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Redline UK Blu-ray & DVD trailer #5
And yet another English-dubbed trailer promoting Manga Entertainment's UK release of the anime film Redline, out on Blu-ray and DVD today (the North American release will follow on January 17). The racing anime film Redline is created by studio Madhouse, with an original story by Katsuhito Ishii (set in the same universe as the 2002 OVA Trava: Fist Planet) and directed by Takeshi Koike. In the story, the toughest and most destructive underground car race in the universe, called "Redline", takes place every 5 years. JP is a dare-devil reckless driver oblivious to speed limits with his ultra-customized wheels named "Transa Am". One of his competitors, Sonosee is a hot girl determined to do whatever it takes to stand on the winner's podium in the Redline. In order to win the finals, they're up against the craziest drivers on the race scene with their deadly and awesome road-tearing vehicles. Moreover the biggest problem for JP is that he secretly is in love with Sonosee. The only one rule in the race is there are no rules!
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