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Legacies trailer
A trailer for the mecha TV anime series Kihei Senki Legacies, previewed earlier this year by Anime Innovation Tokyo (AIT), following their announcement at the 2010 Tokyo International Anime Fair. The story of Legacies is set in Kissyo City, an urban zone with a vaguely unnatural atmosphere, though reminiscient of a typical modern Japanese suburb. The city is one of several oasis districts around the world that are dying due to the consequences of wars in the previous century. Underneath the veneer of a calm and peaceful oasis, Kissyo City is being targeted by a dreadful armed group. Simone, the mayor and commander of the defense forces, hires 5 rogues who can operate the ancient "Legacies" robots in defense of the city. Using their "mind", each robot selects the pilot who should operate them, the so-called "Synchronizer". Out of all of the combat robots, Ω99 is the most challenging to pilot, requiring the highest level of operational skills. Ω99, the final hope of the defense forces, selects an average teenage boy called Yamato, as the synchronizer; a character who is unaware of the dangers approaching the city; a good-for-nothing who's only apparent skill is at playing games.
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