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Jun Maeda & Yanagi Nagi - 'Owari no Sekai kara'
A music video for the song "Owari no Sekai kara" (From the End of the World), composed by Jun Maeda, featuring vocals by Yanagi Nagi (supercell's former guest vocalist), and released by Flaming June as part of its first single, "Killer Song". Flaming June is a Japanese music label formed in 2011 by Jun Maeda, a game / anime writer and musician best known for his work on Key's visual novels Kanon, Air, Clannad and Angel Beats!. The label's first original concept album, titled "Owari no Hoshi no Love Song" (The Love Songs of the Ending Planet), will be released on April 24, 2012, and it will include the "Killer Song" single.
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