform, called OpenManga.


Despite what certain other reports may indicate, the folks from MangaHelpers have not announced any plans to shut down their website, but on the contrary: they hope to "continue to be a hub for translators to collaborate, learn and receive feedback on their work and linguistic skills", and plan to improve their translators and scanlators services, by focusing more on the learning and teaching aspect. Which is rather ironic: training future generations of potentially-pirating scanlators, but not actually hosting their scanlations. Not anymore...

As of today, they have disabled public access to (...)

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It's been a while since we last bothered managed to find the time for this, in our oh-so-busy schedule. But today we can finally resume our "Loli of the month" series, after a night of coding a new gallery mass-uploading system. Its first test-run produced over 700 pictures of K-ON!'s Azusa Nakano / Azu-nyan, all carefully selected (albeit not properly tagged yet... the horror... the horror...). Feel free to inspect them for your personal pleasure, as well as to estimate - and vote for - Azu-nyan's level of "loliness".

Azusa Nakano - Loli of the month, June 2010

While you're at it (voting, that is), our Loli-Tops section now also features a new anime top, self-explainingly called "Best pink haired anime loli", and a new poll asking for your opinion about American financed / branded anime (in the top right after the link). Just remember that every time you vote for "They're cool, there should be more of them", a little boy is born instead of a girl in Japan!

Now, about those pink-haired candidates... You may be wondering why there's no Lala from To-Love Ru!, or Moka from Rosario to Vampire, or whatever big-busted pink-haired (...)

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