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What an unfortunate way to end this year, by having this very morally-upstanding website flagged by Google Safe Browsing as a malware threat today... Well, rest assured, it's not! For a short time today, there was indeed a suspicious ad being served by one of the ad networks. But all ads from that network have been promptly disabled, until this issue will be sorted out. So Animekon is most definitely clean of malware, and now I'm just waiting for Google to process the request to return Animekon to its former safe-browsing glory.

Update: All good with Google Safe Browsing again.

Happy New Year 2013!

In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best, the yummiest and the fluffiest in 2013! And I promise that I will return to posting more frequent updates... at some point! But now, if you'll pardon me, I see some bottles of wine in need of urgent attention...
To anyone who knows about Microsoft Certification Exams, taking one of them without studying is inconceivable. But what if you did it? What if you walked in and took one of these exams without cracking a book? Here's what would happen.

You Take A Big Risk

First of all, you'd be taking a big risk. The odds that you can pass Microsoft Certification Exams without any preparation are against you in an almost astronomical way. You risk failing, and more than that, you risk losing the faith that others have in your abilities and your faith in yourself. That is a lot to risk. (...)

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For the first time in four decades, there is no nuclear power coursing through Japan's electrical veins! All 50 nuclear reactors that had remained operational there, in the wake of last year's March 11 quake and tsunami super-special-combo disaster, are currently shut down. The last of them to go offline today, "for mandatory routine maintenance", was the Tomari nuclear plant's third reactor (the other two had been halted earlier).

No Nuclear Power In Japan Today, Children's Day

This joyous moment for the nation's largely nuke-o-phobic population coincided with their celebration of Children's Day, also on May 5. As such, the traditional (...)

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Last update - Apr 2, 21:17 GMT (16:17 EST, 13:17 PST)

No, no, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the booth babes. How could anyone!? With the first ever edition of Anime Contents Expo (ACE) now over, "late novelties" from the show still seem to be seeping through. But after a hard day's work of trying to keep up with it all, while at the same time dodging the April Fools' "breaking news", it's time for a break. So sit back, start scrolling, and feast your eyes on the ACE 2012 beauties.

Anime Contents Expo 2012 booth babe

Oh wait, but first: the attendance numbers for the first day of ACE are in: on Saturday, March 31, (only) 20,780 attendees passed through the gates of (...)

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A superb collection of four anime shorts was released for free online viewing, as a way of promoting various tourist attractions from Japan's Saitama prefecture. The web anime comprising these shorts is called The Four Seasons, and you can also watch it locally in its entirety, streamed via YouTube.

The Four Seasons

The final episode of Daily Lives of High School Boys aired yesterday in Japan and, at the end of it, a 2nd Nichibros anime season has been suggested. A more clear (...)

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Last update - Mar 28, 04:26 GMT (23:26 EST, 20:26 PST)

A premiere date for the upcoming Tiger & Bunny anime film has been revealed by the Warner Mycal Cinemas chain, as being set for September 22, 2012. The initial listing, for the chain's Suzuka theater, has since been taken down, but its Chikushino theater is still showing it. The second movie is currently planned for 2013.

Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning

The CG comedy anime series gdgd Fairies will be getting a sequel, it was announced yesterday at an event that marked the release of the series' third and final (...)

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Yep, still nothing... Not even the weekend days of this year's much decayed and boycotted Tokyo International Anime Fair weren't any more rewarding, in terms of anime news, than its inaugural day. The once-mighty TAF has anti-climaxed on a particularly pathetic note, thanks to Gen Urobuchi (writer of Madoka Magica), who delivered a rather sarcastic speech when he accepted his award for Best Screenplay at the event.

TAF 2012 - Madoka Magica

An awkward moment, indeed, both for the event as a whole, and for its chairman in particular - Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara, the most vocal pusher for that (...)

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So, yeah, the first day of TAF (Tokyo International Anime Fair) was oh-so-exciting... not! Other than an unworthy piece of news about Tatsunoko, and that Rakuen Tsuihou anime film announced yesterday, not much was offered in terms of anime novelties, so far. Hopefully today and tomorrow will be more plentiful days, in that regard - weekend and all...

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 booth babe

Then again, perhaps it's all just a hint of much more exciting thigs to come at next week's new counter-TAF event, Anime Contents Expo (ACE) - taking place on (...)

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The Macross Frontier spinoff manga Sheryl: Kiss in the Galaxy was supposed to have ended one year ago, after the 2nd Macross F movie; and yet, it's back again. Kariko Koyama resumed her shoujo manga yesterday, in the May issue of Kodansha's Bessatsu Friend magazine. Word is this new chapter "depicts a time when Sheryl, her future manager Grace, and Macross Frontier protagonist Alto met each other". Loli Sheryl is lolicious.

Sheryl: Kiss in the Galaxy

Another announcement dwaddling out of the 2012 TAF's inaugural day, yesterday, was that studio Tatsunoko Production is planning to air 3 new TV anime series by April 2013, (...)

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Since you're here on this nipponophiliac website, the thought of living in Japan has surely crossed your mind in the past, at least once or twice (unless you have already fulfilled that dream, in which case "Bravo!"). But what about taking the next step? It's one thing to just live there, and another one to actually become a full-fledged Japanese citizen.

Gaijin in Akihabara

The Mainichi Daily News website is running a story today that seeks to answers precisely this question: "How can foreigners get Japanese citizenship?" (not to be insensitive, (...)

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