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The US opening for Blood: The Last Vampire has taken its toll upon unsuspecting American fans, the movie snatching some 103,000 USD from being screened across 20 theaters. Obviously, compared to today's blockbusters (the likes of Transformers 2 & co.), Blood seems to have earned poorly, but after some simple mathematics we'll get no less than 5,150 USD average income per screening (for the weekend of 10-12 July), which is hardly something bad.

Perhaps Samuel Goldwin Films, a sublabel of Sony Pictures and also the handler of distribution rights for Blood: The Last Vampire, should have tried a more wide approach towards the American public - 20 theaters are, any way you look at it, too few places to squeeze in the vast number of people who would have wanted to see the movie. Perhaps in the near future, they will consider another screen fest, who knows.

Thanks Animenews for the scoop.
The live-action film trilogy 20th Century Boys, "one of the biggest productions ever attempted in the Japanese movie industry" with an estimated budget of 6 billion yen (about $65 million), is about to become one of the biggest productions ever attempted in Viz Pictures' licensing portofolio. The North American publisher has announced its acquisition of theatrical and DVD distribution rights for all three movies based on Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys suspense manga, which it will begin screening starting next month.

The first film in the series will premiere on August 15 at the "New People" theater in San Francisco (which is still under construction), and will continue to run there for a week. Immediately afterwards, the second movie will also receive a week-long screening. And on August 28, Viz will achieve the world premiere of the final film in the 20th Century Boys trilogy - on the same day as its upcoming Japanese release. Not bad.

The DVD releases of the first two films are vaguely planned for (...)

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Work on the live-action samurai film Tajomaru was recently completed in Japan, and the press conference that marked the occasion on July 5 brought news (via ANN) that anime and manga spin-offs are now actively being planned. A certain Ippei Gyoubu will be illustrating the characters for these adaptations, but that's about all the info that transpired: no release dates or animation studio seem to be known yet.

Tajomaru is a live-action film adaptation of Ryuunosuke Akutagawa's "In a Grove" samurai short story, starring Shun Oguri as the title criminal / rapist character. The movie will get advance screenings in Japan on September 12-13, 2009. For now, you can see a couple of trailers that we've just added locally.
No. Just... no! There's stuff that goes well in live-action (or that we simply don't care if it gets ruined by some American studio), and then there's stuff that should never, ever be shittified with real-life actors. Kakurenbo - most definitely - is among the latter. Unfortunately, not everyone sees things our way. In fact, there are enough blasphemers in this particular case, that they're planning to make a live-action movie based on the supernatural horror anime short otherwise known as Hide and Seek.

According to ANN, the dreadful revelation was made at the ongoing Anime Expo 2009 by Joshua Long - executive producer of the upcoming live-action film Cowboy Bebop. The dude also said that one of Kazuo Koike's works may be getting a live-action adaptation (...)

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I just took a peek at this short interview with Peter Craig (screenwriter) on Anime Vice, regarding the upcoming action movie adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. As usual, these kinds of interviews share one thing in common: they tell us absolutely nothing. Not that the questions were too close to brilliant, either – only one of them actually made sense and had actually something to do with the movie itself.

The good part, at least as I see it, is the fact that Sunrise (the studio behind the anime) is not letting the script slip too much out of their hands, with the main story sticking to the original as much as possible. The bad part is that Keanu Reeves got a part in the movie, which pretty much sucks donkey balls. Let's just hope that 20th Century Kitsune-chan doesn't fuck this up (too).

Cowboy Bebop is scheduled for 2011.
This may come as a good news for some, and as a good news for others, but trust me, it is a good news – the live action movie adaptation of Akira is as good as dead. Almost literally. And the reason behind this is not the fact that director Ruairi Robinson, who was assigned to the project, left the crew at one point, nor the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was part of the cast. Well, these, too, are reasons enough, but there is more.

