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TaiKimi eroge trailer
The school-themed PC eroge Taisetsu na Kimi no Tame ni, Boku ni Dekiru Ichiban no Koto is the third title created by studio Dandelion, released in Japan on October 28, 2011. The game's protagonist returns to school one year after being hospitalised, as a result of an accident. Even though he's a year older than everyone in his class, he fits in well and has a peaceful school life. In June, the school holds a festival to celebrate the its patron saint, John the Baptist (St John). It is then that he hears about the "6 secrets of the school" - one of them being that, during the ongoing celebrations, every evening at sunset a beautiful old school-house appears beside the lake near the school. The protagonist is curious and on that day at sunset, beside the old schoolhouse, he meets "her" again.
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