While the movie would have been the first “proper” directorial debut for Robinson (who also has some kind of background in short titles, plus an Oscar nomination in 2001), it may have also been his mega-lolfail debut. It is well known that even stuff like Watchmen, which seems to be something “smart” in the American sub-culture, or any other movie adaptations, prior to or post Watchmen (I'm talking here comics related stuff), were obviously lacking content. Too much pew pew, too little introspection or character development. Sure, they were flashy enough, much gore, explosions, crushing blows and the like, but... nothing more.

Warner Bros. seem to have learned their lesson when deciding to cancel Akira. Thank God. Even after this impressive amount of years since its release, this little piece of art still holds dear to me. And to many others. By making an “americanized” live action out of it, with all that Hollywood “politically correctness” bullshit, would have been an offense to every smart human being out there. Even worse, casting Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Let him stick with his Titanic gay stuff, and let us treasure our precioussss just the way it is.

Thanks Bloody Disgusting for the scoop.
Not many of you know, but we here at Animekon have quite a big and nasty fetish regarding Blood: The Last Vampire. From the moment our imouto-chan website started to host the first trailer (which, by the way, we have seen a couple million times), we were waiting with anticipation for the final product.

Well, it is close. So close we can actually feel it. Yahoo! Japan is doing us a favor by streaming the first five minutes of the movie, while the title itself (or should I say, herself) will start screening soon. Like... really soon, in places like Japan, U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and France. But we don't like France so we won't mention that.

For all you people that have absolutely no idea what the fuck Last Vampire is all about, the live action movie will feature Saya, a very very hot (yet, too far away from us) chick that kicks supernatural creatures in the ass whenever she can. Saya's role is played by Jeon Ji-hyun, a.k.a. Hawtness Incarnate. For other useful info, regarding the cast and crew and whatnot, pay a visit to AnimeNewsNetwork. I know I did.

[random thought] - for some reason, I didn't mention alcohol in this little news. Something must be terrible wrong today.
It takes a very special kind of people to watch a bloody, trashy movie like Tokyo Gore Police. And it's that very same special kind of people who are likely to enjoy the upcoming "erotic-grotesque action film" Samurai Princess (Gedou-Hime). This new project reunites TGP's writer Kengo Kaji and director Yoshihiro Nishimura (this time in charge of special make-up effects), in a narative context that looks a lot better on paper than it probably will in motion.

Above you can see a poster from the freshly updated Samurai Princess website. You won't find any actual info there, but luckily the film's sales agency CREi offers a few tiny stills and this hefty synopsis. (...)

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There's still no press release of this on FUNimation's website at the time of writing, but according to the company's twitter update tonight (via ANN), FUNi has acquired the live-action movie Ichi, originally from late 2008. Yep, it's a fresh one, and it's already planned for screening stateside starting from April 3 (and April 6) at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF); and again on April 11 at the Japan Film Festival Los Angeles.

The movie's lead character Ichi is a re-imagining of the blind swordmaster Zatoichi, except in a most alluring female version played by Haruka Ayase. The movie was directed by Fumihiko Sori - whose most recent accomplishment was writing and directing the CG film Vexille (and previously contributed to the first Appleseed).

The official website features 3 trailers, and you can see them by clicking the third link in the pink side-menu. I also ripped the photos below from there, but they really don't do the movie justice, action wise - so better watch those trailers as well, especially the last one. It's no Blood: The Last Vampire, but it still has some cool looking swordfights. (...)

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Much has changed since we last wrote about the upcoming live-action film based on Production I.G's 2000 anime Blood: The Last Vampire. By now, we've been drooling abundantly over three trailers and dozens of pictures, with the latest batch critting us this week for over 9000 damage. Needless to say, we want it. We want it NOW!

You can watch today's new trailer for Last Blood (as it's titled in Japan) locally, along with the previous trailers, and below we added a whole bunch of new high-res photos from the movie - thanks to a surprisingly generous official French website (via Affenheimtheater).

In Japan, the movie premieres on May 29 under the title Last Blood, and the European premiere will follow in June 2009. There's still no release date announced for North America, but yet another report this week points at MGM as the film's US distributor, under the Samuel Goldwyn imprint. More about the film is attached to the trailer, so I'll just STFU and let you enjoy these 20 new photos.


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